Homeland Security Checkpoint

Video: YouTube

This video shows how close the US is to being a police state. The lesson to be learnt from this video, is to record all dealings with authorities.

Here’s what I think, if it looks like the Neocons are going to lose control of the US government, they will use the Patriot act somehow to keep power… or they will pull another WMD on Iran this time. For the record, the fundamentalist government in Iran will eventually; if they are left alone, self destruct, since most Iranians, like the Iraqis are reasonable and intelligent, as apposed to most fundamentalist, whether they be Islamic, Hindu, Zionists or Christian, they are by the nature of their religions, unbelievably Stupid and totally Ignorant.

Birth of the Aussie Greens

Treehuggers Australian Green Political Party
Photo: The Wilderness Society

The pivotal ‘Green’ moment in the last 40 years for the Australian green movement was; in our opinion, the Tasmanian Franklin River issue. It was an issue where big business, bureaucracy, politicians and the media totally ignored the will of the majority of thinking Australians… and it resulted in the formation of the Australian Green Political Party.

Senator Bob Brown MD… or Bob ‘Green’ as I keep freudianly calling him, was at the forefront of the Franklin river campaign and later went on to become the leader of the Australian Greens. As leader he has remarkably, despite an on going campaign to denigrate him and the other ‘Treehugger’ Greens, been an outstanding representative for the Australian Green movement, and will hopefully tomorrow (24/11/07) in the Australian Election be given a still greater opportunity to represent the Australians who love the planet for it’s beauty, rather than those few who profit from it’s rape & pillage.

Website: The Wilderness Society

Website: The kids and even the teachers; possibly, weren’t even alive when the Franklin river issue arrived.