1. The Secret Rulers of the World – Present/Past (1 of 29)

Video: YouTube

When I first came across this ‘little’ bit of footage I thought, well I; like many others, knew a lot of this stuff either factually or instinctively, but, WOW! I hadn’t managed to piece the things together as well, nor as comprehensibly.

After I’d lifted my jaw back off the ground and push my eyes back in their sockets, I thought this explains fully why things that need to be done never get done, it explains fully why they are trying to push Nuclear Power down our throats and when they do talk about solar energy… it has to be in space, where small businesses can’t be fully involved, if at all.

This series explains sooo much and it dovetails with sooo much… it even explains the Subprime mortgage crisis; which I always felt was contrived, and how it will result in taking from the ‘poor’ and giving to the extremely rich. It explains why all countries are in debt and how that’s used to effectively make democracy nothing but an diabolical illusion, an ‘in’ joke for those in power.

This sequence of footage has got it all folks, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Jesus and Mary; both of them. It has Secret societies, major cities like London, Rome and New York. It has the ancient Pyramids of Egypt with their Pharaohs, as well as the Pope and the Queen with all their wealth Gold and precious jewels, you name it, it’s got it… I hope you enjoy the series (all 29 of them) as much as I do.

World’s energy crisis solved using cats

Solar Cat
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So all it’s going to take to solve our energy crisis is a few billion cats set to work lying about in the sun.

On a more serious note I just want to pose one question.

Why is it that Governments around the world are continuing to build new nuclear power plant?

One look at the earlier Chernobyl post should be enough to make any decent person realize that we must use alternatives to nuclear power. I guess that answers my question, too few in positions of power are decent people.

Website: Cat Solar

Barefoot Solar Engineers

Video: YouTube

This is a real ‘feel good’ video… women learning valuable skills and helping their villages by bringing light into their world. Later who knows what else they will go on to learn, perhaps solar water purification or refrigeration. We wish the scheme all the best.

The Sun is a little quiet lately

The Sun is Quiet lately

Apparently our own Sun has been a little quiet of late. With fewer sun spots and magnetic fields which are a little weaker than usual.

During this quiet period the Sun is displaying less intense solar flares, Sun spots and storms.

According to NASA scientists this is the quietest period of solar activity since 1913 and it is good news for us here on Earth. The less solar activity means better GPS navigation, Satellites stay in orbit longer and even the effects of Climate change are minimised, although only marginally with a 0.3 degree cooling at the most.

For more details on this story please see the link below at Top news.

Website: Topnews.in

Solar Power Makes a Comeback

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Invest in the security of your own home. Invest in your Power supply by installing solar panels and solar hot water systems, build a green house and grow your own food… or don’t become self sufficient.