With GM you can’t be just a little pregnant…

but Australia’s new Agriculture Minister Tony Burke looks to GM.

“Excerpt from Aug 14, 1999 Vancouver Sun article by Dave Margoshes.

Monsanto, headquartered in St.Louis, makes the popular herbicide Roundup. Farmers all over the Prairies –Schmeiser among them — spray it on their fields, whereupon it kills every-thing growing there. Then they plant.

Using the controversial alchemy of genetic engineering, which has alarmed environmentalists and consumers, Monsanto has developed a canola seed completely immune to Roundup. That means a farmer can spray the herbicide over a planted field, kill all the weeds growing there, but not hurt the crop — as long as it comes from Monsanto’s seed.

The company sells the seed — about half the canola planted in Saskatchewan this year comes from it — but keeps the rights to the DNA itself.

It means that, rather than save seeds from last year’s crop to use this year, as many do — and as Schmeiser traditionally does — farmers have to buy new seed from Monsanto each year.

In order to protect its investment, Monsanto has been vigilant in rooting out frugal farmers who might be cheating and saving seed, or borrowing a bit of seed from neighbours.

Farmers buying Monsanto’s seed must sign a contract promising to buy fresh seed every year. And they must let Monsanto inspect their fields.”

Website: Monsanto vs Schmeiser

“Monsanto & Gene Giants Tighten Control Over Global Seed Stocks

…But corporate control and ownership of seeds – the first link in the food chain – has far-reaching implications for global food security. A single firm, Monsanto, now controls 41% of the global market share in commercial maize seed, and one-fourth of the world market in soybean seeds. The same company’s seeds and biotech traits accounted for 88% of the total area planted in genetically modified seeds worldwide in 2004.”

Website: Organic Consumers Association

“Tony Burke Must Stop GM Crops”Online Petition

Call of Life: Facing the Mass Extinction

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Anybody ‘out there’ watching us would be dumbfounded.

It’s not the fault of the majority but the fault of a small minority who run the show solely for their own benefit.

By this I mean Monsanto, DuPont, the Petrochemical Industry, the Military Industrialists, the Churches, Politicians and Lawyers who protect the real ‘evil doers’, but at the top of the pile of criminals are the Bankers & Financiers who have their grubby greedy hands on the leavers of what passes for a ‘society’… it’s the ‘blind leading the blind’.

Website: Species Alliance