C’mon you guys, your Killing me!

Tassie Devil
Photo: Wikipedia

Devil in trouble

The Tasmanian Devil is in deep trouble. Since 1995 they have had to contend with the terrible facial cancer which is bringing them to the brink of extinction. Some scientists say they may only have 10-20 years left unless something drastic is done to protect them.

The Disease

The facial carcinoma, Devil Facial Tumor Disease (DFTD) disrupts the devils ability to feed and they die from malnutrition usually within 6 months. What a terrible way for these wonderful creatures to die.

Scientist have stated a drop in the devil’s numbers has led to a loss of genetic diversity. This in turn has meant that the devil’s immune system does not fight the cancers.

Please see quote below from Dr Katherine Belov of the Sydney University’s School of Veterinary Science.

“Devils do not mount an immune response against DFTD, This is due to a loss of genetic diversity in the most important immune gene region of the genome: the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC).”

“In the case of devils, genetic diversity at the MHC is so low, and the MHC type of tumour and host are so alike, that the host does not see the tumour as ‘non-self’.”

So a loss of habitat due to logging has reduced the devil’s gene pool which has meant the devil’s are unable to effectively fight this disease.

The Greed of big logging companies

Another disaster caused by the greed of big companies, they must be stopped. Gunns and co, along with their friends in high places, must be sent a clear message that we as citizens of this country will not stand for the continued destruction of our environment and the animals that live there.

We can save them

The devil’s in the Northwest of Tasmania are basically not yet affected by DFTD, however the continued clear-fell logging by companies such as Gunn’s will further threaten this wonderful creature and cause them to go the way of their extinct cousins the Tasmanian Tiger.

This is our opportunity, stop the clear fell logging in Tasmania and especially in the Northwest area and right away we start to give this wonderful creature a fighting chance.

We can’t bring the Tassie Tiger back, but given the right attitude we can save the Tassie Devil, SO;

Tassie Devil
Picture: Looney Tunes via Wikipedia

Websites: Tassie Devil on Wikipedia and Save The Tassie Devil

Destroying our environment

Destroy Environment
Photo: Solvo Inc

Some Governments and Businesses seem intent on destroying our environments all around the world. We as citizens of this world need to do something to stop this from happening.

Let’s look at a small scenario. I live on the edge of a small town on five acres. On the back half of our property we are allowing more native trees to grow and we are planting more rainforest trees as well. We basically want the 3 acres at the back to be a small forest. So this is good for the environment.

But how about around our house, there are a few trees that pose a danger if they were to fall due to a wind storm, so I would like to remove these trees, but the hoops that I would have to jump through just to get council approval to remove these trees is absolutely incredible. Many people in certain councils are in the same situation where they cannot remove certain trees because local councils don’t allow them or make it very hard for them.

BUT what about organisations such as GUNNS Logging Company in Tasmania, or other such companies have been given green lights, they are allowed to go and remove thousands of acres of old growth forest. This logging is going on all around the world. Millions of acres (or hectares) are being destroyed each and every year, and on the other hand a relatively small number of trees in comparison are not allowed to be removed even if they do pose a danger to people’s houses.

Where is the sense in this? There is no sense, it is Big Business and Government Greed.