Gore Vidal on liberty

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Vidal: “We’ve always been an oligarchy of the well-to-do and are becoming even more so now. What freedoms we had have now been eliminated — Magna Carta guaranteed us due process of law, the only good thing England left us”.

If you have not read Gore Vidal’s books, you’ve missed out on an eloquent of outspoken critic of the American political Establishment and history in general. He’s a writer of the order of H.G. Wells (The Outline of History), Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Plato and Socrates.

Gore Vidal on the media

Video: The Real News

I know it’s short and sweet… but he said what he must on this subject, do not trust the commercial media, look deeper into the issues, either you are going to live on big Macs all your life; you are what you eat, or you make an effort to have a balanced diet.

Hey if your only going to get one life, may as well make it a good one, don’t spend all your life trying to win at the Rat race, hey if you win your still a rat. Try something a bit more balanced, examine what you do and how you live.

Gore Vidal on “The Emperor”

Video: The Real News

“He smiled benignly at the oil wells.” I love Gore Vidal’s humor, so subtle, so to the point and sooo Un-American… for all America’s good points, subtle and irony are not to be seen in the list, but then to my surprise, they did get Monty Python, so all is not lost. 🙂

Gore Vidal on the Democrats and religion

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I am a fan of Gore Vidal, which I may or may not have said before. I love the idea of the majority of people at his talks, applauding the idea of taxing the churches. For some years I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to get clubs and sporting organizations to have themselves made into religions… so they can have the tax free benefits of churches.

My point was and is, using the church’s business plan as a templet, I can’t see how the authorities could get away with denying a claim for instance, that a Skydiving club’s not engaged in worshiping a Skygod of some sort… I’d create a mythology of talking birds, commandments written on clouds etc. to pad out the theology and I’d do my very best to look like a pope when questioned about the validity of our religion.