Al Gore: New thinking on the climate crisis

Video: TED Talks

In this video Al Gore talks about a new approach to the way we think about climate change. Al talks about new evidence that suggests climate change is happening faster than previously predicted and how we need to act with much more conviction.

Car Runs On Air

Video: YouTube

This little Air car reminds me a bit of the Citroën 2CV, which was and possibly still is, that ugly little underpowered French car, which strangely enough was quite popular. In defense of the French, the Citroëns as a rule have always been very innovative, but as with most rules, the 2CV I still think was the exception that makes the rule.

I believe that this Air car could well be an answer to pollution, global warming and commuting, it’s specs are pretty good, and to be honest I can’t see why it would not be so. Their claims are that it will do up to 200 miles, 60 mph and it can apparently be charged in something like 3 minutes… these are all very good and believable numbers, and it could do this with virtually zero emissions, especially if it’s compressed gas comes from using photovoltaic solar cells to power the air compressors.

However, the ‘perpetual motion’ thing is marketing doing what marketing does, make glib, uninformed statements which are ignorant of the laws of physics.

Wilkins Ice Shelf in Antarctica breaks apart

Wilkins Ice shelf breaks
Image: Wilkins Ice Shelf breaking apart,

Antarctica’s Wilkins Ice Shelf is breaking apart. The latest break includes a section of ice 41 by 2.4 kilometres (25.5 by 1.5 miles), which broke off the Southwestern end. The collapse of this substantial section occurred on February 28th.

The movement of this ice led to disintegration of 414 square kilometres (160 square miles) of internal ice.

The Wilkins Ice Shelf is a large plate of permanent floating ice 1609 Kilometers (1,000 miles) south of South America and lies on the South Western Antarctic Peninsula.

This latest break has meant that a large part of the 12,950-square-kilometre (5,000-square-mile) shelf is only supported by a narrow 5.6-kilometer (3.5-mile) strip of ice.

The problem now posed is, if the ice retreats a little more than the likely hood of losing almost half the ice shelf is greatly increased.

“Wilkins is the largest ice shelf on West Antarctica yet to be threatened. This shelf is hanging by a thread,” echoed David Vaughan of the British Antarctic Survey, which contributed data on the break-up.

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Who on Earth cares

Who on Earth cares

Who on Earth cares is a website which has a few basic easy to follow guidelines that will show you how to make a difference and reduce your CO2 emissions. The website allows you to select from a few options that will allow you to reduce you emissions. Each of the options when ticked, will show you by how much you would reduce emissions and approximately how many cars would effectively be taken of the road if your emissions were reduced by the said amount.

These ideas are very simple and basic and are therefore something where everyone can do their bit and help with climate change and Global Warming.

So if you click on the link below you can go to the website and commit a little to trying to reduce emissions and help save the planet before it’s too late.

I am printing out my commitments and putting them on the fridge and in my car just to remind me.

We will all pay for Howard’s hidden greenhouse debt

Howard apocalyptic on Climate Change 2007-04-20
Photo: Nicholson Cartoons

Before you go on with this post I must say up front that I have always (since ’76) hated our ex-prime minister John Howard and his circle of ‘friends’ (both within and outside government) with a passion. He is and was in my opinion a totally dishonest, mean-spirited and stupid individual (clever’s not intelligence) who got to power because his ideology suited the resource industry and those who invest in it.

Tasmania forest union Howard money
Photo: Nicholson Cartoons

I believe we should take a page out of Norway’s way of running a country. They nationalized their oil industry and used the money to pay off their debt. They invested in education & services and are now one of the best educated and prosperous countries in the world.

Some years ago American corporations laughed at Norway’s intention to build deep sea oil drilling platforms… a few years later the US had to swallow there pride and buy their platforms from Norway. How do I know this, my mother’s Norwegian, I lived there for a couple of years and their treatment of a raging ‘Bush Boy’ from Kenya was a credit to their tolerance and understanding… unlike the treatment metered out to me by the British or Australian ‘education’ system.