Chemtrails: Morgellons and Global Depopulation 3/5

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I like the little old lady, she’s onto em. As for expecting the US ABC to report the facts, yeah right, right after FOX does.

Whatever they are up to is probably not good for the majority, and the fact that they are not giving an explanation tends to support that idea… maybe the Collage science students should investigate further, or are they all too busy playing with their iPods?

Chemtrails Morgellons and Global Depopulation 2/5

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My question regarding these issues of whether they are Contrails or Chemtrails, is where are the Scientists on this matter? Personally I believe they are not Contrails, and I believe it’s the same old ‘New World Order’ crowd up to no good again, and since they own both the government and the ‘opposition’ in most countries, as well as the Judiciary, it’s up to the world’s scientists to give us the indisputable facts.

Chemtrails Morgellons and Global Depopulation 1 of 5

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It’s not about more contrails, it’s about chemtrails that remain in the air far longer than the contrails ever did. I say this because as with most people who are into aviation, like myself, I’m often watching the sky and what goes on in it, and being an aviation fan I’m aware of what airports are in what directions, as well as what tracks the jets normally take.

Recently whilst on one of my rare trips to Sydney, I was stunned not only at the duration and width of these chemtrails, but the fact that they were crosshatching the air over the outer airspace of Sydney, something that I had not ever seen say 10 or so years ago. I too believe now, that there is something going on, and the fact that governments are denying this, makes me even more suspicious.