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Impractical, too expensive is the sort of thing one might say. The point is all it takes is determination and money… can you imagine where we’d be with hydrogen if governments focused on alternative energy. Billions and billions of dollars has been spent by the ‘coalition of the willing’ and more than a trillion dollars has been spent largely by the Republicans on the ‘War for Oil’ in Iraq. If they’d spent that money on developing hydrogen and other alternatives we probably wouldn’t need their oil, but then, what would big business do with no money coming from oil or weapons, they certainly couldn’t monopolize the alternatives.

Here’s a case in point… the computer, one of the worlds first was built by the CSIRO in Australia, the then Prime Minister Robert Menzies; another big business lackey who’s focus was mining, said basically computers had no practical use and were too expensive, mind you he said much the same about our Rockets and their superior guidance systems at Woomera… he said believed that there was no future in space.

For the record CSIRAC was built by CSIRO in 1949 and it was the fourth computer in the world – it completed more than 1 000 projects by the time it was turned off in 1964.

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Birth of the Aussie Greens

Treehuggers Australian Green Political Party
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The pivotal ‘Green’ moment in the last 40 years for the Australian green movement was; in our opinion, the Tasmanian Franklin River issue. It was an issue where big business, bureaucracy, politicians and the media totally ignored the will of the majority of thinking Australians… and it resulted in the formation of the Australian Green Political Party.

Senator Bob Brown MD… or Bob ‘Green’ as I keep freudianly calling him, was at the forefront of the Franklin river campaign and later went on to become the leader of the Australian Greens. As leader he has remarkably, despite an on going campaign to denigrate him and the other ‘Treehugger’ Greens, been an outstanding representative for the Australian Green movement, and will hopefully tomorrow (24/11/07) in the Australian Election be given a still greater opportunity to represent the Australians who love the planet for it’s beauty, rather than those few who profit from it’s rape & pillage.

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Website: The kids and even the teachers; possibly, weren’t even alive when the Franklin river issue arrived.