Bunya Pine Tree

Bunya Pine Tree
Photo: Hugh Robertson

The prehistoric (Mesozoic 251 to 65 million years ago) Banya Pine – Araucaria bidwillii – can grow to over 45m (almost 150′) and around March they drop these huge Pine Cones… I mean really Huge, they are about the size of a person’s head (and probably have a higher IQ than some bushes). If you brake them apart you end up with about 50 or more very large pine nuts that when roasted and eaten have a very similar consistency and taste to chestnuts; only with a slight pine taste.

For the Australian aborigines they were an important and favoured seasonal food source, individual trees were protected, managed and they were often regarded the ‘property’ of individual families. I have two of these trees not 70 meters from my place and I often collect a few of the cones, extract the nuts, and roast them under my grille; the trick is to split the husk to prevent them from exploding.

These trees definitely look like prehistoric conifers, even if they weren’t, with their bizarre branches, leaves and bark you’d swear there were dinosaurs lurking near by… though I’m more nervous about one of the cones striking me from above since they must weigh close to 10 kilograms (20lbs).

Website: Bunya Feast

Clean coal’s dirty secret

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Man if there ever was an oxymoron, ‘clean coal’ is it… what a load of bullshit.

This is what ‘clean coal’ is about, it’s about greed and phoney capitalism, it’s about a bunch of people who’s capitalism can’t get passed either digging it out of the ground, chopping it down or bribing politicians into selling public assets, because when it comes down to it, like I said they are nothing but phoney capitalists, they couldn’t build or design something new and worthwhile, they have to resort to skulduggery to take more than they’ll ever need, they are for the most part addicted to greed and don’t have the balls to make an honest living.

Today I heard our (Australian Labor) Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (aka Kevin Dud) intimate that ‘Clean Coal’ was the future and that selling of our state electrical power utility was the way to go… words fail me, well maybe not. Lets look at their reasons.

Apparently a government can build a public utility, but apparently it can’t run it efficiently? Basically they are admitting that they are incompetent, and they are trying to tell us that private enterprise would do it better, they could raise the funds and do a better job of it… who would you sooner loan money to, a government or a privet company? what a bunch of morons.

This is what will happen if the power utility is sold. First thing that will happen is there will be layoffs, maintenance will be cut back, the price of electricity will go up and the supply will become unreliable… the same sort of thing that happened in California will happen here. The other thing that will probably happen is the coal companies will probably buy the power utilities and it will be the end of alternative energies and meeting the Kyoto limits.

If they had any balls they would put it to a referendum, but they won’t because they know it would be shot down… so much for ‘democracy’ eh?

Wong is Wrong

Well I just couldn’t resist and whilst in the moment I’ll add, two Wrongs wont make a right either Ms Wong.

This post is regarding Australia’s minister for Climate Change and Water (Penny Wong) and her relative inaction regarding Professor Ross Garnaut’s interim greenhouse review.

The story so far. Australia is dominated by the Banks, the Resource industry and the Industrial Farming sector… they are the ones, who at present with more than a little help of the Rice & Cotton mob in the not so deep north, who justify their greed with the defense of ‘export growth’ & ‘jobs’, whilst the mob in the not so deep north go on butchering our most important Murray Darling waterway.

The Garnaut Climate Change Report is handed in and it tells us what most thinking people already know… like it’s not that hard to realize that to freeze the World’s pollution at sort of 1990’s levels, when there were already signs of climatic arrhythmia, is not unlike closing the barn door after the horse has bolted… to the power of a number just sightly south of infinity.


We will all pay for Howard’s hidden greenhouse debt

Howard apocalyptic on Climate Change 2007-04-20
Photo: Nicholson Cartoons

Before you go on with this post I must say up front that I have always (since ’76) hated our ex-prime minister John Howard and his circle of ‘friends’ (both within and outside government) with a passion. He is and was in my opinion a totally dishonest, mean-spirited and stupid individual (clever’s not intelligence) who got to power because his ideology suited the resource industry and those who invest in it.

Tasmania forest union Howard money
Photo: Nicholson Cartoons

I believe we should take a page out of Norway’s way of running a country. They nationalized their oil industry and used the money to pay off their debt. They invested in education & services and are now one of the best educated and prosperous countries in the world.

Some years ago American corporations laughed at Norway’s intention to build deep sea oil drilling platforms… a few years later the US had to swallow there pride and buy their platforms from Norway. How do I know this, my mother’s Norwegian, I lived there for a couple of years and their treatment of a raging ‘Bush Boy’ from Kenya was a credit to their tolerance and understanding… unlike the treatment metered out to me by the British or Australian ‘education’ system.


Bolivia for Sale…

Damian Lewis reports.


I believe that the privatization of Australian water was what Howard’s (spit on the floor) Libs, Malcolm Turnbull and probably the Macquarie Bank/Group had in mind for us… WAKE UP PEOPLE BEFORE EVERYTHING IS SOLD OUT FROM UNDER US.