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NBN and a host of other screw-ups by Australian Governments



“A whole mess of garbage”. Scott Ludlam MP blasts Turnbull’s NBN

“Mr Abbott instructed his communications spokes person, Mr Turnbull to demolish the case for the NBN, and they sort out to destroy anything that Lobor’s name attached to it, or had the Green’s name attached to it.” – Scot Ludlam former Greens MP, no BS and straight talking.

I’m not telling anybody something that they don’t already know, there are plenty people experiencing the fact that, although Australia does have a relatively high standard of living; possibly in the top 10 overall, our Internet speeds verses price are amongst the lowest speed wise; about 50th, yet they are amongst the most expensive, we have good reasons to feel we are being screwed.

Malcom Turnbull’s NBN Lies
Note how Abbott stares at Turnbull soooo intently, to no avail.

The problem is that these self-serving politicians can’t or won’t make decisions that are truly gong to serve the future, say 20 years from the present, it’s just another case of something I say, ‘When your Snout’s in the Trough, the Rim’s your horizon’.

NBN exposed on The Project [i told you so]

Poor bugger, I sort of feel sorry for Mitch Fifield the Communications Minister, having to spew out this contradictory BS.

ABC’s Q&A Factcheck: NBN | 23 May 2016

More Government BS, but luckily the Australian Citizens through ABC’s Q&A, now they get to have a say.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s NBN Train Wreck, ALL NEWS CHANNELS, 23/10/2017

Remember our government wanted to give countless billions to various ‘friendly’ corporations, yet a critical communication project to see us into the future; not just till after the next election, goes without the necessary funding… but wait there’s more. They then will want to sell Our NBN off, a communication network which was paid for by the citizens, to be sold to corporations which will charge what they like, using ‘Confidential Commercial Interests’ as an escape clause, against answering questions; as they did with the Telecommunications & Electric Networks, The Commonwealth Bank & Government Insurance Office etc. etc. etc. All of which are/were so vital to Australia’s Security and well being… non of these assets should never ever be sold!

And finally The ABC, one of the programs which various Australian governments would like to see privatized-

ABC Four Corners – What’s wrong with the NBN?

And the Australian Liberal Government’s solution… a 5G WiFi!

During the ‘Health in Buildings Roundtable’ sponsored by the NIH & co-organised by the US CDC and several other organisations, Dr. Martin Pall from the Washington State University (WSU) concluded that the “5G rollout is absolutely insane”. In this short presentation, Dr. Pall confirms that the current 2G/3G/4G radiation the population is exposed to has been scientifically linked with:

– Lowered fertility

– Insomnia, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and major changes in brain structure in animals

– Cellular DNA damage – Oxidative stress

– Hormonal disruption

– Cancer – And much more

Dr. Pall briefly explains the mechanisms of how the electrosmog emitted by our cell phones, WiFi routers, cell phone antennas and other wireless technologies affect human cells.

For the most current information on Dr. Pall’s work, read the letter he sent to various organisations in the world sooner this year, titled:

“5G: Great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them”:

Still think this is all tinfoil talk? Read my book, “The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs”: (warning, you might change your mind!).

Wireless wake-up call | Jeromy Johnson | TEDxBerkeley

This is not the first time that a newly elected government destroys a previous government’s project costing millions out of spite, sometimes billions of dollars go down the drain, as is the case with the NBN’s.

A case in point in relation to Scot Ludlam earlier statement of governments destroying former governments investments in acts of blatant vengeful destructiveness, is the Maldon to Dombarton Railway Line which was halted, and that’s after the land was appropriated and a bridge spanning the River was missing just it’s centerpiece. The rail link could have, should have, later given students and workers an ability to travel from Picton or Moss Vale by rail to Wollongong.

MALDON – DOMBARTON RAIL LINK: An insight with Peter Moran

The thing is, there is a Railway bridge that crosses the Nepean River just south of Campbelltown, which for some time has a speed limit because of questions about it’s structural integrity, they have since ended the speed limit with no apparent significant repair. However, should that bridge collapse, besides putting several hundred passengers at risk of death, it’s worth mentioning that it is the only line south. Had they been able to think, they might of realised that Rail Networks and High Speed Rail around Australia would serve this country well in the future.

Also, a Rail Network running down to the south coast, would make it; should the bridge collapse or close down for lengthy repairs of the North to South, then the Southern Rail Network could keep things going, it’s a ‘Don’t keep all your Eggs in one basket’ thinking that seems so hard for many in power.

Politicians are self-centered, egocentric who can’t think past the next election nor out of the trough their in.

Here’s another screw-up, Badgerys Creek International Airport will be a 24X7 noisey polluting nightmare for residence in the Greater Sydney Area. We will have much the same issues as LA, which has a mountain range that in summer, when the onshore evening breeze comes in, it will keep the smog in the Sydney basin and the long term health costs will be horrendous. In the long range view, the building of a Very Fast Rail Service and the International Airport somewhere near Goulburn; with a fuel pipe line down to Port Kembla, would be a far better and lest costly solution.

If the New International Airport was put somewhere near Goulburn, firstly a fuel line could be run down to Port Kembla… I doubt that the will build a fuel line to Badgerys Creek International Airport, so they will be trucking fuel; about 3,000 gallons; enough to fill one 737, that’s a small fuel truck, a large one will carry about 11,000 gallons; enough to fill two 737’s.

According to Wikipedia there were 348,904 aircraft movements in 2016–17… that’s a real lot of trucks and one can only believe the numbers will grow.

Thank you for your time guys.


New World Order

Incomprehensible Insanity

How long are we going to put up with a political system with basically only 2 political parties? The more political parties the harder it is to corrupt them.





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New World Order

A ‘No Ties System’ Part 4 – Get rid of the failed City State within Washington DC that runs the NWO Enforcement Branch

For the top few percent War is very profitable, for the Sheeple things are getting worse and will continue to worsen until they vote for true Independents, if you don’t vote ‘serve your right’ and live with ‘We The Sheeple’.




Thank you David Rowe for your cartoon, I’m sure when your book of cartoons comes out it will take pride of place on anyone’s Coffee Table and create so much laughter.

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New World Order

A ‘No Ties System’ Part 3 – Replace the failed City State within London that controls the World’s Money




The feature photo of Thousands protesting on the streets of Melbourne against Australia’s involvement in the Iraq war in 2003. Photo is by Michael Rayner and Published by DailyLife, now rebadged Lifestyle, both from the reputable Aussie Fairfax Media stable.

Please excuse my tendency to a cryptic writing style and my grammatical inadequacies; largely the result of a poor education, combined with dyslexia and aided by an acquired TBI, along with it’s Conceptual Continuity issues and holes you could park a bus in, in short this post is a mixture of cognitive exercise and venting my spleen.

The problem of The NWO, other than the fact it’s run by sociopaths, is it’s a political schism, in the sense that it’s alienating and denying the majority of people a true Democracy, which benefits the 1%ers. It’s the ‘ism’ from schism of which Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, Fascism and Corporatism are the main examples, where a minority always controls the majority. A Social Democratic Republic is obviously the best system of governing, which is why it’s so rare, it’s because ‘the deck is stacked’ against it and it has nothing in common with Socialism or Communism.

So why not sit back, take a trip down the Rabbit hole… it’s not like there’s much else worth watching on MSM.

There are 3 City States, completely independent of the countries who’s boarders they are within. The Vatican City’s aim is to control the World’s Religion, The Washington State (Washington DC formally the District of Columbia) is the Enforcement Arm of The NWO, and The City of London, well it basically controls the World’s Money and hence the World. As Bank of London’s Lord Rothschild said “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws“.

Australia is currently a Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy, the present Monarch Queen Elizabeth II, of The House of Windsors, was chosen by God… seriously! However, it should be noted that previously, in the more recent history, relatively speaking, Queen Elizabeth II’s line is The House of Saxe-Coburg, which was German, the Royals became British in 1917.

It’s also alleged that the Queen’s lineage goes way way back to the Semitic Biblical Abraham of Ur, in Iraq which, was about 16Km (10 miles) west of the present course of the Euphrates River. I guess DNA might verify this Semitic past, though it seems other Semitics, with less noble backgrounds, such as the Rothschilds, may have a different perspective, and Yet another Perspective would be the little known Aldobrandini family. The fact is, once true financial wealth is accumulated, no matter how long ago; even thousands of years in the distant past, it’s still controlled by the same blood lines. It’s a Matryoshka dolls like conundrum which requires some Critical Thinking; but not the Critical Thinking BS as taught in Universities or Collages.

Deanna Eppers, ardent follower of U.K.’s royal family – “The idea is that the monarch, who is Head of the Church of England, is specifically chosen by God. That means, even though she was angry with her uncle who abdicated, that her father had always been appointed by God to be King, and then her turn would eventually arrive. though that moment arrived much more quickly than Elizabeth wanted”. There are numerous photos of Hitler & former King Edward VIII, but most of them have probably been copyrighted, but if you search for photos of ‘Hitler & Edward VIII’ and click on the above ‘Images’ option you will find heaps.

P.S. If you noticed the full-stop rather than a comma just above, after arrive, well it’s not mine… though, as a dyslectic I am often making grammatical mistakes.

Have you heard the joke about an insomniac dyslectic who laid awake all night, wondering if there really was a Dog? Well that’s not my worry, if there really is a God, well ‘It’ has much bigger fish to fry than little ol’ me.

Now, where was I?

Oh yes, Schisms ‘n ism’s, The Royals ‘n those nasty Nazis. Speaking of nasties, Some say of Rupert Murdoch’s ‘The Sun’ Tabloid’s appropriate definition is ‘luridly or vulgarly sensational’, some say Rag. Well The Sun’s YouTube Footage shows Edward VIII leading Her Majesty, Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother in doing Fascist gestures, which could be found to somewhat ironic… considering the alleged Royal Lineage and it’s particular variety of Semitism.

As with all the lower rank NWO types, ambitions are never really satisfied, so while the wars go on within, the lesser powers squabble amongst themselves, often changing sides to further enrich themselves… Trump, ironically being a typical example; ‘some say’, a classic cretinous chowder-head and a contemptible contemporaneous ignoramus, any or all of these tags together.

Moving onto an even more contemporaneous issue, which is just a stone’s throw from the aforementioned individual, I come to Australian Julian Assange and Donald Trump. Julian’s problem is he was, and indeed is a threat to the NWO, because he made public how our political ‘leaders’ facilitate the on going Wars, which ensure huge profits for the International Military Industrialists and Pharmaceuticals, who make a significant contribution to their ‘Agenda 21’; depopulation, all protected by their Media (MSM) and Entertainment organisations.

And then there’s the Swedish government’s on again off again sex crime allegations, as well as the 70 odd British MP’s voting for Julian’s extradition to Sweden. No doubt it’s because they don’t want to get blamed for sending Julian to America, over Swedish sex crime allegations, which some years ago had been dropped. It’s a typically pathetic attempt at distancing themselves from Julian’s extradition to USA and the resulting world wide backlash, a backlash from the far more numerous competent Journalists, who are not members of the pathetic MSM, and who see this as a threat to non MSM Journalists who are Professionals in the True sense of the word… hey, I’m just an amateur hack.

Remember, they lied and stole money to pay countless billions of Dollars for these wars, from citizen’s Taxes everywhere and they want to punish Julian, above all for telling us the Truth. Have no doubts, if Julian is sent to America, far more charges will be filed and he’ll not be prosecuted in an open court, nor will Julian be treated humanely.

Some of you may realise from past attempts against Julian, that Sweden is not the enlightened country it portrays, otherwise it would have said at the very beginning, that Sweden would never ever extradited Julian Assange to America.

Julian Assange’s ‘crime’ was as a Reporter/Publisher of files sent to WikiLeaks, in this case from Chelsea Manning, who again is in jail this time, for refusing to justify The Corporate American government’s persecution of Julian. Julian published the WikiLeaks raw US Apache Helicopter footage, he embarrassed and showed up The USA’s Corporate government to be nothing less than mass murdering criminals. In this case the footage shows Reuters journalist Namir Noor-Elden and her driver Saeed Chmagh being shot by the Apache Helicopter gunner. The truly horrifying thing was the Gunner pleading to shoot these non combatants, which included two young girls and their farther, who just happened to live in the area. (To read further see The Bureau of Investigative Journalism article).

For the record, and I’m pleased to say, prior to the Desert Storm 1 & 2 abominations, huge crowds around the World marched against these wars, though mysteriously the Australian MSM down graded the number of the Marchers. However, the number of Police in this footage does show the significance of the Australian Peaceful March. In that 2003 Australian March, the figure was put at an estimated 600,000 demonstrating in cities around Australia. It is to their ever-ongoing shame, that Prime Minister John Howard and other Australian MP’s; despite their guilt they are still in denial… 4Q 1 & all!

Thanks for your time


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