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If you are more offended by the language than the deeds then 4Q!



So this is where our leaders; both Political & Corporate, come from, it’s also why they hate The ABC

Boys Club: Private school privilege and a culture of cover up | Four Corners

Principal of St Kevin’s ‘regrets’ writing reference for convicted child sex offender

The obvious solution is to hit Catholic Education in their Hip-pocket… pull their government funding.

I Love it! Class politics –

Examining the religious battlegrounds of the 21st century

The Fight For the Right to Your Soul

And while I’m at it the Australian Constitution forbids Religions and Spiritual practices in Parliament, that it’s illegal to say prayers Parliament.

What About Freedom From Religions?

Playing/Praying For Change – Honky Tonk Women… Turn up the volume

Humor, Music and Cartoons can make your day a bit better

Hint to young Australians, blocking streets in Oz wont win you too many friends and it may be counterproductive.

Instead email god bother-er Scott ‘ScoMo’ Morrison and ask him why he was sacked as head of the Australian Tourist Department. Speaking of god bother-ers, all those corporate government types featured below and above, well if there is a god they will be totally screwed which means either they don’t really believe or they are masochists.

Honest Government Ad | We’re F**ked

Climate Change Existential threat to the once beautiful planet Earth

Honest Government Ad | Djab Wurrung Trees

“I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree…”

Honest Government Ad | Quiet Australians

Trickledown Economics – Consume be silent die.


The Liberal Nationals NeoCons hero is John Howard so either they don’t know how bad he really was… or they are lying themselves, the question is. How do they get away with it, are Australian that stupid? I don’t believe so, most instinctively had doubts but political donations, Corporate Media and a lackluster divided opposition failed us.

Honest Government Ad | Trickledown Economics

Australia still plagued by destructive policies of John Howard, our worst prime minister – The Sydney Morning Herald

Consume be silent die.

Honest Government Ad | The Economy

Economic comparisons are useless without context

I find that the best way to get a handle on a document is to first have my computer read it to me, if it has indications of substance I then save as a pdf and go through it again with a highlighter.

I’m alright Jack keep your hands of my Stack – Turn up the volume

Honest Government Ad | Climate Emergency & School Strikes

We don’t need no education – Turn up the volume

Honest Government Ad | Visit Timor-Leste!

Matawen-NYX 15 – Timor-Leste Song

Honest Government Ad | Aussie Arms Industry

Just what we need in the World… more guns, yeah right!

Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise

“Listen. Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.” – Monty Python’s Holy Grail

Time for a Republic with a Bill of Rights and recognition of the world’s longest surviving culture the Australian Aboriginals.

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Tip of the Iceberg




The Elite Banker Confession

This is how influential people get caught in the Web of Pedophilia and ‘get owned’… do ‘Rock Spiders’ have Webs?

Ex Dutch Banker Ronald Bernard Exposes the ELITE… and recently died conveniently.

RE: No Pedophile Ring on YouTube | reallygraceful but regarding the British Royals, well that’s another matter.

Narcissist, Psychopath, or Sociopath: How to Spot the Differences

Are politicians natural-born psychopaths? Well, you could say that

The Minds of Powerful Sexual Predators: How Power Corrupts

If you are more offended by the language than the deeds then 4Q!

Is Joe Biden a Child Molester?

The thing that totally freaks me out is the second young girl in the Red dress getting dragged and manhandled by Biden… and her parents did nothing, she is obviously uncomfortable, so the question is, if anybody did this to your daughter what would you do?

Sessions Brushes Biden’s Hand Away

Watch Joe Biden Rub, Touch And Kiss His Way To Beck-Like Creepiness

Documentary: Who is Jeffrey Epstein, accused of sexually abusing teen girls?

Why Take Jeffrey Epstein Off of Suicide Watch?

Harvey Weinstein Accused By 16-Year-Old Girl

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Harvey Weinstein and his army of spies | 60 Minutes Australia

So This Is How Men Like Weinstein Get Away With it For So Long

Jeffrey Epstein connected to Trump and Clinton

Trump’s uncensored lewd comments about women from 2005

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Harvey Weinstein and his army of spies | 60 Minutes Australia

‘Secret archives’ detailed priests’ child sex abuse and cover-ups, Pa. attorney general says

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The Hypocrisy of ‘Freedom of Information’… being a one way street




Scott Morrison Wants to Ban Climate Protests.

How Morrison played everyone

Personally I believe that Dark Forces were behind Morrison’s win, since I find it hard to believe he’s really Intelligent… Sneaky and ‘Cleverer’ enough to gain the support of those who hide behind the ‘Antisemitic’ defense… Morrison did after all make one of his first decision as PM to give Jerusalem to the ‘Jews’ despite the fact that the a lot of the genuine Semitic Jews opposed that decision. Another point worth mentioning is the Jews in Iran: One of the biggest diaspora communities outside Israel.


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Hiding in plain sight





This relates in some ways to my passion for Dungeons & Dragons. During an adventure/game you might decide in a particular situation to try and bluff it out. Whether or not you are successful depends to a certain extent on a roll of the dice… however; there’s always an ‘however’, if your trying to bluff a huge bad ass Dragon, there’s a good chance your going to get crispyfryed or chomped. These hounds could probably be fooled or Bluffed with a masking spell and a bit of luck with the dice.

The D&D Dice come in all types of colours and materials but these are the standard type used in different areas of the game.

There may be Language and Adult issues when adults play:-

You could be loosing out.

Boys get over yourselves, and girls if you think this is for Geeks only or as one 13 year old daughter of a good friend told me; generally this is the age when they drive their parents nuts… “It’s Old”… well I haven’t finished with her, I’m gong to ambush her next time I see her, I’ll ask if that means her mother is ‘useless’, are Teachers, Gold, Diamonds, Emeralds and Jeans with holes in which go back to the 60’s are they useless to useless? If age is the issue then how come Jeans with holes are back in fashion?

How cool is this, a 5 year old girl playing a home made and truncated version of D&D with her parents and she is obviously totally absorbed in the game.

Back in an earlier life I worked as a Metallurgist/Engineer for companies that seem to lack imagination, for example some of these companies use to employ the tactic of bi-monthly Meeting/Drinkies to learn what was going on the ‘Shop-floor’. Being ‘management’ myself I actually spent a good deal of time with the Workers who came from all types of backgrounds, some actually had qualifications way above their status as ‘Workers’, in fact some were a good deal smarter than many of the ‘Bosses’, one in particular was from Afghanistan and he was also such a genuine decent human.

Some of the ‘Management’ on the other hand were out-right thieves and ignorant beyond belief, one such individual full of Bluff & Bluster was later responsible for the demise of a company of over 400 people. When I spotted the insanely stupidity of what this individual had done, urgent action was needed soI attempted to notify upper management only to be told they were in a meeting, well I fixed that, I hit the ‘Big Red Button’ and brought the factory to a standstill. That brought them out of the meeting, it was a Tuesday which probably meant they were discussing the up-coming Wednesday afternoon Golf game, something that I always declined because I was too busy… I also never used the management toilets; though I did wonder if there was a male attendant dressed in a Tuxedo with a warm wet face towel and perhaps even a shoe brush.

Anyway, the next thing I had 4 ‘Mangers’ yelling and screaming about what I’d done, after they left my Afghan friend who at first was too afraid to tell me what the NSW ‘manager’ had done; it was really stupid, I went back to my Lab, took out my personal diary and recorded the incident in detail as well as the 4 Memos given to the 4 ‘Mangers’.

A few months later on returning from 6 weeks leave over Christmas/New Years I got a call from the CEO’s PA that he wanted to see me. This was kind of strange since it was 8:30 am and he was never at ‘work’ before 10 am. On reaching his office I noticed his PA was a little guarded; WTF, I was instructed to go right in and I was treated with ‘friendly’ how was your break; Warning, Warning, Warning Will Robinson!

Well after a bit of foreplay; he was about to try and screw me, he proceeded to ask me about my work and… duties. Mmmm, I smelt a rat. I explained what my duties were; which included keeping an eye on the Quality Control Department that had a ‘manager’ who out ranked me. Next thing he slides across a communication from one of our biggest customers detailing in depth the crisis. For a minute or I was confused; the incident was months ago and I’d just got back from 6 weeks leave, I asked if I could go down to my Lab and see if I could figure it out. This is where a proper diary comes in handy, the communication which I had been given and ordered to return in 20 minute, had all the necessary data I needed… a complete account of what and who along with my Memo copy with the abusive responses, so I took the documents and Photo copied them all and decided to join the Workers in their morning Tea.

I was was quite apparent that they knew that my head was on the chopping block, I assured my working friends; and later my opposite members and friends at the 2 customer companies, that roomers of my upcoming death were greatly exaggerated, and as they left and the Staff members came in for their Morning Tea I thought that cup of Tea and that buttered Wall-nut bun was sooo good I’d joined them as well and assured them too that roomers of my upcoming death were greatly exaggerated.

Finally I arrived back at the CEO’s office; he was very much against Unions, and for a few minutes I let him believe that he had me cold, then I triggered the Trap door gave him copies of my diary notes and Memos pertaining to the event, thanked him for his time and left to return to my Lab… 6 months later the company was finished… not because of the Workers but because of the Managers this was the second time a company I worked for failed… this and having Political ineptitude along with currying favours of mining over manufacturing comes about by Highly paid stunt Linguist’s (Liars), that is, Politicians/Lawyers pretending they know better which is a total Bluff, for a start the vast majority of Politicians/Lawyers have little or no Science training.

Lesson… If your are going to Bluff and ‘Roll the Dice’ don’t bet your Balls on it ScoMo.

In D&D the worst than can happen is you might have to Roll up another Character should your Character die and you will lose whatever you have accumulated with the now deceased Character, such as your Boots of Speed, your Ring of invisibility, your Ring of Resistance, your Cloak of Elvenkind and your much loved companion familiar Huge Alpha Male Wolf.

A good friend once said “Reality is for people who can’t handle Drugs”…. there may be some truth in that.

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