Aptera 300 mpg

Video: Daily Motion

This car has been around for a number of years now, Hopefully some good can have come out of the research and development that goes into projects like this, What an excellent looking car and it can apparently do 300mpg, it apparently has room for two sets of Golf Clubs, so it will suit a host of customer needs and will hopefully have a significant benefit for the planet… got to be better than a bunch of giant 4X4s with only one or two passengers.

Website: Aptera

Cycling Friendly Cities

Video: YouTube

This video runs through the top cycling friendly cities of last year.

Car Runs On Air

Video: YouTube

This little Air car reminds me a bit of the Citroën 2CV, which was and possibly still is, that ugly little underpowered French car, which strangely enough was quite popular. In defense of the French, the Citroëns as a rule have always been very innovative, but as with most rules, the 2CV I still think was the exception that makes the rule.

I believe that this Air car could well be an answer to pollution, global warming and commuting, it’s specs are pretty good, and to be honest I can’t see why it would not be so. Their claims are that it will do up to 200 miles, 60 mph and it can apparently be charged in something like 3 minutes… these are all very good and believable numbers, and it could do this with virtually zero emissions, especially if it’s compressed gas comes from using photovoltaic solar cells to power the air compressors.

However, the ‘perpetual motion’ thing is marketing doing what marketing does, make glib, uninformed statements which are ignorant of the laws of physics.