1. The Secret Rulers of the World – Present/Past (1 of 29)

Video: YouTube

When I first came across this ‘little’ bit of footage I thought, well I; like many others, knew a lot of this stuff either factually or instinctively, but, WOW! I hadn’t managed to piece the things together as well, nor as comprehensibly.

After I’d lifted my jaw back off the ground and push my eyes back in their sockets, I thought this explains fully why things that need to be done never get done, it explains fully why they are trying to push Nuclear Power down our throats and when they do talk about solar energy… it has to be in space, where small businesses can’t be fully involved, if at all.

This series explains sooo much and it dovetails with sooo much… it even explains the Subprime mortgage crisis; which I always felt was contrived, and how it will result in taking from the ‘poor’ and giving to the extremely rich. It explains why all countries are in debt and how that’s used to effectively make democracy nothing but an diabolical illusion, an ‘in’ joke for those in power.

This sequence of footage has got it all folks, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Jesus and Mary; both of them. It has Secret societies, major cities like London, Rome and New York. It has the ancient Pyramids of Egypt with their Pharaohs, as well as the Pope and the Queen with all their wealth Gold and precious jewels, you name it, it’s got it… I hope you enjoy the series (all 29 of them) as much as I do.

“The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind”

“The times they are a changing” how right Dylan was and is.

An owner of a few coal mines once told me that he was “going to stay in the business for another five years, and then get out and buy himself a really big air conditioner.” I answered, “You could afford one now.” To which he answered “Your right I can.”

Personally I prefer to live in an environment, where I do not need an air conditioner and I’d prefer that coal & petroleum companies; through their philanthropic donations to political parties, weren’t writing government energy policies… I’d prefer solar, wind, tidal and geothermal companies to be writing government energy policies for a change.

Website: BBC News Asia-Pacific

Wizard of Id – Mercury in the River

Wizard of Id - Mercury in the River
Cartoon: By Johnny Hart and Brant Parker
Wizard of Id - Mercury in the River
Cartoon: By Johnny Hart and Brant Parker
Wizard of Id - Mercury in the River
Cartoon: By Johnny Hart and Brant Parker

I’m a fan of Johnny Hart and Brant Parker’s Wizard of Id… and laugh you might now.

Website: Wizard of Id

Bunya Pine Tree

Bunya Pine Tree
Photo: Hugh Robertson

The prehistoric (Mesozoic 251 to 65 million years ago) Banya Pine – Araucaria bidwillii – can grow to over 45m (almost 150′) and around March they drop these huge Pine Cones… I mean really Huge, they are about the size of a person’s head (and probably have a higher IQ than some bushes). If you brake them apart you end up with about 50 or more very large pine nuts that when roasted and eaten have a very similar consistency and taste to chestnuts; only with a slight pine taste.

For the Australian aborigines they were an important and favoured seasonal food source, individual trees were protected, managed and they were often regarded the ‘property’ of individual families. I have two of these trees not 70 meters from my place and I often collect a few of the cones, extract the nuts, and roast them under my grille; the trick is to split the husk to prevent them from exploding.

These trees definitely look like prehistoric conifers, even if they weren’t, with their bizarre branches, leaves and bark you’d swear there were dinosaurs lurking near by… though I’m more nervous about one of the cones striking me from above since they must weigh close to 10 kilograms (20lbs).

Website: Bunya Feast

Funny bird is the Pelican…

Photo Pelican nebula
Photo: The Pelican nebula

It’s beak holds more than it’s belly can.

What an awesome Universe… What an awesome Planet.

In the spirit of Carl Sagan one has to wonder at the pathos of greed, greed for money and power, the rationalizing of greed by egocentric ‘logic’. As Ghandi said “There’s enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed.”

I’ve often wondered if there are some beings majoring in Planetary Psychosis, doing an in depth study of our little planet… I’m sooo embarrassed thinking about it, but as with road kill… part of me is curious, I wonder, how would they title their paper… ‘Nice planet, pity about the people’?

Website: Panther Observatory