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AUSSIE HISTORY – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – How We Compare



Some may wonder why so many Aboriginal Australians lived as Hunter Gatherers for so long, well perhaps the fact that it was because there were no Cattle, Sheep, Dear, Pigs, Chickens etc. on the Australian continent, making Animal Husbandry all but impossible, some may think what’s left is for the most part in the Outback is a Hunter Gatherer existence, however, they also had an effective cropping system and they attended to and managed indigenous edible plants. They were formidable fishers using innovative ways to catch. I was once told a story of how the Aboriginals used to harvest Rock Oysters, anyone now days attempting to harvest Sydney Rock Oysters usually resort to picking at them with a knife, resulting in much effort and the occasional cut hands, and if the truth be told often Oysters clumped together and some remain hidden. You’ll love this if you haven’t heard the same as myself… try grabbing a couple of hands-full of dried grass, place it against the Oysters and set fire to it, soon you will be staring at a feast of open Oysters… how cool is that!

So taking into account the Australian Climates dramatic swings from a much wetter Australia; the earliest Australia may have felt blessed, Hunter Gathering was an ideal solution which they excelled at and it is a mistake to underestimate their intellagence, for example, they have there own ‘Stonehenge’ dating back to the Paleolithic era 50,000 to 100,000 years ago; probably more middle Paleolithic than Upper Paleolithic, they also probably made The World’s Oldest Axe dating back to between 46,000–49,000 years.

Most who look at their Art see is as child like, the fact is that some of that ‘Art’ serves as a sort of Strip Map to things such as Waterholes and springs whilst others relate to stories of The Dream Time, they are a remarkable People who most probably were amongst the very first to explore Earth extensively; Australian Aboriginal’s DNA has been found in ancient South America, and until recently the last two Aboriginal sisters were found living in the southern most tip of Argentina.

With such an impressive adaption to conditions they were largely treated like animals by the early Settlers because they were different, dark skinned, mostly naked and irony upon irony, seemed to be backwards technologically, these are the excuses made to displace people who have lived there from time immemorial and to dominate & enslave (Song by Paul Kelly).

Gough Whitlam was the 21st Prime Minister of Australia; unfairly deposed by the CIA & the ‘Australian’ Media. Gough undertook to right the wrongs done against Aboriginal Australians, he established a Universal Health Care, free tertiary education, he ended Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War… and yes it was a war not a ‘Police action’; Police don’t use Napalm. Initially Vietnam was a fair Social minded country which took exception to being ignored by the French occupiers … deposed by the ‘champions of democracy’ the American CIA, which was later outed by an American Journalist’s FOI.

Gough’s accomplishments over a 3 year period!

1. He abolished the White Australia Policy and passed the Racial Discrimination Act.

2. The Pill became affordable and accessible, by removing the tax on contraceptives.

3. He Instituted free Tertiary Education, thereby allowing hundreds and thousands of Australians to be the first in their family able to go to university.

4. Legislated for no-fault divorce, allowing women who chose to leave an unhappy marriage without being financially burdened.

5.Under Whitlam Australia become more socially conscious in its law-making by abolishing conscription and the death penalty.

6. He was responsible for Medicare which allow universal healthcare for all Australians.

7. Championed Aboriginal land rights, returning land to the Northern Territory’s Gurindiji. He involved Australia’s Aboriginal people directly in policy making and establishing free Aboriginal legal services.

8. He reopened the equal pay case, championing the rights of women to work and be fairly compensated.

9. He was the first Western leader to visit China and make his nation’s relationship with Asia a priority. A decision responsible for much of Australia’s economic and trade prosperity since.

10. Socially Whitlam established the National Gallery in Canberra and created the Australia Council for the Arts, he doubled funding to the arts and introduced legislation to form the SBS Australian Ethnic TV.

The ‘Liberals/Nationals’ have done their best to undo everything Whitlam had done, and while I’m at it, the other major party has shamed it’s self often but nothing that compares to Labor Party’s attempt at carving up the Oil in the Timor Sea between Indonesia and Australia. It was Labors Gareth Evans & Co. and the Indonesian Government representative Ali Alatas who together plotted to effectively steel from the Timorese people, one of the poorest countries on Earth who in the second war at great risk the Timorese helped and protected Australian Military personnel against the Japanese Forces… so much for Gareth Evans and the Responsibility to Protect East Timor.

Gough’s Memorial

‘Dark Emu’ by Bruce Pascoe

“The start of [the] journey is to allow the knowledge that Aboriginal people did build houses, cultivate and irrigate crops, did sew clothes and were not hapless wanderers across the soil, mere hunter-gatherers. Aboriginals were intervening in the productivity of the country and what they learnt during that process over many thousands of years will be useful to us today. To deny Aboriginal agricultural and spiritual achievement is the single greatest impediment to inter-cultural understanding and, perhaps, Australian moral and economic prosperity”.

Bruce Pascoe: Aboriginal story gets lost in translation

There are so many parallel incidences of colonizers shafting the indigenous populations, America for one used the same old BS about them being backward and ironically sub-human: they no rights. One only has to look at the American Indians fall from grace and treatment they suffered as a result, loss of culture, languages and lifestyle, all because of exploitative greed, the same happened in Africa where ‘American’ slave traders in 1619 through to the mid-19th century… historically that’s like yesterday!

A real history of Aboriginal Australians, the first agriculturalists | Bruce Pascoe | TEDxSydney

Same old story of Greed, Bigotry, plain old bad manners and ignorance

Tradies Go Viral

A general rule in Australia is to not trust the Wowsers which includes Politicians, Lawyers, God-bothers, Brown-bomber (A parking office), Media etc.

Breaking Up With Queensland?

Aussie humour is more about ‘taking the piss out of your mates’… or yourself, though occasionally can be a little more earnest, sadly we like America have a ‘Deep South’… not unlike Alabama in someways.

It’s a worry when indigenous people who have managed in some cases to develop relatively stable & harmonious societies, are invaded rather than joined through immigration, unfortunately often by people who destroy for the single-mindedness of greed and indeed this continues to this day.

Honest Government Adds

Aussie women telling it like it is.

How to speak Australian : Abbreviate Everything

Apparently we abbreviate, combine words and talk to fast too.

Racism in Australia

Screw the racists bitching about too many foreigners and ‘boat-people’.. personally I love it when our immigrants irrespective of the color of their skin, take on the Aussie idioms and humor. Lets face it, racism is kinda stupid because it’s largely dependent on the single sense of sight. It’s sort-of difficult for a blind person to be a racists. It’s also worth taking into consideration the fact that all non Aboriginals Australians are in effect ‘Boat-people’. The Australian Aboriginals are the original long term residence and custodians of Australia, which some anthropologists are saying could go back far further than the currently thought 65,000 years to possibly 80,000 years, DNA confirms Aboriginal culture one of Earth’s oldest, survivors in a country that many others later ‘discovered’ but failed to settle for good reasons, many non-Aboriginal people, both Australian and foreign have perished once away from settled areas of our ‘Outback’ over the years.

The majority of the recent ‘boat-people’ came about because of Australia’s participation in illegal Oil wars which were based on barefaced lies, which ScoMo & Co. went along with. We participated in these wars yet now refuse to acknowledge the fact that Australia is partly responsible on both moral grounds and International Laws for the ‘boat-people’. Personally I’m staggered at the corruption not just here in Australia but around the World and the fact that has been allowed to go on and even flourish and it’s becoming more and more obvious that almost all this world’s conflict and corruption is driven by unseen hands with a plan (create chaos and debt ‘n divide and conquer).

Here in Australia ScoMo the happy-clappy Christian acted tough during the 2019 election, reinforcing how much he and his backers (Mining, Banks & Media) ignore the moral grounds and International Laws digging in insisting that the were the only party that can and did stop the boats (liar, liar pants on fire)… nice try ScoMo, the boats are still coming and it’s our Navy that’s doing the stopping, you see, they are no longer getting through… so why is ScoMo & Co. so adamant about making sure that the couple of hundred ‘boat-people’ in Camps who are genuine Refugees never end up in Australia and continue to suffer, so much for ScoMo’s Christian values – Matthew 19:14 “Let the little children come to me”, speaking as a God surely we are all his little children. In reality what we have is just about every religious organization being involved in Pedophilia, we had and still have people Jeffrey Epstein & Co. seemingly engaged in running an International Pedophile ring for the rich and powerful who supposedly run this World, I say supposedly because in reality Epstein was probably running this International Pedophile ring in order to blackmail and hence maintain control on those actually who virtually control most of, if not all of the World.

Who is the former Australian Prime Minister and judges who are paedophiles?

Banker: I Was Told To Sacrifice Children At An Illuminati Party

Not so long ago a Dutch World Banker outed pedophilia, high government, media and Hollywood; types, once sneered they are then owned… this is why Epstein with his so called ‘Informant/Security’ because was so important to Israel and the NWO. And does anybody really believe Ralph Harris and Jimmy Savile apparently close friends of the Royal Family are not part of this World Wide Pedophile ring?

My Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy Theory. Who Done It?

Kim Iversen seems to believe there is more, as do many others. Facebook & Google are obviously pushing any alternative to their fake news… there’s one thing Trump and I agree upon, funny thing my site has apparently just been blacklisted, I have no idea if it’s the whole site or just one or more unacceptable truths, it doesn’t matter, I’ll still put stuff out their, I don’t do it for the money, it sort of started as an exercise to see if my TBI along with the damaged Hippocampus, which plays important roles in the consolidation of information from short-term memory to long-term memory, and in spatial memory that enables navigation… it’s a freaky thing to all a sudden not know where your are, how you got their and what were you doing there.

This Photo below turned up on my post whilst I was working on it… it hadn’t been even posted yet! Anyway all Empires eventually collapse, when you have one of the world’s riches people uses Lawyers; spit on the ground, to remove Hawaiians from their land allegedly because they had no papers of ownership…Duh? They are Natives! Needless to say I resent FaceBook and I always have and will appose any attempts to include me within FaceBook as it goes directly against my inalienable rights and will.

Back to Aussie Politics

ScoMo & Co. are also determined not to give the Original Australians Constitutional Recognition, or a Say in how the country is managed, most of our politicians seem to be mostly busily engaged in taking care of themselves by attending to ‘those above’ who have the view that Aboriginals Australians have the Miners Minerals in the land which was finally given to them and is now steadily being taken back.. Mean while International Bankers are busy undermining and pushing us into the digging more holes and polluting our environment, rather than being the Engineers & Inventors we once were, instead of moving forward they have largely ignored our Manufacturing Industry; with the exception to such things as Weaponry, to the point now were we can’t even make Cars.

ScoMo & Co. do not have a clue nor do the seem to care about whats needed environmentally to protect us from Climate Change be it from any cause, surely Australian Aboriginals may have a few clues about what the land needs, after all they have survived he for at least 60,000 years, you’d think so wouldn’t you. Even though recently they have realized that the Aboriginal people might be worth talking to, but a place in how Australia is to be governed, no that’s a bridge too far.

Digressing again for a second, another screw-up on a monumental scale is what might be called ‘White elephants of the sea: The French-Australian submarine agreement’ Dr. Binoy Kampmark in fact called it just that. So the order for the French Submarines was initially ordered in 2016 under Malcolm Turnbull; the then Prime Minister, the was rolled by his own Party; a trend?, and was replaced by Scott ‘ScoMo’ Morrison. Now no one person in the parliament can make the call, and the sad thing that Group IQ is not accumulative nor does it seem to be the sort of thing which would be called upon… it generally comes down to ‘How can we gain politically? So South Australia a bit shaky and what a coincidence… not! The Australian Minister for Defense Christopher Pyne is a South Australian perfect, well it got the the seats they needed to scrape in. And how much was that deal, the claimed it was 50 Billion dollars but according to Dr. Binoy Kampmark, there are a few complications, for-instance they are supposed be ready in the early 2030s and Australian Minister for Defence Christopher Pyne (since retired) had to insist that the submarine project would be delivered on time and on budget. Really? The French are going to build 12 submarines which the French are now apparently being asked to pay a further 6 Billion dollars so that they can create the Plans… I kid you not.

This is the second time Australia has decided to build submarines using the much the same methods with the same amount of ‘success’ and for the record the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter does not impress me at all… what does impress me is German Engineering, I’m a huge fan of the German’s Hydrogen Cell Type 212 submarine a true stealth Sub, we’ll see who’s right.

I believe the only people who believe in coal; or for that matter Nuclear Energy, are the Politicians who support the super rich backers who mine Coal & run Transnational Corporations; who have their grubby hands everywhere and can afford to ‘Take care of those who who help’, employment possibles or more generally by being given multiple seats of various boards, for in some cases Tens of thousand of dollars for a few hours attendance with all the ancillaries such as Travel Costs, Accommodation, Meals & Drinks, Seminars often no doubt in Tourist destinations… and lets not forget their ‘Base’ Pension.

Eye-watering extent of pollies’ perks as ‘double-dipping’ scandal emerges

You know it wouldn’t be so bad if they were competent, that’s all they need to be, instead the majority seem to be ruled by self-interest and or are plain Depressingly Stupid… they are seen to be embarrassing internationally.

Abbott calls wind turbines ‘The dark Satanic Mills’ of the modern era

So an Australian Liberal government; the Aussie US Republicans, with no coherent Energy Plan for so far almost 10 years, however, it seems it has actual adopted the plan which seemed to have been written by the Minerals Council of Australia of all people!

‘Thoughtcrime’: Immigration official sacked for tweets wins compensation

In a resent case Michaela Banerji was dismissed for tweeting anonymously criticisms of Immigration Department’s detention policies… I’m fairly sure the majority of the decent people would be appalled at Australia’s treatment of genuine Refugees. Strangely in the The Sydney Morning Herald; one of our reputable newspapers, there was no naming of who are the victims of this criticisms of Immigration Department’s detention policies, they were of course writing about Refugees, it seems The Sydney Morning Herald just could not refer to their legal status as Authentic Refugees.

Public servant loses fight over Twitter attack on government

So a Public Service employee loses a battle in The High Court, for attempting to correct the record of letting the Public know the appalling Truth about how our government is treating Authentic Refugees. Apparently the Law found her guilty; a Law written to hide the truth by the very same Politicians it was meant to protect… I hope the majority of Australians; and other Nations People understand whats going on, who’s really running things, True Democracy means The People Have a Right to know the Truth of what the government is doing. Obtaining FOI’s are absolutely critical, however, the various governments around the World are resorting to denial alleging National Security or Commercially Confidential and or Sensitive BS. Sure there are some valid reasons for not revealing genuine National Security issues… but bankrupting Michaela Banerji for what she had done was all about cover-ups and discouraging Whistle-blowers who should in fact be rewarded and protected.

Zappa – Central Scrutinizer Lyrics Turn up the volume!

From Genius above

“Desperate nerds in high offices all over the world have been known to enact the most disgusting pieces of legislation in order to win votes (or, in places where they don’t get to vote, to control unwanted forms of mass behavior)

Environmental laws were not passed to protect our air and water… they were passed to get votes. Seasonal anti-smut campaigns are not conducted to rid our communities of moral rot…they are conducted to give an aura of saintliness to the office-seekers who demand them. If a few key phrases are thrown into any speech (as the expert advisors explain to these various heads of state) votes will roll in, bucks will roll in, and, most importantly, power will be maintained by the groovy guy (or gal) who gets the most media coverage for his sleaze. Naturally, his friends in various businesses will do okay too.

All governments perpetuate themselves through the daily commission of act which a rational person might find to be stupid or dangerous (or both). Naturally, our government is no exception… for instance, if the President (any one of them) went on TV and sat there with the flag in the background (or maybe a rustic scene on a little backdrop, plus the flag) and stared sincerely into the camera and told everybody that all energy problems and all inflationary problems had been traced to and could be solved by the abolition of music, chances are that most people would believe him and think that the illegalization of this obnoxious form of noise pollution would be a small price to pay for the chance to buy gas like the good ol’ days. No way? Never happen? Records are made out of oil. All those big rock shows go from town to town in fuel-gobbling 45 foot trucks…and when they get there, they use up enormous amounts of electrical energy with their lights, their amplifiers, their PA systems…their smoke machines. And all those synthesizers…look at all the plastic they got in ’em…and the guitar picks…you name it.

Joe’s Garage is a stupid story about how the government is going to try to do away with music (a prime cause of unwanted mass behavior)! It’s sort of like a really cheap kind of high school play…the way it might have been done 20 years ago, with all the sets made out of cardboard boxes and poster paint. It’s also like those lectures that local narks used to give (where they show you a display of all the different ways you can get wasted, with the pills leading to the weed leading to the needle, etc., etc.). If the plot of the story seems just a little bit preposterous, and if the idea of The Central Scrutinizer enforcing laws that haven’t been passed yet makes you giggle, just be glad you don’t live in one of the cheerful little countries where, at this very moment, music is either severely restricted…or, as it is in Iran, totally illegal.

Thank you VAN 2019 You have captured the essence of the NWO’s ‘ConSume be Scilent… Die

Unfortunately, Australia now has it’s own Donald Trump; ours is more the second hand car salesman than the ‘successful’ Property Dealer. Scot Morrison… or ScoMo; as apparently likes to be called, on his first ‘Captain’s Call’ ScoMo fell into line with Neocons Republicans by jumping in and giving Israel the OK to make Jerusalem Israel’s capital… just letting the Israeli Paymasters know. No doubt it will be another ‘All the way with LBJ’ Australian so called Libs only if those sociopathic Neocons; both Republican & Democrats, go to battle for their sociopathic Israeli Paymasters against Iran; there are far more Semitic Jews against what’s going on and don’t want any more wars. As for accusations of one being anti-Semitic, well that is total BS as you will see in the Semitic link above, not all ‘Jews’ who live in Israel are Semitic, Sephardic, The Kazarian Jews (Ashkenazic), Mizrahi and Ethiopian Jews. The Kazarian Emperor around 850 AD made Judaism the national religion for tactical reasons.

Jews Against Zionism And Rothschilds

No doubt someone my accuse me of being Anti-Semitic (Zionist BS), for the record my issue here is not Semitic Jews, it’s with non Semitic Jews, whom many Semitic Jews themselves aren’t happy with either. For years the Semitic Jews and I guess the Semitic Palestinians lived in Palestine for centuries with no more than the occasional minor issue.

Now we keep hearing how evil Iran, Syria, North Korea and Russia are and lets not forget Venezuela, those Evil Socialists; really more a Social Democrat country with issues one being the fact that the US has embargoed Venezuela and denied access to their Gold and foreign investments, and then there is of course the belief that Venezuela has America’s Oil in their country… the hide of Venezuela Nationalizing it’s Oil. So lets look at what other issues really are.


Is home to one of the world’s oldest continuous major civilizations. In 1951 Prime Minister Mohammed Mosaddeq received the vote required from the parliament to nationalize the British-owned oil industry, in a situation known as the Abadan Crisis of 1951 to 1954, after Iran nationalised the Iranian assets of the BP controlled Anglo-Iranian Oil Company and expelled Western companies from oil refineries in the city of Abadan. In 1953: U.S. CIA organized coup removes Mosaddeq and places Mohammad Reza Pahlavi as AKA The Shah of Iran.

Part of the irony of the US & Iranian issues is the Shah of Iran was an avid Flyer and when he approached the US about his concerns of Russia he managed to make a deal to buy US weapons, including the much respected still F15 which they have managed keep in good service; these are not stupid people technologically speaking.

Culture of Iran

I know it’s Wikipedia but the Iran (Persians) contributions; about 2/3rds down you will see the heading ‘Contributions to humanity in ancient history’ an ancient history which is infinitely more significant than Big Macs and or unbridled greed & blowing things up. My mother traveled extensively before the second world war in the Middle-East and she said that the Arabs and Iranians she met in her travels were the most hospitable and the nicest people she met and that she was never sexually harassed nor would they accept any monies for their help.

Now since I have somewhat digressed I’ll make the point that Australian Aboriginals also are anything but stupid, but they are like the American Indian are heavily disadvantaged by their governments largely because they are different AKA Racists… it’s a Sheeple thing made fare worse by religious nutters directed by foreign and local Sociopaths.

Currently in Australia there’s a big fuss over comments made by Israel Folau in a post to Instagram, his post read: “Warning: Drunks. Homosexuals. Adulterers. Liars. Fornicators. Thieves. Atheists. Idolaters. Hell awaits you.” So now were going through ‘Freedom of Religion BS. What about Freedom From Religion! What Israel Folau did was inexcusable and bigoted, it’s my view that he like so many others have been brainwashed from the age of about 3 or 4 years old. Is there probably a Religion that has not molested children and that hasn’t participated likewise in Drunkenness Homosexuality, Pedophiles, Adulterers, Liars, Fornication, Thievery, there are also many Closet Atheists and Idolaters?

Our current PM Morrison seems to be of the Happy-clappy variety. I’m sick and tired of religious nutters turning up on my door step, Australia Parliament is supposed to be secular, under Section 116 of the Constitution of Australia precludes the Commonwealth of Australia (i.e., the federal parliament) from making laws for establishing any religion, imposing any religious observance, or prohibiting the free exercise of any religion. Section 116 also provides that no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth and that is the way it should be, Legally speaking there is no definitive evidence of a God… or Gods, I have no problem with those who do believe in a God, but if they infringe my right to not be a believer of their particular God/s, they are impinging on my Rights.

About now I’m done with this particular part of the post for now, my slight obsessiveness; bit like being slightly pregnant, has exceed the ability to contain the information because of my TBI Brain’s lack of Working Memory… in short I’m not just venting my spleen against pervasive and protected corruption, but giving my Working Memory a workout in the positive hope that it may improve. As Chief Dan George said in Clint Eastwood’s ‘Outlaw Josey Wales’ I’ll “Endeavour to persevere”.

So I’ll soon conclude by making the point that several other Nations have visited Australia in the distant past, but they failed to settle, some died; this can be a harsh country, amongst the Visitors to these shores were the Ancient Chinese, and that story until relatively recently was lost in time even to the Chinese, possibly because of the occasional ‘Book Burning’ by various leaders over the centuries in all countries which by the way is still going on but by means other than fire, namely by Google, YouTube and others through algorithms… I’ll point out here that putting your faith in 1s & 0s as apposed to Hard-copy might be a really serious should our Sun throw another hissy fit as it did in 1859, odds are there is the potential future even worse effects. And then there is a bunch of religious and or power hungry sociopaths running this planet who think they’ll be safe in their bunkers… best of luck, remember H. G. Wells’s Morlocks?


China is a fascinating country, in days gone past it’s in some way like everywhere else good and bad, for-instance, for a Communist country to have an abundance of Billionaires estimated to be approaching 500 which is as contradictory as the USA being a Democracy preaching it to the World which looks uncomfortably like a corrupt Corpocracy, as indeed does the UK and French government, speaking of which the Fake News purveyors don’t even mention the fact that the French Yellow Vest protests are still on going, no doubt some of those protesters may be wondering about the whereabouts of the Peoples Guillotine from the last Revolution.

Spirit of Asia – Zheng He: The Great Chinese Eunuch Explorer

1421 Chinese discover America before Europeans

‘Zheng He’ – The Great Voyager 1405-1433 AD

Ancient Chinese Junks of admiral Zheng He from 1405 to 1433 made 7 voyages with over 1000 soldiers and crew to India and Africa. The great explorer. Their voyages were hidden from history and the records burned. The information of “Zheng He” and his voyages were discovered in 1930. The Chinese invented a magnetic compass giving them the ability to navigate in hostile environments.

Rowan Gavin Paton Menzies (born 14 August 1937), he is best known for his controversial book 1421: The Year China Discovered the World, in which he asserts that the fleets of Chinese Admiral Zheng He visited the Americas prior to European explorer Christopher Columbus in 1492, and that the same fleet circumnavigated the globe a century before the expedition of Ferdinand Magellan. Menzies’ second book, 1434: The Year a Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and Ignited the Renaissance extended his discovery hypothesis to the European continent. In his third book, The Lost Empire of Atlantis, Menzies claims that Atlantis did exist, in the form of the Minoan Civilization, and that it maintained a global seaborne empire extending to the shores of America and India, millennia before actual contact in the Age of Discovery.

There is a controversial site near Gosford NSW, which some believe Ancient Egyptians led by a high official visited and leaving behind some crude hieroglyphs cut into local stone, apparently this Ancient Egyptian high official who may have in fact been a Prince and it seems he died from a snake bite during his visit to Australia, apparently to view the transit of Venus, as had Captain Cook before when he ‘discovered’ Australia in 1770 AD… some 80,000 years after The Aboriginals discovered a very different and much wetter Australia and some 75,000 years before the Egyptians. No doubt there may be some who will doubt this… OK, so your happy that Ancient Egyptians could cut, dress and move 12,000 tone monoliths, in some cases hundreds of miles, but they couldn’t build Sea going ships, coincidentally, even the Ancient Chinese themselves had forgotten until recently that they had built such enormous ocean going ships!

A couple more interesting points related to doubts as to if the Ancient Egyptians were capable of crossing Oceans, the fact is now an established since traces of both Cocaine & Tobacco have been found in Ancient Egyptian Mommies, but that’s not all, the Ancient Egyptians also may have picked up the Aboriginal ‘Throwing Stick’… otherwise known as a Boomerang and the Woomera which is a wooden Ancient Aboriginal spear-throwing device which gives the Spear much greater range and accuracy, which I feel this fact has answered weather the Ancient Egyptians managed a return trip to South America… and perhaps Australia.

Have 5,000 year-old Egyptian hieroglyphs been found in Australia?

Guide to Aboriginal sites and places

Australia: The Land Where Time Began

As for the original question ‘How We Compare’

Well that depends upon who’s being compared, but if there are Aliens watching; possibly a number of Alien Anthropologist, I guess we’d rate poorly at best with regards to the way we’ve ‘managed’ the Planet and those who are dependent on it’s welfare.

Regarding the disregard of Common-good and respect for life shown by the top 1%ers, well I guess Alien wise it’s a case of if the 99% cant get their act together and do something about it, well the Aliens attitude might well be a Universal ‘Do not interfere’, a lesson we’ve yet to learn. ‘Don’t let the 1%ers rule, they are without a doubt Sociopaths assisted by the less successful but always hopeful, you know, Lawyers & Judges, Politicians, Doctors & Big Pharma, Real-estate & Property Developers, the Security & Police forces, why Police Force; drop the Force and adopt the truism that spending money on Education should have been the option rather than spending it on dehumanizing Prisoners.

You know that the one thing that freaked the 1%ers, was Hippies… no seriously, we just did not buy their shit and I’m betting a reemergence of The Hippie movement will soon arise; the previous iteration was nothing like the MSM portrayed it, it’s not what’s on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. What you are should be far more important than Who you are.

Thank you for your time Regards


P.S. Did you notice there are no Ads nor pleas for financial assistance on my site. If you would like to help, pass it around.