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A ‘No Ties System’ Part 1 – Replace the failed 2 political Party Nightmares



Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse….
Elliott Abrams War Criminal

They are not our Leaders, they are supposed to be Our Representatives.

Speaking of ‘Leaders’, it’s a curious thing for me to hear the constant American statements, that America wants to bring Democracy to, for example Venezuela, especially since the American Constitution has it’s self been overwritten in an act of treachery, by ‘The Patriot Act’, which eliminates all Citizens Rights; written largely by a duel Citizen who seems more in favor of supporting another country.

On the topic of Venezuela, America is largely responsible for the Venezuelan problems, resulting from the USA’s illegally forcing Trade restrictions/embargoes on Venezuela over the past 20 or so years. It’s obvious that the Lackeys ‘in charge’ of The DC ‘Swamp’, have followed their masters wishes again, to steal yet another countries buried wealth and pick a Venezuelan who never even stood for the Presidential election… to be the American puppet Venezuelan President. However, I doubt he will ever be elected President, despite all the support from those NWO types in DC, who are determined to take Venezuela’s Oil and Gold etc., those promised gains certainly will never ‘Trickle Down’ to the majority of the Venezuelan nor American Citizens, but then, that’s what happens in Corpocracies.

Allan Nairn Trump’s Venezuela Envoy Elliott Abrams Is a War Criminal Who Has Abetted Genocide

The sad thing for me is, The Australian Governments are in lock-step with this BS. Our elected officials have, it seems, also totally ignored Our Original Constitution, which main intent was to protect and serve the Australian citizens. According to that Original Constitution, a Referendum must be called before any changes are made to it, and this should include our involvement in foreign wars, which the sociopathic International Banks & Military Industrialists keep creating. I would suggest, the reasons for ‘our’ support of the USA’s constant wars; other than because of the obvious NWO capture of the USA, is the futile hope that those ‘in-charge’, will get a place at the Table for their assistance.

What is Reserve Bank Fiat Currency?

The selling off of Australian Assets is part of the plan which the sociopathic 1%ers of the NWO, that is to eventually own everything, and then either kill off or enslave everyone else. What’s really funny, there are millions of delusional NWO lackeys, who actually believe that they will get a place at the Table, News-flash, the 1%ers don’t do rewards, the 99%ers Eaterers place at the table will be on the Menus.

The NWO initial plan is to have everything sold off, and then using their Reserve Bank Fiat Currency; printed out of thin air, buy Our Roads, Rail, Our Government Insurance Office, Our Commonwealth Bank, Our Electricity network, Our Hospitals, Our Telstra (Telephone Network) and later Our pathetic over priced NBN (National Broad-band Network)… I could go on but here’s the government list, though it’s somewhat lacking… and that’s of course a gross understatement and I guess it explains in part the governments boast of a balanced budget, but they are careful to not mention the Nations total debts!

Trade Sales Managed by the Commonwealth

All of the Assets which were sold off, failed miserably to live up to the various Governments promised gains, gains such as greater efficiency, better services & lower prices, and yet the government refuses to link the drop in revenue and increases in cost and lowering of service to the Asset sales. The fact is, if the various governments were competent rather than self-serving, they would never have sold Our Assets, at the very least we should have opted for the Norwegian system, where their North Sea Oil and Gas, is in a partnership with a company, whilst maintaining Over-site, negating ‘corporate confidential information’ BS, since the government would own the majority of shares… leaving them no place to hide should things go wrong.

I believe Our Assets were illegally sold, because the Assets belonged to The People and we were not asked if we agreed with the sales… there should have been a Referendum early on, with Independent coverage of the Pros and Cons. I also believe that these Citizens Assets were effectively stolen, which means we have the right to take them back.

Things often ‘go wrong’ when the incompetents do deals, like for example in the recent purchase of the French Atomic Submarine, where the French were asked to remove the Atomic Power Plant and replace it with the old fashion Diesel Electric… and by the way, could the also please make the Sub a little smaller! Duh, living proof that IQ is not accumulative.

It seems the U212 & the U214 Hydrogen Cell powered German Subs didn’t get a look in, though other countries like Israeli, Italy, South Korea, Greece, Turkey, oh, and of course Germany who are renowned for their Engineering and organizational prowess… you only have to look at the Formula 1 results; a little dig at the French, compare Daniel Recciardo’s & Nico Hulkenberg’s results with the Mercedes results. Who would you have preferred to have built the Sub whilst being 1,000 ft below the waves?

Naval Technology

Considering the avoidance of alternative fuels by some in the Australian Governments, the Hydrogen Cell powered German Subs and the benefits of which usually filter down to a consumer level over time, this might well be the reason why they were avoided… they don’t want to panic the various generous owners of 17th century fuel Supplies, had the German Subs been able to run on Coal, well that’s a totally different matter all together… what a bunch of self-serving Troglodytes.

This Hydrogen Cell technology is perfect not just for submarines, it has applications for storing power and to generate electricity for all sorts of needs. Japan for-instance is applying it to cars & trucks, the advantage here, is that refill will be similar, if not faster than current cars & trucks who use petroleum products. I believe that compact mini Gas Turbines could run on Hydrogen with zero emissions. In a housing situation, especially in certain Out-Back Australia, the initial power in-put could be by either Solar Panels, Mini Hydro-Power units, Windmills and Tidal movements; which in northern Australia are close to 10 meters twice a day. These Tidal movements have huge potential and could possibly be piped or transported to other areas. All these sources and more could be used to store excess power during the day, to top-up Hydrogen fuel-cells for when the sun or wind etc. is unavailable. As for employment, it’s the Tech savvy younger generations who will benefit from this type of thinking.

Fuel Cells and Submarines

When your snout’s in the trough… it’s rim is your horizon.

This is the way our Government Ministers and the Department Heads treat Our retired Military personnel

Surly we can do better, in fact we must do better. In Part 2, a few ideas to get us out of the Rut, and perhaps to be built on.

Thank you for your time guys.


New World Order

How To Destroy Australia & Take Over It’s Mineral Wealth…




Mr Morrison said his government’s climate policies were continuing to “evolve”… What from a Troglodyte?

First you pay off the Politicians & Bureaucrats, then drive the country into debt by shutting down the Manufacturing Industries, by involving us into illegal Wars, you then use the Terrorists you manufactured by those Wars to crack down on citizens rights, denying FOIs and threaten Whistleblowers & Journalists with Jail when they show the corruption like their doing to Julian Assange and finally, by the use of Geoengineering with the resultant Bushfires… which pretty much what they did in California.

This is totally disgraceful, and just look at who’s got the biggest smile.

So our governments denies FOIs and threaten Whistleblowers & Journalists with Jail, but regarding our politicians themselves we no have them changing the Law to make sure whatever illegality they preform they can’t be charged. So now not only we can not find out about Morrison’s alleged criminality that led him to being sacked as Director of The Australian Tourist Department, even if we knew… well it’s a case of one Law for the political elites irrespective what they have done… so much for the two party system and onto the one party reality.

Australian Prime Minister Scott ‘ScoMo’ Morrison’s Love of Coal

Please bare with me for a second or two, what is going wrong in Australia is a very complex Web of Deception that can not be explained with glib phrases or accusations of ‘NWO & Climate Change Conspiracy Theory’, what I am alluding to is what has and is happening to the US Citizens and it’s being forced on Australian Citizens as well.

By controlling Education the politicians, driven by the propaganda of the corporate Main Stream Media & the unelected bureaucrats who have effectively dumbed down the public and plied them with a ‘Bread and Circuses’ distraction. This inevitably will mean still more Privatization of Our Public Assets and Infrastructure, this Privatization is a total con and their promises of a more efficient and cheaper Services have no more substance than a soup made from the shadow of a Crow on a cloudy moonless night.

For example Our Natural Gas has been almost totally sold off and now QED ‘They’ have something like 500 Fracking sites in Australia and another Coal Mine about to be built all of which will be using up enormous amounts of our most precious resources Water… with no worthwhile attempts to counter Climate Change; the Australian government attempting to use a 2003 level of pollution to pretend they are doing something whilst we have the worst drought in history, aggravated by yet another Privatization of our Water which Big Agra is wasting on Cotton, all leading to food shortages and increases in prices, it’s our very own ‘Let them eat Cake’… better still Eat The Rich!

As to the question of who is behind this plan to own and control everything, well when ever there’s a crime, the call goes out to follow the Money… and that would be the non-Semitic; as apposed to the Semitic Jews, International NWO Zionist Bankers (Banksters) who control the Money.

The future King of Briton submissively being poked by a Rothschild Bankester… Paul Keating a former prime minister of Australian was railed against for what I would call respectful guidance of an elderly woman (the Queen)… not a God, though she claims to be on a direct linage to Abraham born 2033 BC in Mesopotamia; Iraq, in the town of Ur which by Christian thinking makes her and many of the European Royals offspring of Queen Victoria, in short that makes them non-Semitic Jews…. “Listen. Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.” – Monty Python’s Holy Grail


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Scott 'ScoMo' Morrison Loves Coal

A must watch 2012 ABC 4 Corners – Gina Rinehart

World’s Richest Woman Calls For Workers To Be Paid $2 A Day

Rinehart allegedly earned $2m per hour!

A Parody of Gina Rinehart on Climate Change – STARRING Prudence Vindin as Gina Rinehart & Shane C. Rodrigo as Tony

Lang Hancock father of Gina Rinehart offers sterilisation as a solution to the Aboriginal problem

Gina Rinehart loses control of $5b family trust

Thank you for your time



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Friends Of The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)… it’s quite simply The Best




A True Professional And An Example To Aspire To... As Are The People At The ABC

The Logie Awards are an annual institution that celebrate Australian television, sponsored and organised by magazine TV Week since 1959 – Wikipedia

The huge applause which ABC’s Kerry O’Brien gets from both the National Broad Casters & friends includes all the Commercial Broad Casters present; though for self-interest reasons some are sum-what a little less enthusiastic. The fact is the more The ABC points out the truth the more they are attacked and the more our very own Zionist NeoCons cut funding to the Australian Citizens most important; along with SBS, delivery of the unflattering truth about those put in power by corrupt lobbying and funding, this is the prime threat to our already corrupted and unconstitutional democracy.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019 – Tom Gleeson

Tom probably had ScoMo AKA Scott Morrison nailed soon after Morrison ‘won’ the election; with the help of Clive Palmer’s (a coal miner) $60,000,000 election spoiling tactics.

PM Scott Morrison cuts short family holiday amid bushfire crisis | ABC News

The thing is Morrison’s holiday in Hawaii came long after the early September Bush-fire had started.

‘You’re not welcome’: Australian PM Scott Morrison heckled by bushfire victims
Dead man walking?

Yet to be confirmed but seems to be in-keeping with those in power.

Language warning


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