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Eritrea – Greening Eritrea (Part 1)

June 19, 2008

Video: YouTube

This is a good news story about Eritrea, one of the world’s newest nations, a land devastated by war and the stripping of it’s trees to feed camels and to provide firewood for cooking. Eritrea now has some hope thanks to a Japanese American call Sato.

It all started with the re-establishment of Mangroves… something we had, for years been wiping out to provide profits for developers, despite being warned by scientists that they were vital for fish nurseries and the ecology in general.

As with most reclamation projects, the solution is to look at the way Nature does things, then learn from this often simple solution and give it a hand. Initially they had to use small amounts of fertilizers to get the Mangroves started, but once they got going, the areas ecology picked up, soon there were more fish, crabs, prawns and more plant matter… it was off and running.

“This is a low-tech solution to hunger and poverty. In these times of food price rises and global warming, it is just what the world needs,” Manzanar project manager Ammanuel Yemane, of Eritrea’s Fisheries Ministry.

Powering past fossil fuels

June 9, 2008

Video: The Real News

In Australia they are saying petrol will be $2/liter (almost $8 a gallon) before the end of the year. You know it all seemed to happen so quickly after the Iraqi oil war, but in actual fact I remember a time back in the late 70’s when there was an oil scare and everybody started selling off their V8’s… funny thing though is, nobody it seemed, thought the oil would eventually jump drastically in price prior to it’s eventually running out.

Now you would expect that the powers that be, that own and run the oil (bankers and the like), would have seen it coming and made plans… but then they weren’t Robinson Crusoe. The CIA too, despite their budget somehow hadn’t noticed the USSR rupturing and were caught totally flat footed when ‘The Wall came down’. Some may find the aforementioned similarity a bit of a stretch I guess… perhaps I better explain, but first a little truism. ‘When your snout’s in the trough, the rim’s your horizon’.

In the case of the CIA, I guess they were busy lining their own pockets with drug money and the likes, bribing dictators, plotting and scheming, having such a good time doing all their wheeling and dealing, and they couldn’t see the forest for all those dam trees. Whilst in the case of the Oil companies they too were busy lining their own pockets, laundering the hundreds of billions of dollars of Drug money, bribing dictators, plotting and scheming, having such a good time doing all their wheeling and dealing, shelving patents etc. that they too missed the Elephant in the room.

See the problem is the people making the decisions, are all money focused, you know Bankers & Lawyers (spit on the ground), sooo few of them have any scientific back ground. Sure they have scientific staff, but the problem is that they either make up their own minds based on profit orientated thinking, or the scientists themselves are too busy telling their bosses what they know they want to hear.

I know this because I witnessed this sort of thinking first hand. Your paid to come up with solutions, after extensive studying and running tests you come up with a solution, you explain to the bosses their options… and then one of them asks you a question that’s sooo dumb, you start looking around for a camera or something, thinking your on ‘Candid Camera’. And whilst your brain’s trapped in some sort of loop trying to figure out, what the hell just happened, they neatly sidestep you, and later you find out that you just wasted a year or more and they probably used a Weegie board or something to come up with their answer.

Meanwhile ‘the powers that be’s’ other paid employees (the Politicians) are busy implementing the Bankers & Lawyers (spit on the ground) plans for world domination… I wonder if somewhere in this galaxy there isn’t some group of aliens running a ‘Big Brother’ type TV show, about this little microcosm we call Earth?

Oh by the way… GOOD ON YOU SPAIN!

For those interested in the future here’s a site for you:- FuturePundit.

Green Gasoline: Fuel made from cellulose

April 16, 2008

Green Gasoline
Photo: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Researchers from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst (UMass) have made an exciting breakthrough in developing “Green Gasoline”, a substance with very similar properties to ordinary Gasoline, except it is derived from plant cellulose.

The steps involved to produce the Green Gasoline involve rapidly heating the cellulose in the presence of solid catalysts and then quickly cooling the products to obtain a liquid that has many of the compounds found in ordinary gasoline. The entire process takes less than 2 minutes and uses only a small amount of heat. This liquid can be treated further or used as is for a high octane blend.

This Green Gasoline could be obtained from crops such as Poplar trees and Switchgrass, both of which could be grown on marginal land, thereby saving the better soils for food crops.

Other advantages with the Green Gasoline is that it can be used in existing engines, requires much less energy to make than ethanol and the excess heat can be used to produce electricity. The carbon footprint for producing this fuel could well be zero if the excess heat is used to produce power.

So when will we see Green Gasoline in our service stations and fuel tanks, maybe not for 5 – 10 years

Website: Green Gasoline via Ecofuss

The Rick Simpson Story (Part 1 of 7)

March 24, 2008

I’m going to do another one of my serials here, this time on Medical Marijuana… but first a little personal story.

When I was 22 whilst riding my bike; which I’d ridden for three years without incident, I had a head on collision with a drunk driving a car; a drunk who was so drunk he could not stand. This drunk had apparently turned across a main road without indicating a turn. The collision was at a combined speed of about 100mph or 160kph.

Now it was an open speed limit road, there was a mile vision either side of the collision site, the sun was shining and I had my headlight and helmet on. Had it not been for an eyewitness I would have been charged, despite the fact that the driver was turning across the road and back into the golf club he was manager of.

My bike impacted the car with such force that it drove the car’s motor and gearbox into the front seat, and the car back into his lane… yet the officer attempted to blame me. Had it not been for the eyewitness and curious bystanders pointing out that the broken glass, mud from the cars guards etc were on my side of the road, I would have been blamed… I found out later that the driver was not booked for drunken diving, apparently because he and the police officer were Lodge mates.

Believe it or not I walked, well hobbled away from that accident, and although I remember nothing of the actual accident, I was told by the eyewitness when I contacted him to thank him, that I’d apparently flown over the car and landed on my back some 50 or 60 meters down the road.

Needless to say, after the accident I was pretty sore for quite awhile, however, months later my back was still killing me. The initial apparently disinterested doctors who treated, me basically just gave me some pills (Indocid at first then Bufferin), but they failed to inform me about the correct use of them, and they kept me on them for way too long.

It wasn’t until a a few years later that I got a reference from a friend to a good doctor; prior to my head-on I rarely visited a doctor. Anyway, eventually I got to see a very good specialist as well, he was one of those great old school doctors, and he actually rang; whilst I was in his surgery, one of the disinterested doctors and abused him regarding the ignorance and indifference he’d shown in the drugs he’d given me and which had destroyed my stomach lining all to no avail!

The end result was I was sent to a very good chiropractor and advised by my new doctors that I should ask some of my mates who smoked Pot and to “Give it a try”. I’ll point out that at the time, and despite the fact that I had gotten drunk only a couple of times in earlier years; mainly through peer pressure, I had become quite anti alcohol, tobacco and drugs. I was a serious competition Skydiver and considered such things antithetical to peek performance.

To say that Pot helped would be an understatement, it had non of the side effects of the other pharmaceutical drugs I’d been given. Pot would allow me a full nights sleep, it gave me back most of my mobility and the only side effect that was noticed was, I was perhaps more social and apparently more tolerant; I must admit I was a bit of a tyrannical captain. Though I did not lose my competitive spirit; I went on to win a further 3 state, 2 East Coast and a National championship, it was ironically the over use of alcohol amongst my team members that finally caused me to move from competitions to filming.

As for de-motivating people. Pot has I admit toned down my aggressively domineering and determined Attitude… slightly, and regarding the memory thing, well in Metallurgy I was 1 of 6 out of 123 that started Metallurgy with me, that finished in the minimum period, in fact 1 of the other 5, by his own admission only got through because I helped him.

I guess some might say, “Well it hasn’t seemed to have effected your ego.” Oh contraire, before I started smoking Pot I considered myself as one of the world’s worst winners, man if you were competing against me, or if you were on my team and screwed up you had me in your face till you either gave up or stopped screwing up.

And now finally:- The Rick Simpson Story (Part 1 of 7)

Video: YouTube


Gunning for Gunns…

March 6, 2008

Outrage over Tasmanian Government pipe plan

If somebody can offer me an alternative reason to corruption and or stupidity for the Lennon State Government, and remember this is a Labor state government going ahead with the Gunn’s pulp mill in northern Tasmania… courtesy of the former government’s Federal ‘Environment Minister’ Malcolm Turnbull, I look forward to hearing from you.

But now the Lennon State Government are apparently looking at putting well over $60 million into it to; according to the highly respected Kerry O’Brian of the 7:30 Report, “The Government is arguing that massive pipelines shipping water to the mill and effluent away from it could also be used to benefit local communities and businesses, and therefore warrant public funding.”

But you see the local communities and businesses don’t seem to want the Gunn’s pulp mill in their pristine tourist area, an area with an envious lifestyle.

If you view the video footage on the 7:30 Report site you will notice that the protesters could in no way be accused of being ‘radicals’ or members of a ‘rent-a-crowed’. Yet Scott McLean, Tasmanian Secretary, CFMEU said. “Well I thought terrorism had been outlawed in this country and these people are no more than environmental and economical terrorists in my view.” Terrorists? environmental Terrorists!… are you really that bigger wanker Scott?

Get real Scott, the only acts of terrorism and violence which I have seen from Tasmania in relation to the ‘Timber Industry’, has been from your members towards the protesters against cutting down Our trees… so they can be convert it to paper of all things; something that Hemp does much better. And they want to sell the paper to the Japanese, who incidentally are murdering Whales under the guise of Science!

I’m pissed off now… here’s a curious little coincidence. The Japanese gunned down 22 nurses on a beach in Sarawak and before anybody accuses me of racism, forget it, it’s a fact. Another fact is I have nothing against the Japanese, but I do have a problem with those in charge of whatever race or religion who claims to be honorable, when in fact they are obviously not. I do not blame the Japanese per say, but wisely, they are never going to cut down all their trees… which is more than I can say for Scott McLean or Gunnes.

All I ever see in the way of argument for cutting down the trees is jobs and exports… big deal, short term gain for a long term pain. It seems they are worried about employment, hey I can understand that, but when exactly do they intend to stop cutting down trees?

Here’s a solution, it seems to me that Scott McLean’s CFMEU members have the skills sets to, with a little training, become builders of Windmills to produce power for Tasmania and Australia, so why not train them up for new and very much needed environmentally positive employment instead.

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot

March 5, 2008

Joni Mitchell’s version 1970 (for all the hippies)

Video: YouTube

Counting crows version about 2002 (for younger audience)

Video: YouTube

More than 3 decades later and the story is still the same. Big companies with no regard for the environment.

Gunns, the logging company in Tasmania, Australia, may not be building parking lots, they are doing their best to wipe out the trees though.

Why the tycoons fear hemp: From drugs to oil

February 17, 2008

G’day again,
Before I continue with this post I’d like to recommend a few products and no I’m not being paid and at the time of me composing this post there were no adds pertaining to my suggestion as far as I know (gee I sound like a politician – “I have no knowledge of that” or “I did not have sex with that woman” or “Evil doers” or “The tyrant has fallen, and Iraq is free.”). 😉

Anyway the products to which I refer are:-

1. ReadPlease, a free text to speech software, it’s quite good but you should not click on their faces… which of course guarantees that you will, which is exactly what I want you to do… see how easy it is to manipulate people? I might say at this point this is, and the subsequent piece of software are very handy software to own, that will help dyslectics, people with poor eyesight or perhaps blind and and it’s an excellent product to help your kids with their studies. Now is a good time to try out this software since it is a longish post.

2. Verbose, another bit of software, not free but a bargain at about $20 and it has several advantages over ReadPlease in that you can highlight text such as this, tap an allocated key and it will read out the text to you whilst you go on surfing or whatever… it’s a truly great piece of software.

3. The third item is a book by Jack Herer called “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” It’s a very informative book on the Hemp industry and the politics of Pot.

OK now on to the real meat in this post.

I have copied the following post written by Seth Michaels from Helium.


Rare Giant Palm tree found in Madagascar

January 22, 2008

Rare Giant Palm tree found in Madagascar
Photo: BBC News

A rare giant Palm has recently been discovered in Madagascar by Botanists… which is kind of strange since they say it can be seen in satellite photos. The tree which they believe is related to an Asian palm some 6,000 km away, survived some 80m years on the island of Madagascar after it’s split with India.

The Palm is believed to live for some 100 years, but apparently it dies after it’s one and only flowering, because it uses up so much of its energy in the growth of its initial asparagus like top, which then develops into a Christmas tree like flowering crown. The Palm Grows to some 20m in height with leaves up to 5m long and it’s a wonder that it has survived.

To date Scientists have identified some 92 individual trees limited to the same remote area and they are at present trying to collect seed for this unique Giant Palm, which the locals know as Tahina spectabilis, which is Malagasy for ‘blessed’ or appropriately ‘to be protected’.

Website: BBC News

Destroying our environment

January 2, 2008

Destroy Environment
Photo: Solvo Inc

Some Governments and Businesses seem intent on destroying our environments all around the world. We as citizens of this world need to do something to stop this from happening.

Let’s look at a small scenario. I live on the edge of a small town on five acres. On the back half of our property we are allowing more native trees to grow and we are planting more rainforest trees as well. We basically want the 3 acres at the back to be a small forest. So this is good for the environment.

But how about around our house, there are a few trees that pose a danger if they were to fall due to a wind storm, so I would like to remove these trees, but the hoops that I would have to jump through just to get council approval to remove these trees is absolutely incredible. Many people in certain councils are in the same situation where they cannot remove certain trees because local councils don’t allow them or make it very hard for them.

BUT what about organisations such as GUNNS Logging Company in Tasmania, they are allowed to go and remove thousands of acres of old growth forest. This logging is going on all around the world. Millions of acres (or hectares) are being destroyed each and every year, and on the other hand a relatively small number of trees in comparison are not allowed to be removed even if they do pose a danger to people’s houses.

Where is the sense in this? There is no sense, it is Big Business and Government Greed.

Solar Trees may be used in Europe

December 26, 2007

Solar Trees

Solar Trees
Photo: metaefficient.com

A recent trial of Solar Trees (Solar powered lights in the shape of trees) in Vienna, Austria has proven successful and may prove to be catalyst for their installation throughout the rest of the city. It is also hoped that the Solar Trees could spread to cities throughout Europe.

The solar trees were tested successfully for a period of four weeks on a busy street in Vienna. The tests showed that the trees were able to provide light throughout the night, even when the sun did not show for a period of four days due to cloud cover.

The branches of the solar trees each have 36 solar cells and 10 lamps as well as rechargeable batteries. The rechargeable batteries get charged during the daytime and store enough energy to power the lights during the nighttime and also for a number of days even when cloudy weather is experienced.

Christina Werner from Cultural Project Management (Kulturelles Projektmanagement, Vienna) has said “The tests have shown that solar trees really are a practical form of street lighting.”

She said that the City of Vienna was now in the process of deciding whether to install more solar trees.

“We hope that not only the city of Vienna but other cities will see the merits of using renewable energy for street lighting to cut emissions,” Christina Werner said. “Someday soon solar trees could well be the main form of street lighting in Europe.”

“Street lighting consumed 10 percent of all the electricity used in Europe in 2006 or 2,000 billion KWh, and resulted in carbon emissions of 2,900 million tonnes.”

Many of us would have seen smaller versions of the same principle used in solar garden lights, and these street light commercial versions are a natural progression. We can only hope that governments and local councils will see the long term benefits and start looking seriously at implementing them.

Website: Solar trees for street lighting.