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Hidden History of the Human Race Pt.6

July 20, 2008

Video: YouTube

I accept most of what Michael Cremo says here, with the exception that a review of our ancestry, would possibly effect our ‘Consume, be silent, die’ mentality… the Banks and Co. wont lie down that easy, it will take the people en mass realizing that they been had by big business (banks), religion and the politicians; with the aid of the Media, before they are motivated into doing something about it.

Hacking Democracy 3 of 9

July 6, 2008

Video: YouTube

Man I’m finding it hard to believe that ‘the world’s biggest Democracy’ would allow the electronic voting machine farce to go on like this. Here we have Mark Radke, the Marketing Director of Diebold Inc. speaking about Diebold. Well I don’t know about you, but I would never trust a Marketing Director, whom I did not personally know to be honest… and I definitely do not trust this guy considering the circumstances.

Diebold Inc. and some of it’s executives were major Republican fund raisers. On 14th August 2003 Walden W O’dell, the CEO of Diebold had written a fund raising letter, effectively telling George W Bush that he was “committed to helping Ohio deliver it’s electoral votes to the President next year.”… this is totally unbelievable, the CEO of Diebold actually was it seems, stupid enough to put this in writing!?

The other Diebold guy you see here is Robert Urosevich, on the 21 April 2004 at the Sacramento Voting Systems & Procedures Panel Public Hearing. Just check out his body language… pure arrogance in my opinion, and he continues with the barefaced lies about their code being stolen (allegedly by Bev Harris I assume), using room temperature IQ homilies… hey he must have been a Ronald Reagan fan.

All I get from these Diebold guys, is that they are reasonably crafted at trotting out the usual bullshit one hears from politicians and Lawyers (spit on the ground). A lot of homilies, generalities, clichés and word play, but no plain truth.

The other thing that this bit of footage makes plain, is that it matters little whether it’s the Republican or Democrats in power, sure the Republicans are further to the right and support the Rich more, but the point is, the US government, as is the Supreme Court, is effectively owned lock stock and barrel by the Banks, and the only way I see this situation being turned around, is for Americans to get off their asses and vote intelligently, not just for their own sakes, but for the rest of the planet, because we just can’t afford to have these criminals in charge of a military, that is so powerful and dangerous… ‘your government’ is sociopathic, and I for one am sick and tired of hearing the total bullshit, that “America is the world’s biggest Democracy”.

24. The Secret Rulers of the World – War on Terror (24 of 29)

May 20, 2008

Video: YouTube

It is sooo obvious that these videos are about as close to the truth as we’re ever going to get… and what’s really alarming, is the web of deceit, and how many people can be brought on side, for relative small change, in this War on Terror or is it a War of Terror, perpetrated on the rest of the world by the Banks.

16. Secret Rulers of the World – Freemasonry/Mafia (16 of 29)

May 12, 2008

Video: YouTube

This series of videos are a real eye opener… sooo much stuff that seems to ring true, and other stuff that never made sense till now.

A lot of the things that people seem to have a blind spot for are, things like the fact that JFK became president with the help of the Mafia. It’s well known now, that JFK’s farther Senator Joe Kennedy, allegedly used to supply alcohol to Al Capone during the Prohibition in the US which lasted from 1920 to 1933. The irony is it is believed by some, that the Mafia was involved in the assassination of JFK, a theory put forward in Nigel Turner’s 9 part series ‘The men who killed Kennedy’.

The Prohibition lasted for thirteen years and for the real power running America, quite simply it was a gold mine, because it had exactly the opposite effect to that stated. In New York city alone there were said to be over 100,000 speakeasies! So the 18th Amendment, known as the Volstead Act, which prohibited the manufacture, sale and possession of alcohol in America, resulted not only in Joe Kennedy and the Mafia making huge amounts of money, but those behind the Prohibition, profited from it’s illegality, becoming immensely richer… instead of taxes going to the government, it went into their coffers.

The idea behind Prohibition was to reduce crime and poverty, and generally improve the quality of life in America, by making it impossible for people to get their hands on alcohol. But, this so-called “Noble Experiment” was a colossal failure. People drank more than ever during Prohibition, and there were more deaths related to alcohol. No other law in America has been violated so flagrantly; by so many “decent law-abiding” people. Overnight almost everyone in the country became a criminal. Ordinary people hid illegal liquor in hip flasks, false books, and hollowed-out canes. In speakeasies, they drank bootleg liquor out of tea cups… just in case there was a police raid.


Privatising Electricity NSW

May 11, 2008

Video: YouTube

Dr Patricia Ranald (please read the whole article)

The Government claims that it will use the proceeds from the sales to fund health and environmental infrastructure. But the international evidence from shows that the income from privatization is generally less than the revenue lost from selling the asset. Economist Professor Richard Blandy concluded that the South Australian electricity privatization produced “no net benefit to state government finances.” Economist Professor John Quiggan also confirmed that there was no net gain from privatization from the Victorian government (quoted in the Beder Report, p8) Privatization will mean profits come before the environment.

International research shows that private companies have to deliver high short term returns to shareholders. They can charge higher prices when there is a shortage of capacity, and therefore delay investment in new power capacity. They are driven to choose the least cost technology. Governments are not driven by short term profitability, and can plan to use emerging and renewable technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions (Beder Report, p 4).


Bush Has ‘Understood Nothing, Learned Nothing’

May 9, 2008

Photo: Spiegel Online International

It’s all very well to talk about how to fight global warming, pollution and injustice. However, most of what we see and do in relation to these problems, is only attending to the symptoms… catering for the symptoms gets you no where, it’s better to attend the root of the cause, if your past prevention.

The prevention, if your curious, is no more political donations and more referendums, as they have in the truly democratic Switzerland. The thing needed is the inclusion of a system, of not only protecting and encouraging Whistleblowers, but rewarding them according to the importance of the information they provide, and the rewards should come from the fines the individuals or corporations are forced to pay, once they are found guilty.

For instance, say a Halliburton employee comes forward with proof of say… Cheney’s corruption whilst in government, a percentage of the fine, say 10%, should be given to the Whistleblower (tax free of course). Now, it is important that the fines be proportionate to the crime.

For example, GM was found guilty years ago in the US of the conspiracy of basically doing away with the Tram system, so it could use their yellow buses and the fuel they use, a win win for them and those involved but a lose lose for everyone else. For this crime; which occurred in several states, they were fined $5,000… petty cash even in the 50’s.

On the other hand, Britain’s supermarkets and dairy groups were fined £116m (almost $230,000,000) by the Office of Fair Trading, after admitting fixing the prices of milk, butter and cheese… mind you they apparently cost consumers £270m ($530,000,000) in higher prices, so they got off lite, they should have paid say double what they gained in my opinion. This would mean that the Whistle blower by my system would have gotten say; based on the actual finds, nearly $23,000,000, even after paying for their Lawyers (spit on the ground) it was obviously a good deal for everyone except the corrupt corporations.

Now, we are all getting riped off, in the supermarkets, at the gas pump, the Banks, anytime we pay for a service or buy a product that just makes it past it warranty etc. etc. So can anybody think of a better way to fix the mess we are in now?

Occasionally I find a post which deserves to be just copied… the post below is such a post.

Bush’s plan for global warming? Wait until 2025. Only then, he said in a Wednesday speech, should the US cap greenhouse gas emissions. Germany is not impressed.

When it comes to global warming, much of the world has been resigned for years to waiting out the end of the George W. Bush presidency. Under Bush, the White House has altered climate change reports, spiked global calls for action and maintained that it would simply be too harmful to the US economy to address the growing dangers of a warming climate.

With just months to go before Bush makes way for his successor, the US president on Wednesday (more…) once again confirmed that waiting for number 44 is the way to go. Bush called for the US to halt the growth of greenhouse gas emissions — but only in 2025. As the San Jose Mercury News wrote on Thursday: “Allowing emissions to rise for the next 17 years is not a plan; it’s an abdication.”

Europe, not surprisingly, tends to agree. German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel (more…) called Bush’s presentation a “Neanderthal speech,” and said it represented “losership, not leadership. European Commissioner of the Environment Stavros Dimas was also critical. “President Bush recognized the need for mandatory federal legislation to tackle climate change,” he said. “But what he proposed will not contribute to the effective tackling of climate change.”

Others were more receptive of Bush’s foray into environmental policy and saw it as a move away from his legacy, which includes steadfast refusal to honor the Kyoto Protocol and leadership of a decidedly conservative Environmental Protection Agency.

“It’s good to have something on the table,” said Yvo de Boer, head of the UN agency that oversees international climate treaties, including the Kyoto Protocol.

German commentators on Friday weren’t in the mood to be quite so generous.

In an editorial headlined “Understood Nothing, Learned Nothing,” the center-left Süddeutsche Zeitung writes:

“For the first time, Bush has concretely said what the world’s most dominant industrialized nation will do in the future to address global warming. His solution can be condensed into two words: absolutely nothing.”

“That’s a slap in the face to every citizen, local government and industry trade group — including a growing number in America — working to preserve the Earth’s atmosphere. And it’s a mockery of those nations that have set climate protection goals, as well as a free pass for developing countries that have refused to sign a binding international treaty on climate protection.”

Website: Spiegel Online International

12. Secret Rulers of the World – The Cult of Amen (12 of 29)

May 8, 2008

Video: YouTube

As more and more of the pieces of the jigsaw come together, we start to see the picture slowly emerge. Many of the things that we’ve noticed, because something was not quite right, may now be seen for what they were. Things such as the dismissal of the Australian Whitlam Labor government by the Queen’s representative, a notoriously drunken Governor general Sir John Kerr, who installed a conservative ‘Liberal’ right wing government with a future Liberal Prime Minister John Winston Howard, who became the Treasurer in the mid 70’s and took Australia to it highest inflation reaching a peak of 22%.

Now you may say, so what, what’s this got to do with ‘Secret Rulers of the World – The Cult of Amen’… well, after being supported by the media, he became Prime Minister in the late 90’s and he won two more elections, despite what could only be seen as a campaign of lies and racism, again with the support of the media.

During his time in power, John Winston Howard, a devoted Royalist, was also responsible, I believe, for nobling Australia’s attempt at becoming a Republic. He involved us in the unjust and illegal war in Iraq. He stood by whilst an Australian, namely David Hicks, was held and tortured in Guantanamo Bay without doing a thing… as now the US military’s own Guantanamo Bay Prosecutor admits, should never have been there. He obstructed alternative power generating technologies such as solar power; which were then taken up by the US & China, and to finish up, he allowed the banks to ruthlessly offer credit without boundaries, thereby enslaving Australia to the banks… as far as the ‘Secret Rulers of the World’ are concerned, I’d say he was a roaring success.

Now if you do not see parallels in your own countries, all I can say is think about it a bit more and keep watching, if you haven’t looked at PaleBluDot’s recent complementary posts ‘The Story of Stuff’ and the ‘Corrupt Banking System’, that fills most of the the gaps left by ‘Secret Rulers of the World.

My suggestion is to give the aforementioned posts a look and weigh up the evidence all be it circumstantial… you do know by the way, that innocent people; exclusively poor, have been put in jail and even executed, on circumstantial evidence, by hugely resourced judicial systems all over the world. Conversely, it must be valid to convict obviously guilty people and organizations, on huge amounts of circumstantial evidence… wouldn’t you agree?

5. Corrupt Banking System – Warning About the NWO (5 of 5)

April 30, 2008

The Usual Suspects

Video: YouTube

The thing to note in this video; which is for the most part credits, is the number of US Presidents assassinated after they have made comments that have an implied threat to the Banks. Though not listed in the video, the Kennedys, particularly JFK, had sought to take back control of the US Reserve Bank.

“Only small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.” – Marshall McLuhan media ‘guru’.

And a quote from one of my all time favorite movies “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.”‘The Usual Suspects’ Kevin Spacey as Verbal Kint aka Keyser Söze.


4. Corrupt Banking System – Monetary Reform (4 of 5)

April 29, 2008

Video: YouTube

The solution to our problem is very simple, as you will see in this video. Over the centuries the Banks have pulled a series of huge swifties, generally with the help of either corrupt politicians or else, in the case of President Wilson, an apparently decent President, set up by corrupt Bankers in the guise of politicians.

If the majority of people who are getting screwed got together, it’s the Banks and their underlings who would be the ones getting screwed. We vastly out number them, in a democracy we should win… we just have to find someone who’s not part of the problem and then keep them alive.

There is one in the US, one person in the US who’s battled and one against big business, he’s painted by the Banks and Co. as a bit of a loony; which he’s not, and that’s Ralph Nader, ‘champion of lost causes’.

But; there’s always a but, if he did not win outright, all he’d do is strip support from the Democrats. Then we’d have a Republican President, who even the Republicans don’t really want, and lets face it, does ‘more of the same McCain’ sound like a good idea? A man who spent 6 years as a POW and has already shown signs of fracturing, is hardly going to be totally safe is he?… or have you forgotten about Nixon.

So where does that leave us, and bare in mind I do mean us, the rest of this planet has a vested interest in who’s going to rule a Nation armed to the teeth and goes about starting wars and threatening to start still more.

I think most of us would prefer you pick someone that’s not a puppet of the Banks, nor someone who’s got a room temperature IQ, and hopefully they are not senile as well, like was the case with Reagan. OK George W’s was not senile, but as for his supposed 120 IQ… that is doggie IQ they are talking about?

3. Corrupt Banking System – Money is Debt (3 of 5)

April 28, 2008

Video: YouTube

Time for some clichés.

‘Time is money’ – Wrong! Time is Life, time to enjoy life, time for your kids, for your partner, your family and friends.

‘Money is the root of all evil’ – Wrong. Well after watching this clip it seems that Debt and Bankers are the root of all evil.

‘Greed is good’, a Gordon Gekko ‘truism’ – Wrong. It can’t possibly be right for the planet as a whole can it? You know what happens when you win the Rat race… your still a Rat.

‘He who dies with the most wins’… wins what?

‘God wants us to prosper’ – Assuming their is a ‘God’, and I’m not convinced by any stretch of the imagination. Define ‘prosper’, does prosper mean to accumulate more than you need? I don’t think so.

It was Mahatma Ghandi who said “There is enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.” That’s a Truism.

Those other ‘realities’ are nothing but greedy, Psychopathic power junkies, and a society that envies or admires such people ain’t going to make it folks.

The true reality is Earth doesn’t have limitless resources, it has a finite life expectancy, which like people is effected by doing stupid things like smoking. The Banks have sold us a Pup, and while I’m indulging in clichés, they stuck their Cuckoo’s Egg in our nest and we’re about to get kicked out folks mark my words… and sticking your head in the sand won’t cut it folks, all you end up with is your arse in the air, and guess what happens next.

“Bad things happen when good people do nothing.”