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Hacking Democracy 3 of 9

July 6, 2008

Video: YouTube

Man I’m finding it hard to believe that ‘the world’s biggest Democracy’ would allow the electronic voting machine farce to go on like this. Here we have Mark Radke, the Marketing Director of Diebold Inc. speaking about Diebold. Well I don’t know about you, but I would never trust a Marketing Director, whom I did not personally know to be honest… and I definitely do not trust this guy considering the circumstances.

Diebold Inc. and some of it’s executives were major Republican fund raisers. On 14th August 2003 Walden W O’dell, the CEO of Diebold had written a fund raising letter, effectively telling George W Bush that he was “committed to helping Ohio deliver it’s electoral votes to the President next year.”… this is totally unbelievable, the CEO of Diebold actually was it seems, stupid enough to put this in writing!?

The other Diebold guy you see here is Robert Urosevich, on the 21 April 2004 at the Sacramento Voting Systems & Procedures Panel Public Hearing. Just check out his body language… pure arrogance in my opinion, and he continues with the barefaced lies about their code being stolen (allegedly by Bev Harris I assume), using room temperature IQ homilies… hey he must have been a Ronald Reagan fan.

All I get from these Diebold guys, is that they are reasonably crafted at trotting out the usual bullshit one hears from politicians and Lawyers (spit on the ground). A lot of homilies, generalities, clichés and word play, but no plain truth.

The other thing that this bit of footage makes plain, is that it matters little whether it’s the Republican or Democrats in power, sure the Republicans are further to the right and support the Rich more, but the point is, the US government, as is the Supreme Court, is effectively owned lock stock and barrel by the Banks, and the only way I see this situation being turned around, is for Americans to get off their asses and vote intelligently, not just for their own sakes, but for the rest of the planet, because we just can’t afford to have these criminals in charge of a military, that is so powerful and dangerous… ‘your government’ is sociopathic, and I for one am sick and tired of hearing the total bullshit, that “America is the world’s biggest Democracy”.

The Trap – F&#k You Buddy (part 2 of 6)

June 25, 2008

Video: YouTube

John Nash’s premise, that success could only be gotten by suspicion and self interest, received creditability I believe, because of the ‘divide and conquer’ proposition adopted, ironically by the Rand Corporation.

The corporations benefit from this, again ironically by cooperatively ganging up on the majority of citizens… with the help of their politicians, who are for the most part corrupt, incompetent and stupid, and who tell us in the west, ceaselessly how good and important ‘democracy’ really is, and why we must reduce taxes for the corporations; who’s profits grow whilst we lose ever more services, and whilst they go on paying the corporations trillions of dollars to protect our now obviously nonexistent ‘democracies’.

I’m with stupid

June 8, 2008

I'm with stupid
Photo: onemanbandwidth.com

A picture says a thousand words!!! Well this picture might just be saying a million or two.

Website: onemanbandwidth.com

Homeland Security Checkpoint

June 7, 2008

Video: YouTube

This video shows how close the US is to being a police state. The lesson to be learnt from this video, is to record all dealings with authorities.

Here’s what I think, if it looks like the Neocons are going to lose control of the US government, they will use the Patriot act somehow to keep power… or they will pull another WMD on Iran this time. For the record, the fundamentalist government in Iran will eventually; if they are left alone, self destruct, since most Iranians, like the Iraqis are reasonable and intelligent, as apposed to most fundamentalist, whether they be Islamic, Hindu, Zionists or Christian, they are by the nature of their religions, unbelievably Stupid and totally Ignorant.

George Monbiot on solutions to global warming

June 7, 2008

Video: The Real News

You know what really pisses me off? Germany with half the solar radiation of Australia, is doing more with Solar than we are… that’s because our governments (both Liberal and Labor) are bought and paid for by the coal, oil & gas corporations.

Get this, our ‘new’ Labor government, means tested the government’s Solar power rebate, to a house hold income of $100,000 pa… that’s despite the fact that they know most households are suffering ‘mortgage stress’; thanks to the calculating money grabbing world dominating bankers. I mean how mean and stupid is that? When we needed to get the solar businesses in Australia started up seriously, they put barriers for the ones who could have helped get the business up and running… the irony is, they said it was necessary to prevent the solar businesses over heating, they’d prefer them stone cold I expect.

After almost 12 years of the ignorant, mean spirited, stupid, environmental vandals led by John Winston Howard, who despite the rhetoric, did nothing to further alternative energy in Australia, and in fact, hindered efforts in the world to fight global climate change, by siding with that other intellectual giant (with the dogie IQ of 120), International Terrorist and mass murder George W Bush.

Rupert Murdoch, The Worst Person in the World

June 4, 2008

Video: YouTube

No I’m afraid not… sadly there are far worse people on this planet.

Back in the mid 70’s when Rupert was an Aussie and only ran a few papers and TV stations etc. I had a sticker on my car that read ‘Murdoch is bad News’. Now he’s no longer an Aussie; I’m thankful for small mercy’s, however, now he’s effectively controlling the world’s media for those in charge… the depressing thing is, there are enough stupid people on this planet, who actually think FOX News is News not propaganda.

29. The Secret Rulers of the World – The Power (29 of 29)

May 25, 2008

Video: YouTube

Well so we come to the end of this series of videos. Some people will say, “I knew that”, whilst many may say, “I didn’t know that” and then there are others who will doubt… or pretend to doubt. For myself, I was already cynical with regards to ‘the rulers know best’, I’ve always believed ‘we’ couldn’t be that stupid, there must be other motives behind this or that, and someone has obviously got a plan and it’s a fair guess it doesn’t suit the majority.

Now, I look a bit more at what’s said, who said it and how does it fit with ‘The Secret Rulers of the World’ theory… it’s a bit of an eye opener I must say and it does not look good for mankind or the planet in general. I’m willing though, and I will continue to oppose their plans, by voting in accordance with what they don’t want me to vote for. I’m also turning off my TV a lot more, I never buy on credit, I ride my bike and use public transport where ever possible, and I harass politicians at every opportunity and refuse to buy certain products for ethical reasons, a small thing as things go, but I’m doing my bit.

They can only win if good people do nothing!

Photo: Stumble

16. Secret Rulers of the World – Freemasonry/Mafia (16 of 29)

May 12, 2008

Video: YouTube

This series of videos are a real eye opener… sooo much stuff that seems to ring true, and other stuff that never made sense till now.

A lot of the things that people seem to have a blind spot for are, things like the fact that JFK became president with the help of the Mafia. It’s well known now, that JFK’s farther Senator Joe Kennedy, allegedly used to supply alcohol to Al Capone during the Prohibition in the US which lasted from 1920 to 1933. The irony is it is believed by some, that the Mafia was involved in the assassination of JFK, a theory put forward in Nigel Turner’s 9 part series ‘The men who killed Kennedy’.

The Prohibition lasted for thirteen years and for the real power running America, quite simply it was a gold mine, because it had exactly the opposite effect to that stated. In New York city alone there were said to be over 100,000 speakeasies! So the 18th Amendment, known as the Volstead Act, which prohibited the manufacture, sale and possession of alcohol in America, resulted not only in Joe Kennedy and the Mafia making huge amounts of money, but those behind the Prohibition, profited from it’s illegality, becoming immensely richer… instead of taxes going to the government, it went into their coffers.

The idea behind Prohibition was to reduce crime and poverty, and generally improve the quality of life in America, by making it impossible for people to get their hands on alcohol. But, this so-called “Noble Experiment” was a colossal failure. People drank more than ever during Prohibition, and there were more deaths related to alcohol. No other law in America has been violated so flagrantly; by so many “decent law-abiding” people. Overnight almost everyone in the country became a criminal. Ordinary people hid illegal liquor in hip flasks, false books, and hollowed-out canes. In speakeasies, they drank bootleg liquor out of tea cups… just in case there was a police raid.


The End, Nuclear War

May 4, 2008

Video: YouTube

I’m not altogether convinced that Nuclear War and MAD is not unthinkable, it may be unthinkable for reasonably rational people. However, not only are there irrational people out there; Nixon was one, and as they say, Shit Happens, and whilst there are some tens of thousands of Nuclear weapons… which is more than enough to put an end to consumerism for good, along with Religious differences, it will also solve our problem of global warming, because not only will a Nuclear Winter occur, we probably wont be here to worry about it.

Now the curious thing is, the very people who are promoting Nuclear energy as a solution, are in fact the same people responsible for our lack of energy, because of their waste, neglect and greed. The solution now ‘some people say’; I love using FOXisms, build more Nuclear Power Plants because they are ‘safe’, but not apparently so safe for Iran, Iraq, North Korea and Syria. So the question is what are they to use… think about it. We are being hard sold a pup.

If stupidity got us into this mess, then why can’t it get us out? – Will Rogers.

3. Corrupt Banking System – Money is Debt (3 of 5)

April 28, 2008

Video: YouTube

Time for some clichés.

‘Time is money’ – Wrong! Time is Life, time to enjoy life, time for your kids, for your partner, your family and friends.

‘Money is the root of all evil’ – Wrong. Well after watching this clip it seems that Debt and Bankers are the root of all evil.

‘Greed is good’, a Gordon Gekko ‘truism’ – Wrong. It can’t possibly be right for the planet as a whole can it? You know what happens when you win the Rat race… your still a Rat.

‘He who dies with the most wins’… wins what?

‘God wants us to prosper’ – Assuming their is a ‘God’, and I’m not convinced by any stretch of the imagination. Define ‘prosper’, does prosper mean to accumulate more than you need? I don’t think so.

It was Mahatma Ghandi who said “There is enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.” That’s a Truism.

Those other ‘realities’ are nothing but greedy, Psychopathic power junkies, and a society that envies or admires such people ain’t going to make it folks.

The true reality is Earth doesn’t have limitless resources, it has a finite life expectancy, which like people is effected by doing stupid things like smoking. The Banks have sold us a Pup, and while I’m indulging in clichés, they stuck their Cuckoo’s Egg in our nest and we’re about to get kicked out folks mark my words… and sticking your head in the sand won’t cut it folks, all you end up with is your arse in the air, and guess what happens next.

“Bad things happen when good people do nothing.”