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The Trap – F&#k You Buddy (part 4 of 6)

June 27, 2008

Video: YouTube

Doesn’t it seem a little crazy that the medical elites, namely psychiatrist, which R.D. Laing said were used by a collapsing system to put away it critics, has it’s self one of the highest rates of suicide? I once heard of a New Your psychiatrist committing suicide, because he could not get a decent service job done on his Mercedes. Yet in this video clip, some psychiatrists put people in a nut house, just because they said they heard the word ‘thud’?

For a laugh I used to tell the occasional inquisitive Skydiving student, who might ask why I was using earplugs, on moving towards a Turbine aircraft. “Because I don’t want anybody listening in on my voices.” said with a manic expression and accompanying twitching… hey a guy has to keep himself amused doesn’t he?

You know, once upon a time if you were caught talking to yourself, people would shun you, think of you as mad… you might even be committed. Now however, you check to see if they have a blutooth or an earphone… however, if they are talking to their sleeve and pretending not to be watching you or following you, then maybe homeland security or someone like that’s after you.

That little segway was just to make an obtuse point, that there is a lot of paranoia around, and as with the Catch 22 cliché, ‘Just because your paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you’. In fact they are, and the ‘they’, to which I refer, are our old Nemesis ‘The New World Order’, formally the ‘Old World Order’, and paranoia is amongst their weapons of choice… the Terrorists are out to get you.

In reality if you look at the statistics, you have more to worry about with your doctors and the medicines they prescribe. In Australia, with our 20 odd million people, about 20,000 a year who die at their doctors hands, in America the percentage is about the same. Now, I haven’t even bothered to talk about the numbers who die from tobacco and alcohol… bye the way do you know how many people die from Pot in the world? Not one, not ever! well maybe I exaggerate, a few have probably choked to death from the munchies. 🙂

High Cost of Medicine – Part 1 of 7 – Marketing Disease Pushing Drugs

May 26, 2008

Video: YouTube

Let me get my head around this, drug companies make drugs that kill and injure literally millions of people a year throughout the world, are legal. Whereas a plant which you can grow in your backyard, that will help cure glaucoma, help cancer victims get over their radiation treatment; which often kills more patients than the cancer. In fact this plant is seen by many as a cure for many cancers, and it can ease the suffering of Lupus & MS etc. etc.

Even though this plant’s seeds are one of the most nutritious food sources known to man, containing several amino acids not readily available elsewhere. What a plant that produces the world’s best paper, some of the best all purpose fabrics, insulation and building materials. A plant which is perhaps the quickest growing bio-fuel producer on the planet. A plant that does not require insecticides nor exotic fertilizers and chemicals. A plant, a plant! that has been grown and used till the 30’s, for something like 10,000 years and has never ever ever ever killed anybody, is illegal.

HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa… you are kidding aren’t you, I mean, who’s running this planet anyway, Bankers, Petroleum, Chemical and Drug companies or something?

Oh beam me up Scotty, there seems to be no signs of intelligence on this planet.

Towel Day – Sunday 25th of May

May 19, 2008

Towel Day
I want one of those Towels… where can I get one?

Towel Day
“Ignoring approaching Vogon destroyer, concentrating on much more important hidden dog cookie in my hand”.

Towel Day
It’s the idea that counts

Douglas Adams, gone but not forgotten. Celebrate Douglas


16. Secret Rulers of the World – Freemasonry/Mafia (16 of 29)

May 12, 2008

Video: YouTube

This series of videos are a real eye opener… sooo much stuff that seems to ring true, and other stuff that never made sense till now.

A lot of the things that people seem to have a blind spot for are, things like the fact that JFK became president with the help of the Mafia. It’s well known now, that JFK’s farther Senator Joe Kennedy, allegedly used to supply alcohol to Al Capone during the Prohibition in the US which lasted from 1920 to 1933. The irony is it is believed by some, that the Mafia was involved in the assassination of JFK, a theory put forward in Nigel Turner’s 9 part series ‘The men who killed Kennedy’.

The Prohibition lasted for thirteen years and for the real power running America, quite simply it was a gold mine, because it had exactly the opposite effect to that stated. In New York city alone there were said to be over 100,000 speakeasies! So the 18th Amendment, known as the Volstead Act, which prohibited the manufacture, sale and possession of alcohol in America, resulted not only in Joe Kennedy and the Mafia making huge amounts of money, but those behind the Prohibition, profited from it’s illegality, becoming immensely richer… instead of taxes going to the government, it went into their coffers.

The idea behind Prohibition was to reduce crime and poverty, and generally improve the quality of life in America, by making it impossible for people to get their hands on alcohol. But, this so-called “Noble Experiment” was a colossal failure. People drank more than ever during Prohibition, and there were more deaths related to alcohol. No other law in America has been violated so flagrantly; by so many “decent law-abiding” people. Overnight almost everyone in the country became a criminal. Ordinary people hid illegal liquor in hip flasks, false books, and hollowed-out canes. In speakeasies, they drank bootleg liquor out of tea cups… just in case there was a police raid.


2. The Secret Rulers of the World – Only the Start (2 of 29)

April 26, 2008

Video: YouTube

Douglas Adams wrote. “There is a theory which states that if ever anybody discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened”. Well guess what?, 911’s like that.

There are sooo many theories that we’re being theoryed out, but there are far too many ‘coincidences’ and too much misinformation, both deliberate and possibly unintentional, to be beyond doubt it wasn’t an inside job. The Neocons who deny it was an ‘inside job’ would probably say. ‘You can’t convict someone on such flimsy evidence.’ Well, I’d say, but you do all the time yourselves. Take all the kids in jail for smoking Pot for instance… it’s never in countless thousands of years killed anyone, it’s far less harmful than tobacco, alcohol, prescription drugs or even doctors by the government’s own statistics.

So using the Neocons own methodology, I and others should be able to say. Hey, there’s something definitely screwy about the Neocons’s version of 911. For a start, apparently according to the FBI’s director Robert Mueller, 7 of the alleged 911 hijackers are still alive, and an 8th died 1 year before 911! Also Architect Richard Gage and his colleagues repudiate the Neocons claims in the video series “How the Towers Fell”… these guys aren’t incompetents as it would seem on the surface which the likes of Bush and Rumsfield are, these guys build and design buildings like this, they are specialists scientists who deal with fact and figures for a living, they are not professional liars or spin doctors.

If there has been a crime then the first thing you do is work out who benefited and it seems to me that those who benefited the most are the Military Industrialists, the Security organizations, the Legal System, the few who seemed to have an uncanny amount of luck either buying the World Trade buildings and then jacking up the Terrorism insurance and last but by far not the least is the Banks… and of course Bush and the Neocons.

Anyhow, I urge every body to watch these videos and to tell your friends about them… they are dynamite.

Countdown: Bush Gets Booed at Nationals Opener

April 2, 2008

Video: YouTube

Well maybe there’s hope yet… well, for the ‘best’ of a bad bunch anyway. The Neocons picked and train Bush, effectively stole two elections in the opinion of myself and countless others. They con the US with 911, probably faked the Uranium sales to Iraq and faked the photos and stories of WMDs.

Under the Neocon’s direction Bush and the Republicans tore up the US Constitution & Bill of Rights. They have broken international Laws by illegally imprisoning and torturing alleged POWs. They have killed tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis.

The Neocons are also responsible for the death of over 4,000 US military personnel and have injured what 40,000?… and they treat them like dirt when they get home, and somehow they aren’t in jail?… yet they wanted to impeach Clinton for Monica?… did I miss something here?

Of course I did. The Democrats don’t have a Kenneth Winston Starr nor a Antonin Scalia or FOX network behind them. So it would seem a head job or two or even a dozen or so in the Oval office, out weighs all of the aforementioned Neocon’s deeds, apparently done in the name of ‘democracy’, in a country where the poor can spend life imprisoned for smoking Pot… have I missed something again?

The Rick Simpson Story (Part 7 of 7)

March 30, 2008

Video: YouTube

I have never understood why it’s illegal. I agreed that there are many businesses who benefit from it’s illegality, but I feel there must be more to it.

Could another part of the reason be that Marijuana has, as a side effect, a ‘bullshit’ detector? I remember once reading how a Catholic Bishop was extremely upset; back 2 or 300 years ago, when he was laugh at by a group of Pot smoking sailors; after he’d tried to preach to them.

There is I feel much more to the desperation to keep Marijuana illegal… I’m just not sure what it is. As far as I can see, there has rarely, if ever, been such a determined, nor such a prolonged and widespread conspiracy against anything else. Which to me means they are scared of it, not just for financial reasons, but because it poses some sort of threat to their system.

Here’s a little story:-

Some years ago; around ’76ish, The Australian Marijuana Party had it’s offices broken into and burgled. The ‘thieves’ stole a typewriter, a petty cash tin with some $30 in it and… and this is the significant and suspicious thing, a petition apparently with something like 3 million signatures, complete with addresses; it was the 70’s after all and one of the signatures was mine.

Now 3 million + signatures on A4 paper is quite a hefty package, and not the sort of thing your garden variety thief would make the effort to steel. However, some who might could be ASIO (our CIA) or possibly the NSW Special Branch (our equivalents of the US FBI), which 20 odd years later, was disbanded for corruption and allegedly, had their files on citizens, politicians and Judges destroyed – yeah right.

Website: Phoenix Tears

The Rick Simpson Story (Part 6 of 7)

March 29, 2008

Video: YouTube

Well what can I say… other than if they jail or fine Rick Simpson it looks like Canada is no longer the exception, no longer enlightened nor humane, and that’s really very sad. Shame on you Stephen Harper, and Shame on your government.

The Rick Simpson Story (Part 3 of 7)

March 26, 2008

Video: YouTube

Well I would have expected better from the Canadian authorities… but then, they do now have a Conservative government, so I guess they are mono focused on ‘free enterprise’; that’s where fewer benefit but more are disadvantaged, and lies, bigotry and ignorance reign supreme.

Isn’t it typical, a few rednecks in suits, who probably drink & smoke (tobacco), using outrageous bully boy tactics with little or no regard for what’s moral. Doing the deeds of faceless stupid, ignorant, bigoted and hypocritical suited ‘old boys’, with their secret hand shakes, and oaths taken with trouser legs rolled up, white gloves on, hoods on heads and nooses around their necks… what a pathetic, corrupt, power mad, chauvinistic bunch of pedophile protecting parasites they are.

The point was made in this video clip about what happened to innocent until proven guilty? However, the problem is, Pot, Hemp, Marijuana or whatever you care to call it, is never judged on a level playing field. If it were it’d be tobacco and alcohol that would be illegal.

The Rick Simpson Story (Part 2 of 7)

March 25, 2008

Video: YouTube

Hemp possibly cures Cancer, Tobacco probably causes Cancer… one is illegal whilst the other is legal, the question is. How do ‘they’ get away with it?

From this post ‘Today In Alternate History‘.

“In 1584, history’s most infamous drug dealer Sir Walter Raleigh was granted a patent to exploit the deadly tobacco narcotic in Virginia. Approximately 5.5 trillion cigarettes are produced globally each year by the tobacco industry, smoked by over 1.1 billion people, which is more than one-sixth of the world’s total population. In the year 2000, global smoking deaths reached 5 million making Raleigh the greatest mass murderer in history.”

Sir Walter Raleigh of England, in addition to his fame for establishing the first English colony in the New World, was also a respected writer and poet. Originally a favorite of Queen Elizabeth. However, Raleigh was later beheaded for treason in 1618.”

I guess future karma caught up with Walter… in advance.

Happy birthday tobacco companies… your time will come, though I’m still mystified as to how your executives got away with manifest barefaced lies uttered under Oath to The Grand Jury back in 1994… surely there aren’t two Laws, one for the rich and one for the poor, the colored and the ‘Pot heads’ who’s vice, unlike Tobacco, has NEVER been directly responsible, probably in what 10 or 20 thousand years, for a single death. mmm