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Fascism vs Neoliberalism with Chris Hedges

February 11, 2017

Award winning journalist and host of RT’s On Contact Chris Hedges enters the Hawks Nest to discuss the future of the United States in the hands of Donald Trump and what is next for the neoliberal supporters of Hillary Clinton.

Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of our Republic

January 16, 2017

I’ve posted this film so that our readers/listeners/viewers can make up up their own mind, Yes we have our opinions, but I really do believe that it is your opinions that matter. The USA is meant to be a Democratic Republic isn’t it?, and here in My Country Australia, we are a federation, a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy

In reality the Queen of England almost never gets involved in the running of our country (The last real time being 1975 When Gough Whitlam was sacked), So shouldn’t Australian citizens be afforded the rights of a democratic republic as well, shouldn’t the USA, Australia and all other Democracies be given a say in the running of their countries, It’s our democratic right!!!


a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.


a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.

I’m not sure about you, but I cannot say that our society, our country, our people are afforded their entitlements, their rights based on the fact that we are supposed to be living in a Democratic republic. We are not offered any resemblance of this, we the people don’t get a say in the running of our country. So my question is Why Not?.

And if Why Not?, what do we do about it, WE PROTEST RIGHT?, Well that’s becoming easier said than done, our rights to protest are being eroded as well, but that’s another story which I’ll look at shortly in a future post.

Back to the Video

My take?, It is just another example of self serving organisations running their own agendas and the citizens just having to “suck it up”.

What’s it all about;

“the first film to look at the events of September 11, 2001 from a scientific perspective.”

More about the film here –>> Read more

Hacking Democracy 2 of 9

July 4, 2008

Video: YouTube

Here’s the situation in the US regarding voting as I see it. First of all, I believe they would be better of if voting was compulsory, as it is in Australia. It’s no good saying that this interferes with your ‘rights’, that’s a bullshit excuse no better than the argument that it’s pointless because politicians are all corrupt… well yeah! How on earth is anything going to improve, if you do not make the effort, to not vote for the crooks, simple.

OK, so it’s going to require a bit of effort, a short trip to and from the polling booth, and, what most seem to be too lazy to do, thinking, even harder still, thinking for yourselves… which means DO NOT LISTEN TO FOX etc. search the Net and find websites written by real journalists, not corporate hacks.

There is a quote from whom I’m not sure but it goes something like this – “The thing they fear most, is that people will develop an interest in politics.” It’s as simple as this, those who take an interest in politics are going to rule, and to rule In their own interest.

So at present it’s the bankers and the military industrialists who are ruling, and whilst they rule, the governments will continue to spent up big on wars and reduce taxes which only benefits those who can afford the services, the rest of us (90%) get only about 10% of the ‘tax give back’, the other 90% goes the the already Rich 10%… which is why they are getting Richer. In short if you don’t vote, don’t bitch about your lot.

By the way, if Bev Harris (a grandmother) can do it, why can’t you?

Website: Blackbox Voting

High Cost of Medicine – Manipulated Clinical Research (5 of 7)

May 30, 2008

Video: Youtube

The two things I believe should be kept out of politics, other than politicians, are Religion and Political donations… I totally resent prayers being delivered in our Australian Parliament and I do not want people who believe that the planet is only about 6,000 years old, having any say what so ever, in what we do as Australians.

On the issue of Political donations, citizens can not possibly compete with the corruptive influence of political donations. Corporations, particularly multi national corporations views; which are solely profit motivated, can hardly be seen to be in the interest of the majority.

Now regarding the Drug companies. They have in my opinion totally corrupted the testing and reporting of their products… almost nothing of what they say can be believed, and they have manipulated the system to the point now, where the people, who are supposed to protect us, are controlled by the Drug companies and this video plainly shows us this.

50 years of Protecting Europe’s Environment

May 18, 2008

Video: YouTube

Western Europe, with the exception of Britain, in general was much quicker to act on the importance of the environment, than the rest of the world… and they tend to recognize the social aspects of their people more to. It would be a sad thing to see the right wing infection of France or the Christian fundamentalist ignorance of Germany, take hold in the rest of western Europe, though somehow I think that they are too smart, too experienced and too social to allow that to happen, and I hope for France and Germany, it is just a passing phase, to inject some fresh blood into their politics.

Bear Stearns Subprime Mortgage Blues

April 8, 2008

Video: YouTube

Is it a coincidence that at best the average couple or individual, spends their whole life working just to provide the barest necessities? And that Life savings and or Superannuation; such as they are, can be wiped out by someone whom they have never even met or even know of, who’s sole focus was on their own ‘incentive’ payments, paid by the Financial Organizations who have it worked out to such an extent, that they are generally the first; if not the only ones, to get paid when it all goes pear shaped.

It’s about time that the 95% of the people on this Planet, that aren’t Bankers or Bosses of Corporations. Who aren’t involved in the management of Finance Organizations or Insurance Companies. They are not Stockbrokers or Hedge Fund wheelers n’ dealers, nor for that matter are they Fund managers of any description… and last but not the least, they are definitely not Lawyers (spit on the ground) and are not in anyway in control, nor perhaps would they want to control the Finance sector.

If that 95% of the population are not pleased with what’s happening on Our little Planet, they should now, before it’s too late, take control of the government and make it cater for the majority; as it should be in a real Democracy, not just the minority; as it is in the pretend democracies we live in.

It was once said by whom I remember not, “That ‘their’ biggest fear, is that the people would take an interest in Politics.”… or words to that effect.

Seven Blunders of the World

April 1, 2008

Seven Blunders of the World

1. Wealth without work

2. Pleasure without conscience

3. Knowledge without character

4. Commerce without morality

5. Science without humanity

6. Worship without sacrifice

7. Politics without principle

—Mahatma Gandhi

Simple but powerful statements which seem to ring true now and for anytime in our World’s history.

Look back in history and there always seems to be a time when;

People were Slaves to the rich who didn’t do a thing but always seemed to be wealthy.

When the rich would become richer at the expense of the poor.

When Politicians would make decisions without thinking how their actions would affect others.

When the results of science and experiments would adversely affect millions of people but the science would still be implemented.

Basically this all gets back to one main problem.

People abusing their power and the main motivation is GREED

And the answer for this problem

More people with a conscience need to be in positions of power. More business owners with morality. More accountability for those who abuse their power.

What do you think? Drop us a line in the comments.

The Seven blunders of the world by Mahatma Gandhi is courtesy of doctorhugo.org at the link below.

Website: Seven Blunders of the world

Global Warming: Point of No Return?

March 11, 2008

Video: YouTube

This video is about 16 months old. All governments in all countries could have done so much in 16 months. Only a few countries have done their bit.

We have a new government in Australia. We have now ratified Kyoto. ( Howard and his cronies couldn’t do this before, hopefully Barack Obama will ratify Kyoto when he gets in).

So back to this Global Warming thing. We at PaleBluDot are going to constantly hound our government to do something about the coal industry in this country. We will be asking them to provide subsidies for Ausra Solar Thermal to come back and be installed in a big way here in Australia. We also support the use of Tidal, Wave Wind and Geothermal power as these are all good options in this country.

Sleeping child in Clinton video supports Barack Obama

March 10, 2008

Video: YouTube

What an amazing irony, the girl in the Hilary Clinton video is openly supportive of Barack Obama and is going to turn 18 in time to vote in the USA 08 election. I love it!

How A Simple Innovation Saves Money

February 17, 2008

Video: YouTube

This is a great example of lateral thinking that too many companies would omit from their operational procedures.

Actually it’s not really so much lateral thinking but more Thinking, which more often than not is not done because of office politics, a tenancy to fix the blame rather than the problem and a system where managers often are, when they are not trying to justify their often excessive salary packages, are more interested in screwing workers and unions rather than encouraging those on the shop floor to take part in the managerial process.

A company should be a Team not just rhetorically but in reality. Where workers who come up with solutions are rewarded… from my experience it was often the workers who had the practical knowledge, but were largely ignored because of the illusory divide between the ‘workers’ and ‘management’… now I’m going to be accused by some of being a ‘communist’ or a ‘socialist’, when in fact I’m a member of an even more hated group, a group hated by both the Capitalists & the Communists, which to my mind are both badly failing systems.

I’m a Social Democrat, a believer in true Democracy, unlike America’s phoney ‘democracy’ where votes are either ignored or stolen. Where most people have either given up or can’t be bothered to vote. I’m a supporter of more Referendums like the Swiss, though with more Spirit, I’m in favor of a touch of anarchy, not quite as bad as the Italians but more like the classic Australians, who fought above their weight both in sport and war when they had to, who despised class systems, stuck up for the underdogs and were willing to give a hand when needed.

I’m raving again aren’t I? mmm OK this is what really has set me off. We just got rid of what I consider to be probably The Worst government Australia has had, a government run in my opinion by a few incredibly mean spirited individuals led by John Winston Howard, though put in power by the same types responsible for the like minded George W Bush. Well eventually Australia woke up and the extreme right wing ‘liberal’ Howard government was Slaughtered.

It was the extreme right wing desperation to drive down the workers with what’s called AWAs (Australian Workplace Agreements) effectively banning Unions and forcing individuals to supposedly bargain without representation with intimidating bosses waving cleverly worded contracts. This despite Unions in the last 20 years having for the most part, been more responsible than the bosses, whilst the bosses and directors pay themselves huge and ever increasing salary packages. It is I believe, this that largely led to Howard’s spectacular demise.

So far so good, the people decided and the Rudd Labor government, and although I’m not convinced that this new government is all together immune to the influences of Lobbyists and the machinations of the ‘New World Order types, I did appalled Rudd’s Sorry to the dispossessed Australian Aboriginals who have been treated sooo appallingly for so long. Rudd seemed sincere though it remains to be seen how much the Aborigines situation changes.

But what really pissed me off was a recent Liberal rather clumsy attempt to apparently tie Rudd in with corrupt members of both parties both state and federal, in a an apparent shonky development deal in Western Australia. Now we are going to have another American type smear campaign, that some parts of the media, in the pathetic guise of informing the public, will blow up for their own benefit, possibly in the hope that it will either distract or immobilize the new government… the arrogance of this is almost too much to be believed.