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Chemtrails: Morgellons and Global Depopulation 5/5

July 29, 2008

Video: YouTube

The thought that occurred to me whilst watching this clip was. Is it effecting animals? If it is, then neurosis is unlikely to be the cause. If it’s not effecting then, then either it’s all bullshit or there is a reason why it’s not effecting animals… I’d be checking out the animals.

As for our doctors, most are little more than drug pushers with unwarranted superiority complexes… many doctors drink too much, they smoke, they take recreational drugs and are addicted to prescription drugs, they get into troubles with gambling debts, cheat on their partners, and they kill more than 20,000 patients a year in Australia through their incompetence (and a similar percentage of patients apparently in the US and probably elsewhere), doctors also commit suicide and murder, in short they are human, not gods.

The Coolest 8 Year Old Talks About O’Reilly

July 24, 2008

Video: YouTube

Prepped precocious princess perhaps, but at about her age, I, shortly after arriving in Britain, from Kenya via Norway, was forced by my non denominational school to attend church… I thought it was a load of bullshit, so I asked my mum to write me a note telling the school that they were not to force me to go to church.

Now considering that the Judaic, Christian and Muslim religions, all have as their earliest text the Old Testament, complete with the 10 Commandments, I shall judge them by their own Laws.

ONE: ‘You shall have no other gods before Me.’ – But money and or Power seems to be the exception.

SIX: ‘You shall not murder.’ – Well that one’s totally ignored it seems by all three of the aforementioned religions.

EIGHT: ‘You shall not steal.’ – This one’s broken again by the big three, Israel is steeling Palestine, the US, Iraq Oil, and Muslims stole 4 jets and flew 3 of them into 3 buildings.

NINE: ‘You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.’ – Well that’s a no brainer, they all lie constantly.

TEN: ‘You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.’ – That’s another no brainer, they’ve all used slaves which means they have either actively stolen other countries people, or they have bought stolen people.

That’s 5 out of 10 Commandments that seem to have little or no meaning for either the Judaic, Christian or Muslim religions… I wonder if our little prepped precocious princess could explain to our religious nutters the meaning of the word Hypocrisy… better make sure she has a guardian if she visits the Catholics, strange how celibacy seems to have led to sexual predatory behavior, or attracts it’s participants.

Here’s my favorite rule – Your silence is taken as consent.

Damn I forgot to have a go at Bill O’Reilly… it’s amazing how much money Murdoch is paying that individual who seems to have no brains, manners, conscious or guts.

27,000 Holocausts

July 18, 2008

Video: YouTube

I love everything about this clip… and I’m going to show more of them.

Initially when I saw the title of this video clip I growned, not another Holocaust story… why is it that every single day I hear about ‘The Holocaust’, I’m sick of the manipulation. There are many other countries who have experienced similar atrocities. According to Wikipedia since the 1490s “indigenous population of the Western Hemisphere may have declined by as many as 100 million.”

Since the 19th century there have been countless millions of people murdered in China by the Chinese governments of the various times… and by the British Royals East India Company, who were largely responsible for the deaths of countless millions of people in China between the two Opium wars.

In the 19th century, “Eighty percent of the total Herero population and 50 percent of the total Nama population were killed in a brutal scorched earth campaign led by German General Lothar von Trotha.” – Wikipedia

Joseph Starlin; a Jesuit educated nutter, killed who knows how many millions of Russians.

“The Armenian Genocide was conceived and carried out by the Ottoman Empire from 1915 to 1923, resulting in the deportation of nearly 2,000,000 Armenians, of whom 800,000 men, women, and children were killed, 500,000 survivors were expelled from their homes, and which succeeded in the elimination of the over 2,500-year presence of Armenians in their historic homeland.” – Wikipedia

The Belgian King Léopold’s campaign effectively murdered something like 10 million Congolese.

Pol Pot, with the blessing of the USA, Britain, France and Australia… in fact just about everyone in the west, either condoned or ignored his murdering of 1.7 million Cambodians, almost 30% of the population, largely because the Cambodians refused to become involved in the Vietnam conflict and the ‘better dead than Red’ philosophy.

I could go on, but it’s depressing. All of those genocides were largely for profit and greed, as indeed will be any future such events, including the more likely Mid East and possible WWIII. Yet, with the exception of Darfur and Sadam’s genocide of the Curds, both of which are contemporary genocides that were largely ignored by the rest of the world. The only Holocaust we hear about constantly, is that of the Jews carried out by the Nazis, who incidentally, were financed by Jewish bankers. Also, unlike most of the aforementioned genocides, those victims of genocide weren’t guilty of carrying out their own genocide and effectively steeling the Palestinians land because of an alleged Zionist god, who wanted his ‘chosen people’ to have it… OK my god said I can have Washington, but I don’t really want it so America can keep it.

Free the Tokyo Two

July 6, 2008

Video: YouTube

Unfortunately the video seems to have been removed, maybe due to some pressure being exerted on YouTube? who knows. Basically the video tells the story of two Japanese people (Junichi and Toru) speaking out about the Japanese whale meat scam, and then they were thrown in Gaol. Many people have written to the Japanese Prime Minister to have them released, but as far as we know they are still behind bars.

On the 16 February 1942 the Japanese gunned down 22 nurses on a beach in Sarawak and before anybody accuses me of racism, forget it, it’s a fact. Another fact is I have nothing against the Japanese, but I do have a problem with those in charge of whatever race or religion, who claim to be honorable, when in fact they are obviously not.

I do not blame the Japanese per say, in fact it is very reassuring that some of the Japanese have enough honor to stand up to those in their government, who it appears have zero honor… proven by their obvious lies about their on going murdering of Whales being ‘scientific research’.

These are highly intelligent and very social animals, and to have that smug so and so, Joji Morishita, from the Japanese delegation at the recent Chillian International Whaling Commission, liken the murdering whales to the slaughter of cattle… an animal of little intelligence and social awareness, well it goes beyond the pale and there is not anything honorable about someone who persists with their claim of scientific research, an honorable person or country would not hide behind lies Joji Morishita.

The Trap – F&#k You Buddy (part 3 of 6)

June 26, 2008

Video: YouTube

I remember years ago seeing something about a study, that used Rats to simulate the effects of population pressures and diet on people… the premise was that our behaviors are in a lot of ways similar.

In these tests they used an enclosed system and they steadily increased the population of rats. Now, to take out some of the variables they ensured that there was plenty of good food and water. The results were that as the population levels increased, the neuroses increased, there was rape, murder and even cannibalism, as the populations went up… and this should of surprised them because?

It’s only corporations, politicians and religious nutters who’d argue that limiting populations is a bad thing.

Next in the rat house, they tried two other experiments. One where they gave the rats a healthy diet and water and alcohol to choose from… these rats chose water. Then they gave the rats an unhealthy diet; you know donuts and big Macs type crap, with the same option for water or alcohol, this time the rats chose alcohol.

Now, it occurs to me that the way we are being forced (Trapped if you like) to live; which suits the corporations alone, is bound to create problems. Even the family unit it’s self is, in a since, not ideal, in fact far from it.

Perhaps the problem is that our social evolution has been messed up and out of sync with our forced living style… that the discarded village tribalism, where there is a mixture of kids, parents and grandparents living together, and a system where one’s food comes largely from your own area (with some trade) and everybody’s got a say and nobody is left behind, not unlike what some Hippies were advocating (forget the media crap) or if you prefer… like Switzerland, only hopefully with a little more spark.

George Monbiot on solutions to global warming

June 7, 2008

Video: The Real News

You know what really pisses me off? Germany with half the solar radiation of Australia, is doing more with Solar than we are… that’s because our governments (both Liberal and Labor) are bought and paid for by the coal, oil & gas corporations.

Get this, our ‘new’ Labor government, means tested the government’s Solar power rebate, to a house hold income of $100,000 pa… that’s despite the fact that they know most households are suffering ‘mortgage stress’; thanks to the calculating money grabbing world dominating bankers. I mean how mean and stupid is that? When we needed to get the solar businesses in Australia started up seriously, they put barriers for the ones who could have helped get the business up and running… the irony is, they said it was necessary to prevent the solar businesses over heating, they’d prefer them stone cold I expect.

After almost 12 years of the ignorant, mean spirited, stupid, environmental vandals led by John Winston Howard, who despite the rhetoric, did nothing to further alternative energy in Australia, and in fact, hindered efforts in the world to fight global climate change, by siding with that other intellectual giant (with the dogie IQ of 120), International Terrorist and mass murder George W Bush.

4. High Cost of Medicine – “Gifts and Trips” (4 of 7)

May 29, 2008

Video: YouTube

I think it was J.J.Cale who wrote. “You’d be surprised the friends you can buy with small change.” A few pens, a stapler, a lunch or two, perhaps the occasional conference… in some tropical resort, hey, for the drug companies it’s all tax deductible.

I have a favorite little doctor story. I use to do the occasional bit of footage for a number of TV stations. Over the years I got to know a few camerapersons and reporters, and I found that they used to be pretty canny, somewhat cynical and attuned to the glory hunters.

Well some years ago a local GP, who seemed always to manage to get his picture in the papers or get on TV, ended up in East Timor. For those who don’t know about East Timor, it’s a little island just north of Australia and just south of Indonesia.

This little country, back in the bad old days of world war 2, when the Japanese… they’re the ones who gunned down 22 Aussie Nurses by shooting them in the back, and now are murdering Whales under the guise of ‘honorable scientific research’.

Anyway, the Timories naturally enough, sided with the Aussies; who it must be said seemed to be more honorable and appreciative themselves in those days. Anyhow, the Timories at great risk to themselves, acted against the Japanese and suffered terrible punishments, metered out to them for helping the Aussies.

So when Timor was invaded back on Christmas day ’75 (or thereabouts) by a corrupt Indonesia, who started butchering them, in much the same way as the Japanese had. Australia and the US just sat back and let it happen, in fact it got worse, the Australian then Labor government, signed a deal with Indonesia to split the ill gotten bootee; in this case extensive underwater oil fields.

After 20 plus years, the East Timories finally broke away from the butchering corrupt Indonesian government… only to be screwed yet again by the Australians, who were busy using Lawyer (spit on the ground) ‘logic’ to ignore International boundary laws, to take from this poor decimated former ally, some of it’s underwater oil fields.

OK I know I’ve wondered off course… again, but have I? You see, that favorite little doctor story of mine comes in here. He turns up in East Timor, about 18 months after the dust has settled, to bring joy to the poor undernourished and diseased little kids.

Whilst he’s there, why not do a little TV spot?… but little does he know, that the Jurnolist/Cameraperson’s suspicious, he smells a rat, so he then goes and interviews a Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières doctor, a real humanitarian, who promptly tells the Jurno. “We don’t need clowns, we needed supplies”.

Now the Jurno, having seen all the suffering and shortages, and having I guess a bit of black humor and with it, it must be said, a touch of sugar coated venom, goes back to our little doctor Aussie Patch Adams look a like and runs the Médecins Sans Frontières doctor’s reaction back to our very own Aussie Patch Adams look a like… who stammers out weakly, “Don’t you know that laughter is the best medicine?”

Now you know I’m laughing at this point, but there are a few lessons to be learnt. Firstly, unintentionally the Aussie Patch Adams look a like is in a sense right, though as I said unintentionally… laughter is the best medicine and fewer people die from laughter than from prescribed drugs, far far fewer. Secondly, “doctors should look out for the sick not the well” (that’s actually a Capitan Matchbox Whoopee Band lyric from ‘Wangaratta Wahine’), Laughter is the best medicine, but a few bandages etc. never goes astray does it? (am I being too obtuse here?). Thirdly, doctors are human I guess… some though, are paid far more than they are worth, and still aren’t happy!

Sadly you will probably never knowith the joys of Capitan Matchbox Whoopee Band and there endith todays little rave. 🙂

19. Secret Rulers of the World – Bush Nazis (19 of 29)

May 15, 2008

Video: YouTube

More Masons, though they did not mention the fact that Harry S. Truman was a 33rd Degree Mason?

More about Jews murdering Jews.

More about the Rothschilds profiting from wars.

More about contemporary US Presidents and senators (3 generations of Bush family) being Masons involved in profiting from Hitler and the Nazis.

Catholic Inquisition and The Torture Tools

May 14, 2008

Video: Google Video


It’s about an hour long and is not recommended for minors, nor the squeamish.

For 605 years the Inquisition went on and during this period, the Catholic church murdered as many as 50 million people… there inevitable defense is either, it’s exaggerated or that was then, things were different. Well, in another hundred years or so, if we and the church survive, they will be using the same sort of excuses, for their actions in the present time.

For further reading, I suggest David Yallop’s ‘In God’s Name’, a book about the alleged murder of Pope John Paul I, in 1978.

7. Secret Rulers of the World – Forbidden Link (7 of 29)

May 1, 2008

SORRY FOLKS I SCREWED UP… I backed up ‘4. Corrupt Banking System – Monetary Reform (4 of 5)” (it’s just down there where it should have been) but forgot post it… Duuh! it’s a brain injury thingie.

Video: YouTube

Biblical Abraham and Pharaoh Amenemhet I, were contemporaneous, in fact it seems they were one and the same. Abraham/Amenemhet I had apparently seized the Egyptian throne after murdering Pharaoh Mentuhotep. A theory was put forward by the Mormon Josphe Smith’s Egyptologist, after Antonio Lebolo found evidence in 1818, which apparently supported Smith’s theories. Smith was in turn murdered shortly after the release of his ‘Book of Abraham’; one would guess probably by yet another religious fanatic or Mason.

The Ark of the covenant it is suggested in this video, actually contains the remains of Amenemhet (Abraham), rather than the remnants of Moses 10 commandments and this is supported by the logic, that it seems unlikely that the Jews would have carried The Ark that contained god’s commandments, that you should not kill or steal, whilst they were killing and dispossessing the Canaanites of the land the Jews later called Israel, which was then taken by the Romans, later settled by the Palestinians for 2,000 years whom; after the second world war, the Jews returned to their butchering and dispossessing; backed up by a Jewish dominated American government, and they continue to this day.

Mind you, God’s commands against killing does not seemed to have had much weight with any of the respective religions, either Jewish, nor with the numerous forms of Christian and Muslim religions, in fact contra to God’s commands, they are it seems, ecstatic at the opportunity to commit uncounted heinous murders against each other; and in fact innocents, in God’s various names over the centuries and it seems there is no end in sight for this madness.

But as you will see in future episodes, there is a rather important counterpart, which relates to the previous posts on ‘The Story of Stuff’ and ‘Corrupt Banking System’, that makes far more sense than all the stories of pregnant virgins, miracles and burning bushes that talk. Mind you, the latter might be explained by a cult that used to sacrifice cows and may have stumbled across the occasional magic mushrooms which I guess would explain a lot.