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The Keeling Curve, keeping an eye on global CO2 levels since 1958

July 5, 2008

The Keeling Curve
Graph: scrippsco2.ucsd.edu

Many of us may not have heard of the name David Keeling. Many may not have known why this scientist has made such an important impact on the way the world thinks about global warming. So let’s take a quick look at how this man made one of the most important breakthroughs in modern history.

In the early 20th Century it was suspected that the concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere was increasing. There was however very little measurements to support these suggestions and what data did exist varied widely.


The Maine Solar House

May 21, 2008

Video: Google Video

In Germany they are now methodically going through all the homes and the government is paying to make them more efficient. This in the long run will save Germany billions of dollars, the only ones to lose will be the Oil, Gas and power companies… how cool; or rather warm, is that!

The new Rudd Labor government in Australia on the other hand, has means tested the government’s solar panel rebate, and they set the limit at a household income of $100,000… a limit that they already recognize as families in difficulty with their mortgages, food and petrol prices! What a bunch of total morons… a country renowned for it’s sunshine, and a new Labor government, obviously beholding to the Oil and Gas, but more particularly Coal companies, finishes of what that other world recognized environmental vandal, John Winston Howard started… wiping out the sill fledgling, Solar power and other alternative power generation industries in Australia… apparently China and the US appreciate Aussie knowhow more than Australian governments.

Words fail me.

Solar Industry needs workers

May 14, 2008

Solar Industry needs workers
Photo: imageshack.us

A recent study by 2 community college researchers has suggested that California may need an extra 5,000 workers over the next year, to add to the existing 16,500 to 17,500 already employed in the solar industry in the state.

Although there will be jobs for salespeople and designers, the majority of the jobs will be on the roof doing installations, The industry desperately needs people to install rooftop solar arrays. “You don’t need a Ph.D. or a B.A. to get into this industry, It’s an opportunity to rebuild the working-class jobs that have been lost.”

The salaries available will vary from $31,200 per year for entry level installers, up to $60,000 for those more experienced in installations. The solar designers and engineers can expect to earn a median salary of $83,000.

PaleBluDot’s other author Beam has constantly suggested that people in timber or other environmentally disastrous industries can be retrained in industries such as Solar and Wind power generations. Sounds like there are going to be many opportunities for people to be transferred to the “green jobs” as renewable energy becomes a priority rather than just a minority.

Website: Solar Industry needs workers via Greenpacks.org

Bush Has ‘Understood Nothing, Learned Nothing’

May 9, 2008

Photo: Spiegel Online International

It’s all very well to talk about how to fight global warming, pollution and injustice. However, most of what we see and do in relation to these problems, is only attending to the symptoms… catering for the symptoms gets you no where, it’s better to attend the root of the cause, if your past prevention.

The prevention, if your curious, is no more political donations and more referendums, as they have in the truly democratic Switzerland. The thing needed is the inclusion of a system, of not only protecting and encouraging Whistleblowers, but rewarding them according to the importance of the information they provide, and the rewards should come from the fines the individuals or corporations are forced to pay, once they are found guilty.

For instance, say a Halliburton employee comes forward with proof of say… Cheney’s corruption whilst in government, a percentage of the fine, say 10%, should be given to the Whistleblower (tax free of course). Now, it is important that the fines be proportionate to the crime.

For example, GM was found guilty years ago in the US of the conspiracy of basically doing away with the Tram system, so it could use their yellow buses and the fuel they use, a win win for them and those involved but a lose lose for everyone else. For this crime; which occurred in several states, they were fined $5,000… petty cash even in the 50’s.

On the other hand, Britain’s supermarkets and dairy groups were fined £116m (almost $230,000,000) by the Office of Fair Trading, after admitting fixing the prices of milk, butter and cheese… mind you they apparently cost consumers £270m ($530,000,000) in higher prices, so they got off lite, they should have paid say double what they gained in my opinion. This would mean that the Whistle blower by my system would have gotten say; based on the actual finds, nearly $23,000,000, even after paying for their Lawyers (spit on the ground) it was obviously a good deal for everyone except the corrupt corporations.

Now, we are all getting riped off, in the supermarkets, at the gas pump, the Banks, anytime we pay for a service or buy a product that just makes it past it warranty etc. etc. So can anybody think of a better way to fix the mess we are in now?

Occasionally I find a post which deserves to be just copied… the post below is such a post.

Bush’s plan for global warming? Wait until 2025. Only then, he said in a Wednesday speech, should the US cap greenhouse gas emissions. Germany is not impressed.

When it comes to global warming, much of the world has been resigned for years to waiting out the end of the George W. Bush presidency. Under Bush, the White House has altered climate change reports, spiked global calls for action and maintained that it would simply be too harmful to the US economy to address the growing dangers of a warming climate.

With just months to go before Bush makes way for his successor, the US president on Wednesday (more…) once again confirmed that waiting for number 44 is the way to go. Bush called for the US to halt the growth of greenhouse gas emissions — but only in 2025. As the San Jose Mercury News wrote on Thursday: “Allowing emissions to rise for the next 17 years is not a plan; it’s an abdication.”

Europe, not surprisingly, tends to agree. German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel (more…) called Bush’s presentation a “Neanderthal speech,” and said it represented “losership, not leadership. European Commissioner of the Environment Stavros Dimas was also critical. “President Bush recognized the need for mandatory federal legislation to tackle climate change,” he said. “But what he proposed will not contribute to the effective tackling of climate change.”

Others were more receptive of Bush’s foray into environmental policy and saw it as a move away from his legacy, which includes steadfast refusal to honor the Kyoto Protocol and leadership of a decidedly conservative Environmental Protection Agency.

“It’s good to have something on the table,” said Yvo de Boer, head of the UN agency that oversees international climate treaties, including the Kyoto Protocol.

German commentators on Friday weren’t in the mood to be quite so generous.

In an editorial headlined “Understood Nothing, Learned Nothing,” the center-left Süddeutsche Zeitung writes:

“For the first time, Bush has concretely said what the world’s most dominant industrialized nation will do in the future to address global warming. His solution can be condensed into two words: absolutely nothing.”

“That’s a slap in the face to every citizen, local government and industry trade group — including a growing number in America — working to preserve the Earth’s atmosphere. And it’s a mockery of those nations that have set climate protection goals, as well as a free pass for developing countries that have refused to sign a binding international treaty on climate protection.”

Website: Spiegel Online International

Censoring Science-Inside the Political Attack on Hansen p.1

April 21, 2008

Video: Democracynow.org via YouTube

World renowned scientist

Dr. James Hansen is widely regarded as the leading climate change scientist in America. Dr Hansen was one of the first scientists in the world to speak out about the potential dangers associated with Global Warming during his speech at a senate hearing in 1988.

Dr Hansen has headed NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) for the last 25 years. The main program areas at GISS may be roughly divided into the categories of climate forcings, climate impacts, model development, Earth observations, planetary atmospheres, paleoclimate, radiation, atmospheric chemistry, and astrophysics and other disciplines. Given the level of studies performed at GISS and the fact that Dr Hansen has been the head of this institute for 25 years, I would feel it safe to assume that Dr Hansen knows what he is talking about, he is no crazy scientist.

Not allowing the truth to be heard

This video is part 1 of a series showing how the Bush administration has tried to silence Dr Hansen’s warnings to the world regarding climate change. I guess this just shows how much Bush and his big business cronies are frightened of losing a grip on the billions of dollars they make in the fossil fuel industry.

Website: Democracynow.org

The Rick Simpson Story (Part 2 of 7)

March 25, 2008

Video: YouTube

Hemp possibly cures Cancer, Tobacco probably causes Cancer… one is illegal whilst the other is legal, the question is. How do ‘they’ get away with it?

From this post ‘Today In Alternate History‘.

“In 1584, history’s most infamous drug dealer Sir Walter Raleigh was granted a patent to exploit the deadly tobacco narcotic in Virginia. Approximately 5.5 trillion cigarettes are produced globally each year by the tobacco industry, smoked by over 1.1 billion people, which is more than one-sixth of the world’s total population. In the year 2000, global smoking deaths reached 5 million making Raleigh the greatest mass murderer in history.”

Sir Walter Raleigh of England, in addition to his fame for establishing the first English colony in the New World, was also a respected writer and poet. Originally a favorite of Queen Elizabeth. However, Raleigh was later beheaded for treason in 1618.”

I guess future karma caught up with Walter… in advance.

Happy birthday tobacco companies… your time will come, though I’m still mystified as to how your executives got away with manifest barefaced lies uttered under Oath to The Grand Jury back in 1994… surely there aren’t two Laws, one for the rich and one for the poor, the colored and the ‘Pot heads’ who’s vice, unlike Tobacco, has NEVER been directly responsible, probably in what 10 or 20 thousand years, for a single death. mmm

The Rick Simpson Story (Part 1 of 7)

March 24, 2008

I’m going to do another one of my serials here, this time on Medical Marijuana… but first a little personal story.

When I was 22 whilst riding my bike; which I’d ridden for three years without incident, I had a head on collision with a drunk driving a car; a drunk who was so drunk he could not stand. This drunk had apparently turned across a main road without indicating a turn. The collision was at a combined speed of about 100mph or 160kph.

Now it was an open speed limit road, there was a mile vision either side of the collision site, the sun was shining and I had my headlight and helmet on. Had it not been for an eyewitness I would have been charged, despite the fact that the driver was turning across the road and back into the golf club he was manager of.

My bike impacted the car with such force that it drove the car’s motor and gearbox into the front seat, and the car back into his lane… yet the officer attempted to blame me. Had it not been for the eyewitness and curious bystanders pointing out that the broken glass, mud from the cars guards etc were on my side of the road, I would have been blamed… I found out later that the driver was not booked for drunken diving, apparently because he and the police officer were Lodge mates.

Believe it or not I walked, well hobbled away from that accident, and although I remember nothing of the actual accident, I was told by the eyewitness when I contacted him to thank him, that I’d apparently flown over the car and landed on my back some 50 or 60 meters down the road.

Needless to say, after the accident I was pretty sore for quite awhile, however, months later my back was still killing me. The initial apparently disinterested doctors who treated, me basically just gave me some pills (Indocid at first then Bufferin), but they failed to inform me about the correct use of them, and they kept me on them for way too long.

It wasn’t until a a few years later that I got a reference from a friend to a good doctor; prior to my head-on I rarely visited a doctor. Anyway, eventually I got to see a very good specialist as well, he was one of those great old school doctors, and he actually rang; whilst I was in his surgery, one of the disinterested doctors and abused him regarding the ignorance and indifference he’d shown in the drugs he’d given me and which had destroyed my stomach lining all to no avail!

The end result was I was sent to a very good chiropractor and advised by my new doctors that I should ask some of my mates who smoked Pot and to “Give it a try”. I’ll point out that at the time, and despite the fact that I had gotten drunk only a couple of times in earlier years; mainly through peer pressure, I had become quite anti alcohol, tobacco and drugs. I was a serious competition Skydiver and considered such things antithetical to peek performance.

To say that Pot helped would be an understatement, it had non of the side effects of the other pharmaceutical drugs I’d been given. Pot would allow me a full nights sleep, it gave me back most of my mobility and the only side effect that was noticed was, I was perhaps more social and apparently more tolerant; I must admit I was a bit of a tyrannical captain. Though I did not lose my competitive spirit; I went on to win a further 3 state, 2 East Coast and a National championship, it was ironically the over use of alcohol amongst my team members that finally caused me to move from competitions to filming.

As for de-motivating people. Pot has I admit toned down my aggressively domineering and determined Attitude… slightly, and regarding the memory thing, well in Metallurgy I was 1 of 6 out of 123 that started Metallurgy with me, that finished in the minimum period, in fact 1 of the other 5, by his own admission only got through because I helped him.

I guess some might say, “Well it hasn’t seemed to have effected your ego.” Oh contraire, before I started smoking Pot I considered myself as one of the world’s worst winners, man if you were competing against me, or if you were on my team and screwed up you had me in your face till you either gave up or stopped screwing up.

And now finally:- The Rick Simpson Story (Part 1 of 7)

Video: YouTube


The Drugging of Our Children

March 11, 2008

Video: YouTube

“Gary Null examines the increasingly common practice of prescribing psychotropic drugs for children – including preschoolers as young as age 2 to 4 – who have been diagnosed with ADD, or ADHD. In the absence of any objective medical tests to determine who has ADD or ADHD, doctors rely in part on standardized assessments and the impressions of teachers and guardians while the they administer leave little room for other causes or aggravating factors, such as diet, or environment.

Hence, diagnosing a child or adolescent with ADD or ADHD is often the outcome, although no organic basis for either disease has yet to be clinically proven. Psychiatrists may then prescribe psychotropic drugs for the children without first without making it clear to parents that these medications can have severe side-effects including insomnia, loss of appetite, headaches, psychotic symptoms and even potentially fatal adverse reactions, such as cardiac arrhythmia. And yet, despite these dangers, many school systems actually work with government agencies to force parents to drug their children, threatening those who refuse with the prospect of having their children taken from the home unless they cooperate.

To some, this looks like institutionalized child abuse in the name of mental health, where naturally active and inquisitive children are drugged into submission while the pharmaceutical industry prospers. New York Times bestselling author, Gary Null, Ph.D., an acclaimed documentary filmmaker and syndicated radio host, investigates this potentially tragic abuse.” – Taken in whole from Youtube

Now who’s to say that this is not part of the MK-ULTRA scam/scheme… see the previous America’s Secret War posts.

The Convenient Solution

February 27, 2008

Video: YouTube

Nuclear Power is far too expensive, would take far too long and the consequences, if something goes badly wrong, is a major worry. Also the question of waste has not been solved and the idea that vitrification will solve the waste problem is fascicle. For a start at present we have something like 2,000 tons of Plutonium waste, that’s about 2,032,093 kilograms or about 4,480,000 lbs. Now from memory the critical mass of Plutonium is about 5kgs or about 11lbs, which means your going to have to parcel it up into say 1,000,000 lots… mmm that’s a lot of lots to bury and secure for a half a million years or more, a period longer than Man’s been in existence!

Now we have only built 2 or 3 Nuclear power stations in something like 20 years and now ‘they’; want to build probably thousands of plants world wide, to undo the damage that probably the very same corporations who were behind the very energy companies that caused the problems, and after denying those problems both during the polluting and after it became obvious… not unlike the tobacco industry’s ‘I have no knowledge that smoking is injurious to health’ whom ‘they’ one way or another probably own.

It’s about 15 to 20 years to build a nuclear power plant, and if we take the Nuclear industries guesstimates of how many people will be employed building a Nuclear power plant, guess what, they’ve solved the western world’s unemployment problems, that’s if they can find the workers with the necessary skills sets, which I doubt… it’s clearly a case of ‘When your snout’s in the trough the rim’s your horizon’.

Wong is Wrong

February 24, 2008

Well I just couldn’t resist and whilst in the moment I’ll add, two Wrongs wont make a right either Ms Wong.

This post is regarding Australia’s minister for Climate Change and Water (Penny Wong) and her relative inaction regarding Professor Ross Garnaut’s interim greenhouse review.

The story so far. Australia is dominated by the Banks, the Resource industry and the Industrial Farming sector… they are the ones, who at present with more than a little help of the Rice & Cotton mob in the not so deep north, who justify their greed with the defense of ‘export growth’ & ‘jobs’, whilst the mob in the not so deep north go on butchering our most important Murray Darling waterway.

The Garnaut Climate Change Report is handed in and it tells us what most thinking people already know… like it’s not that hard to realize that to freeze the World’s pollution at sort of 1990’s levels, when there were already signs of climatic arrhythmia, is not unlike closing the barn door after the horse has bolted… to the power of a number just sightly south of infinity.