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The Search for Ultimate Energy 1

July 27, 2008

Video: YouTube

There is some controversy over what tunes exactly the Titanic’s band was playing on deck, as they and the Titanic slipped beneath the icy waters of the Atlantic on that April night. But the unconfirmed rumors say “Song d’Automne” and the appropriate “Nearer, My God, to Thee” were heard by the survivors.

WTF is the Hippie talking about I hear you say? Well, at a time when it’s bleedingly obvious that things are going array, and after almost 12 years of total inaction by Bush in the US and Australia’s Liberal (Republican look a likes) government led by John Winston Howard and his merry group of environmental vandals; acting on behalf of the coal companies, you would hope for an improvement.

Sadly Howard’s replacement, Kevin Rudd’s Labor (Democrat look a likes) government’s first action is to put a means test on the subsidy given to people who put solar panels on their homes… yep you heard me right, hard to believe isn’t it, but get this, ironically they said it was because they thought the Solar industries were in danger of overheating.

But wait there’s more. Brendon Neilson, the new Liberal opposition leader, who prior to joining the Liberal party had an ear stud, and who prior to taking command, stated with gusto and feeling “I have never voted Liberal in my life”! is now doing his best to prevent Australia moving from being world leaders in pollution, to being leaders in the no action brigade and full steam a head on the economy. Meanwhile the band’s breaking out their instruments.

Thankfully Western Europe is making an effort, Germany with about half the sunlight of Australia is actually doing more with solar than Australia, Holland and Great Britain are building tidal turbines, even though they don’t have the 10 meter plus tides we have in the north of our country, and Iceland is going gangbusters with geothermal, whilst Australia is thinking about pilot geothermal plants… it’s embarrassing.

But I’m going to save my praise for Allen Jones; currently working on solving London’s power problems, who’s one of the few who’s got a grasp on the fact that centralized power sources; which only suit the power and fossil fuel industries, are largely inefficient and unnecessary, that with a bit of uncommon sense, you can provide all the power you need to drive a city in the city, by using a variety of what’s often referred to as alternative energy… good on you Allen.

Regenerative Drive System (RDS)

June 20, 2008

This morning whilst listening to our public national radio station, I heard a report of our current Labor government’s removal of some government grants.

Initially rather than go on with my usual diatribe about governmental and banking ignorance and or corruption, I’ll quote directly from our brilliant; despite the previous Howard’s government’s attempts to screw it, ABC Radio National.

Permo-Drive: Commercial Ready grants scrapped

“Now more on how the federal government has scrapped the Commercial Ready program, which provided funding, through dollar for dollar grants, to innovative and fast-growth businesses. Over the years, the scheme had provided more than $700 million in grants and its withdrawal has left 220 Australian businesses dangling, with applications worth from 250,000 dollars up to 5 million dollars pending.

Well, one of those businesses relying on a Commercial Ready grant was Permo-Drive, a company based in Ballina, New South Wales. They’ve developed a remarkable hybrid drive system for trucks and they have 20 demonstrators ready to roll along with huge interest from trucking companies here as well as overseas, including from the US Army. Now the company has written to its 1,900 shareholders to say that without the grant money, the company is no longer viable and will go into liquidation early next month.” ABC Radio National (AM)

Can you believe it? I mean Australia is blessed with a disproportionately large number of brilliant inventors, with an equally large number of famous inventions, yet we are ruled by I’m sure by a disproportionately large number of total morons with IQs lower than my pet rock it seems.

Before I go any further here is a cut ‘n paste section from Permo-Drive’s website technology page complete with images.


John Pilger “The Invisible Government” Part 4/4

June 17, 2008

Video: YouTube

If there is one thing to be taken from Pilger’s ‘Invisible Government’, it is that the Media is largely, if not entirely not to be trusted because, it’s owned by the corporations who’s income is dependent on the public not knowing the truth.

In Australia, only the Public networks are, I believe, to be trusted in a limited way. I say in a limited way because after almost 12 years of the Howard government’s non stop harassment, of the ABC & SBS, through spurious false claims of bias, the forced sales of assets and funding cut backs; which obviously must have had effects. However, that being said, it is sad that the ABC has, I believe, been weakened and it seems now is less willing to take on controversial issues.

George Monbiot on solutions to global warming

June 7, 2008

Video: The Real News

You know what really pisses me off? Germany with half the solar radiation of Australia, is doing more with Solar than we are… that’s because our governments (both Liberal and Labor) are bought and paid for by the coal, oil & gas corporations.

Get this, our ‘new’ Labor government, means tested the government’s Solar power rebate, to a house hold income of $100,000 pa… that’s despite the fact that they know most households are suffering ‘mortgage stress’; thanks to the calculating money grabbing world dominating bankers. I mean how mean and stupid is that? When we needed to get the solar businesses in Australia started up seriously, they put barriers for the ones who could have helped get the business up and running… the irony is, they said it was necessary to prevent the solar businesses over heating, they’d prefer them stone cold I expect.

After almost 12 years of the ignorant, mean spirited, stupid, environmental vandals led by John Winston Howard, who despite the rhetoric, did nothing to further alternative energy in Australia, and in fact, hindered efforts in the world to fight global climate change, by siding with that other intellectual giant (with the dogie IQ of 120), International Terrorist and mass murder George W Bush.

The Maine Solar House

May 21, 2008

Video: Google Video

In Germany they are now methodically going through all the homes and the government is paying to make them more efficient. This in the long run will save Germany billions of dollars, the only ones to lose will be the Oil, Gas and power companies… how cool; or rather warm, is that!

The new Rudd Labor government in Australia on the other hand, has means tested the government’s solar panel rebate, and they set the limit at a household income of $100,000… a limit that they already recognize as families in difficulty with their mortgages, food and petrol prices! What a bunch of total morons… a country renowned for it’s sunshine, and a new Labor government, obviously beholding to the Oil and Gas, but more particularly Coal companies, finishes of what that other world recognized environmental vandal, John Winston Howard started… wiping out the sill fledgling, Solar power and other alternative power generation industries in Australia… apparently China and the US appreciate Aussie knowhow more than Australian governments.

Words fail me.

12. Secret Rulers of the World – The Cult of Amen (12 of 29)

May 8, 2008

Video: YouTube

As more and more of the pieces of the jigsaw come together, we start to see the picture slowly emerge. Many of the things that we’ve noticed, because something was not quite right, may now be seen for what they were. Things such as the dismissal of the Australian Whitlam Labor government by the Queen’s representative, a notoriously drunken Governor general Sir John Kerr, who installed a conservative ‘Liberal’ right wing government with a future Liberal Prime Minister John Winston Howard, who became the Treasurer in the mid 70’s and took Australia to it highest inflation reaching a peak of 22%.

Now you may say, so what, what’s this got to do with ‘Secret Rulers of the World – The Cult of Amen’… well, after being supported by the media, he became Prime Minister in the late 90’s and he won two more elections, despite what could only be seen as a campaign of lies and racism, again with the support of the media.

During his time in power, John Winston Howard, a devoted Royalist, was also responsible, I believe, for nobling Australia’s attempt at becoming a Republic. He involved us in the unjust and illegal war in Iraq. He stood by whilst an Australian, namely David Hicks, was held and tortured in Guantanamo Bay without doing a thing… as now the US military’s own Guantanamo Bay Prosecutor admits, should never have been there. He obstructed alternative power generating technologies such as solar power; which were then taken up by the US & China, and to finish up, he allowed the banks to ruthlessly offer credit without boundaries, thereby enslaving Australia to the banks… as far as the ‘Secret Rulers of the World’ are concerned, I’d say he was a roaring success.

Now if you do not see parallels in your own countries, all I can say is think about it a bit more and keep watching, if you haven’t looked at PaleBluDot’s recent complementary posts ‘The Story of Stuff’ and the ‘Corrupt Banking System’, that fills most of the the gaps left by ‘Secret Rulers of the World.

My suggestion is to give the aforementioned posts a look and weigh up the evidence all be it circumstantial… you do know by the way, that innocent people; exclusively poor, have been put in jail and even executed, on circumstantial evidence, by hugely resourced judicial systems all over the world. Conversely, it must be valid to convict obviously guilty people and organizations, on huge amounts of circumstantial evidence… wouldn’t you agree?

11. Secret Rulers of the World – The Empire (11 of 29)

May 7, 2008

Video: YouTube

Firstly a disclaimer. I am an agnostic, mind you, to the reader who has admirably persisted reading my brain injured dyslectic scribbles, this is not news to them I guess. But what may not be quite so plain, is something that I picked up earlier from my adopted country and culture; some of you may quite rightly stumble over ‘culture’ and Aussie appearing in the same sentence so I separated them, where most Aussies helped and encouraged those less fortunate, a philosophy all but wiped out by our previous Prime Minister John Winston Howard, with his right wing fundamentalists and the Australian version of like minded ‘greed is good’, pentecostalist Hillsong Church, along with their, long term homicidal theological Inquisitional assassins, in fact the whole Jesuits, Opus Dei we are right and you are wrong brigade, which I Hate with; to use ironically Mel Gibson’s word, a Passion… ah, that feels much better now.

OK, so it is not surprising that the various branches of the Christian & Muslim religious ‘faiths’; where faith is defined as an absolute certainty in the trustworthiness of another, would not want discussion of the prospects that, if the Old Testament is to be taken literally, then from the earliest period, namely the section concerned with Adam & Eve, is obviously flawed.

According to the Bible, Adam was lonely so God took one of his ribs; men actually have 2 not 1 less ribs than women, and created his female companion Eve, with which Adam fathered two children, Caine and Able… we’ve all heard the story how Cain killed Able, but what we haven’t heard about, is where did the rest of us come from, if the bible is literally true?

The other part of the story the various Christian churches undoubtedly wont talk about, is the possibility that Jesus did not in fact die after only six hours on the cross, that he went on to marry and have kids to his own half sister. It’s hardly surprising that this prospect is not widely discussed, since it brings the whole story, in fact the whole plethora of the Judo, Christian and Muslim ideological doctrine, into doubt, if it is to be based solely on the absolute truth of what is written in their various texts.

Any cognitive questions of these various texts, creates at best a conundrum, at worst, is evidence of a stunning calculated deception, which has resulted in a majority of largely poor, who have been told constantly since infancy, in the next life, if you follow our rules, you will be rewarded… a story put forward by a ruling class who have accumulated an inordinate amount of wealth and power, through the marketing of their product of faith.

This form of indoctrination is referred to as brainwashing when it is used in a similar manner by other ideologies, in some cases other Christian fringe dwellers, with other even more extreme views or ways, or in other cases for example, by supposed Communists, which despite supposedly being arch enemies of Christianity, can be defined by the very same phrase i.e. ‘a totalitarian system of government in which a single authoritarian party controls state-owned means of production’… it’s all very ironic and some what worrying as you will see as we progress through this series of videos.

Dan Gilbert Why are we happy? Why aren’t we happy?

May 7, 2008

Video: Videoegg

Well I guess the first and more difficult question should be, what is happiness?

I remember hearing the story once, about a New York Psychiatrist who committed suicide because, and get this, he couldn’t get a decent service job on his Mercedes… you’d have to worry about his patients firstly I guess. Next you might think, a New York Psychiatrist would have to be a good earner, what was it going to take to make this guy happy, obviously not money.

Speaking for myself, I just had a little set back, not that important but, a set back nevertheless. Let me explain. Our former Prime Minster John Winston Howard, another right wing nutter with what seems like a room temperature IQ, sold off our phone system to privet enterprise. As with all these privatizations, ‘it’s to improve service etc.’, which, as far as I can see is always a load of bullshit.

Anyway, Telstra the company in question’s first move, as usual, is to lay off staff, cut services and send their information desk to India. So when I get bills for the person who lived here before me, 5 times I write on the bill return to sender this person no longer lives here. The sixth time I decide to have a little fun, I taped a house brick to the bill and then I took the letter down to the Post Office, hoping that Telstra would be billed for excess postage and take the hint.

Unfortunately, although the Post Office does have a sense of humor, they would not send it, explaining that the postage paid was just for a letter, not the brick and they suggested that I take it to the Telstra shop, which I did, brick and all. When I got to the Telstra shop they were busy so I left it on the counter, next to their phone. About 20 minutes later my door bell goes off, whilst I’m actually writing this post… not five minutes ago, I had a visit from the police regarding my attempt to post a Telstra bill back to Telstra… with a brick attached to it.

The two female officers said they had a complaint from the Post office. I corrected them saying, no you wouldn’t have got a complaint from the post office, because they were all laughing about it. I explained to the two officers that I’d sent at least 5 other bills back, this time I decided to attach a brick to it, I told them I was hoping that Telstra would have to pay the excess. The officer said it was inappropriate of me!… inappropriate maybe, but not against the Law as far as I know. GMAB!

OK, now although my little practical joke of attaching a house brick to a returning letter did not turn out the way I wished, and although I had to see off, in no uncertain terms the two female officers with attitude; I don’t like being prejudged (I’m a Hippie), but I did get a good laugh out of it, especially when I refused to take back the bill with it’s brick still attached (they left it on my doorstep)… does this mean I’m happy, not necessarily, though when I rang the desk Sargent and explain everything we eventually did have a good laugh about it… as did, I found out later, my neighbors Kris & George, who overheard the whole exchange with the 2 officers.

So finally on to the video. Obviously personally I found the video quite interesting, Dan Gilbert’s little talk and his analogies about what makes us happy is quite enlightening. Dan talks about impact bias, about synthesized happiness and how what pleases us or makes us happy, and when you think about it, it’s pretty much up to how we program ourselves, either consciously or subconsciously. All the same I did enjoy Dan’s way of presenting, why are we happy and why aren’t we happy and I hope you do too.

There are two too many to’s!

A bit lame I guess, want another laugh? Click below.


Stephen Petranek 10 ways the world could end

April 10, 2008


In descending order they are:-

10. 1 in 5 suffer from Depression. Inadequate therapy, a dependence on treating with drugs only; which suits the drug companies only.

9. Alien invaders. ET and his mates attack earth. Need a plan that does not include sticking our heads in the sand.

8. Echo system collapses. Oceans systems near collapse. We need to reserve and preserve.

7. Particle accelerator and man made black holes at Lucerne. We need to have outside independent scientific view.

6. Biotechnology disaster. Monsanto should be controlled until a thorough independent scientific examination is made. It needs to be regulated quickly.

Pole reversal, the North pole becomes the South Pole, the cosmic rays fry us, this is event over due. We need to investigate repairing and replenishing the ozone layer.

4. Solar Super Flares. Start terra forming Mars… quickly.

3. New global epidemic. AIDs, Ebola, Bird Flu, Staf infections, etc. Stop using antibiotics and fix public health.

Rogue Black Hole. Hurry up and find another planet.

Asteroid hit. Spend more money, start looking and work out how to deal with the threats. Our own ex-Prime Minister John Winston Howard stopped vital search in the southern hemisphere because it cost 3 million dollars a year… he allegedly spent $200,000 a year on wine for his residence.

David Keith A surprising idea for solving climate change

April 4, 2008


One of my favorite people to quote from, is the American Will Rogers and an appropriate quote here is: “If stupidity got us into this mess, then why can’t it get us out?” Well we got into the mess by a bunch of Bankers focused on wealth not health… and now were dependent on a bunch of politicians, generally financed by bankers to get us out of the mess.

This is the way I see it. The planetary atmosphere weighs heaps and as a result it has heaps of inertia. So it takes a huge amount of ‘effort’; for want of a better term, and a considerable amount of time to initiate a change in the inertia. Now that change once it starts and if it is acted upon by ever increasing amounts of ‘effort’; such as ever increasing CO2 etc., it’s momentum increases logarithmically; also for want of a better term.

So a bunch of Bankers and their lackey Politicians, who’s forte is counting and accumulating wealth, who have little or no understanding of science, have no chance of making a rational nor effective decision… nor even recognizing the problem, are attempting to set the agenda… and either make more money out of fixing the problem, or minimizing their losses… they are pathetic.

This fact is brilliantly displayed by the shear stupidity of saying that, if we manage to struggle all the way back to say the 90ish levels; only 10 or so years ago, that will fix the problem. Duh!

And now I’d like again, to apologize for our environmental vandal ex-Prime Minister John Winston Howard’s attitude which was, as we say in Australia, ‘It’ll be sweet, no worries mate’.