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Why are we are destroying our planet ?

October 8, 2008

Video: YouTube

Our planet has a finite number of animals and plants. If we keep going the way we are, eventually there will be nothing left.

There is only so much oil, only so much coal, only so much uranium. And yet there is abundant sunlight (at least for another few billion years) and by that time we could have transferred us all to another solar system.

Why is it that Australia especially is not going all out to replace the fossil fuel power stations with Solar, Wind, Geothermal and Tidal/Wave power generation. MONEY, that’s why, big business are just too greedy.

Any politicians reading this please wake up and stop the senseless destruction of the only planet that we currently know we can exist on.

Any big business people reading this please take your oportunity to jump on the green bandwagon as that is where your future business will have to operate.

Any other people reading this post, please speak up and let your local member of parliament know how you feel and that you will not except anything other than total respect for our environment.


September 25, 2008

Video: YouTube

Why do Fox and anyone else for that matter continually try to discredit the notion that climate change is man made? Why?

They have vested interests.

All I have to say is;

1. The world has lost about half of it’s forests due to clearing. These forests act as huge carbon sinks. The trees are basically solidified carbon.

2. Since the industrial revolution, there have been countless numbers of factories built all around the world which are releasing billons of tonnes of carbon dioxide, Sulphur and other greenhouse gases and toxins into the atmosphere each and every day.


We are obviously adding to the problem in a big way. It’s just commonsense.

Scientists invent a machine to suck CO2 out of the atmosphere

June 1, 2008

Scientist invent a machine to suck CO2 out of the atmosphere
Photo: dailymail.co.uk

In what may be an important breakthrough in the fight against global warming scientist claim to have invented a machine which will suck CO2 out of the atmosphere.

The machine has been invented by US physicist Klaus Lackner and his team. Lackner claims his machine offers more hope than attempts to cut down carbon emissions.

The idea is that the machines which would be the size of shipping containers would be produced in their millions and the captured CO2 could be pumped into greenhouses to improve the growth of food or plant crops.

The team of US scientists now plans to build a prototype which would capture one tonne of CO2 from the air every day.

The new invention may not keep everyone happy, as some environmentalist’s claim attempts to capture the dirty emissions is just undermining our ability to introduce true renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, etc.

But physicist Klaus Lackner, who led the U.S. team behind the invention, said the CO2 scrubber offered more hope than current efforts to cut carbon emissions by reducing fossil fuel use.

I’d rather have a technology that allows us to use fossil fuels without destroying the planet, because people are going to use them anyway,’ he said.

I believe that the CO2 sucker is a good idea as it is becoming increasingly evident that it is so hard to get Business and Government to clean up their dirty power.

What is really sad though is the fact that we need to invent a machine to suck CO2 out of the air, when every day we cut down millions of natural CO2 suckers. It is a really sad indictment of our so called “world leaders”.

Website: CO2 Sucker at Dailymail via Digg

Solar Power Makes a Comeback

May 23, 2008

Solar Power Makes a Comeback

Video: Myspace

Invest in the security of your own home. Invest in your Power supply by installing solar panels and solar hot water systems, build a green house and grow your own food… or don’t become self sufficient.

25. Secret Rulers of the World – Iraqi Dates (25 of 29)

May 21, 2008

Video: YouTube

1.1 Trillion dollars unaccounted for by the US Department of ‘Defence’!? They lose 1.1 Trillion dollars and millions of kids, the mentally ill, pensioners and veterans go without medical attention, a roof over their heads, proper education or enough food… they put mentally ill people, kids, pensioners and veterans in jail at about $1,000 a week, rather than provide them with housing and medical care, at a fraction of that cost? Obviously that suits the privatized jails, it reduces the number of beggars on the streets etc. but is this the ‘way of life’ the US Department of ‘Defence’ is defending? Is that really what ‘The Evil Doers’ are jealous about, is that really why they hate ‘us’?

Your governments, and that includes my Australian government; albeit to a lesser extent, does all this, then goes on about reducing taxes?… which reduces still further the services, but only to the majority, the minority’s OK, they can pay for what they want, more so now they are paying less taxes. Is this what soldiers and civilians are dying for? Obviously not, but it’s what you voted for, it’s what they made you vote for… or do you think that it’s just a coincidence that the just about all the democracies have only 2 main parties to choose from, and that no matter what the rhetoric (lies), they always end up doing much the same thing… that’s a coincidence is it?

Millions of dollars are being embezzled and stolen from the US Department of ‘Defence’ for the same reasons that the Churches are paying out millions and millions of dollars for out of court settlements for pedophilia cases… the people involved know the system is a load of crap… we all know that don’t we? So the answer is not to pick the ones the system puts up to vote for, in the case of America, vote for Ralph Nader on mass… or for the Republican that the Republicans don’t want, namely Ron Paul, or even The Greens, if you really want to piss them off.

National Bike to work day

May 20, 2008

Video: Streetfilms.org

National Bike-to-Work Day was started in 1956 by The League of American Bicyclists as a part of the National Bike-to-Work Week. Some have even gone so far as to have a Bike-to-Work Month as well.

The Bike to Work day is a way in which the Bicycle is recognised as a viable means of transport. The event is also a much needed inspiration for green and environmental awareness as well.

The video above shows footage of Bike-to-Work Day in Austin, San Francisco, New York City and Portland, Oregon.

Streetfilms.org has the low down on this event and you can see their story and many more at the link below

Website: National Bike to work day via treehugger.com

Old fashioned lawn mower

May 14, 2008

Old fashioned lawn mower
Image: Duffy via groovygreen

I am all for any method which is going to reduce excess CO2 into the atmosphere more than what is natural. The old fashioned pushed mowers are also quite good for improving your fitness, and if the blades are sharpened they are not that difficult to push (as long as you don’t let the grass get too long). Anyway, if you get yourself a good ram it could also act to guard your property.

Website: Old fashioned lawn mower

Solar Industry needs workers

May 14, 2008

Solar Industry needs workers
Photo: imageshack.us

A recent study by 2 community college researchers has suggested that California may need an extra 5,000 workers over the next year, to add to the existing 16,500 to 17,500 already employed in the solar industry in the state.

Although there will be jobs for salespeople and designers, the majority of the jobs will be on the roof doing installations, The industry desperately needs people to install rooftop solar arrays. “You don’t need a Ph.D. or a B.A. to get into this industry, It’s an opportunity to rebuild the working-class jobs that have been lost.”

The salaries available will vary from $31,200 per year for entry level installers, up to $60,000 for those more experienced in installations. The solar designers and engineers can expect to earn a median salary of $83,000.

PaleBluDot’s other author Beam has constantly suggested that people in timber or other environmentally disastrous industries can be retrained in industries such as Solar and Wind power generations. Sounds like there are going to be many opportunities for people to be transferred to the “green jobs” as renewable energy becomes a priority rather than just a minority.

Website: Solar Industry needs workers via Greenpacks.org

Privatising Electricity NSW

May 11, 2008

Video: YouTube

Dr Patricia Ranald (please read the whole article)

The Government claims that it will use the proceeds from the sales to fund health and environmental infrastructure. But the international evidence from shows that the income from privatization is generally less than the revenue lost from selling the asset. Economist Professor Richard Blandy concluded that the South Australian electricity privatization produced “no net benefit to state government finances.” Economist Professor John Quiggan also confirmed that there was no net gain from privatization from the Victorian government (quoted in the Beder Report, p8) Privatization will mean profits come before the environment.

International research shows that private companies have to deliver high short term returns to shareholders. They can charge higher prices when there is a shortage of capacity, and therefore delay investment in new power capacity. They are driven to choose the least cost technology. Governments are not driven by short term profitability, and can plan to use emerging and renewable technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions (Beder Report, p 4).”


Save the Earth

May 10, 2008

Video: YouTube

Save our skies, save our oceans, save our lands, save our animals, save our plants, save our people, save our beauty, SAVE OUR EARTH.

This is a nice video, well worth the 1 minute 16 seconds to watch it.

It is all fairly simple when you break it down. All destructive damaging industries and practices need to be converted to clean, green industries and practices.

Governments and big business need to be implementing change in a big way, and not next year or the year after. The decisions need to be made now. We need to stop the rot.