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Thermal Banking Greenhouse Design

February 4, 2017

Steve Schwen and his family run Earthen Path Organic Farm in Lake City, Minnesota. This video describes a great greenhouse they have built from scratch. The Innovative building is designed to increase the growing season whilst reducing energy costs, especially important given the extremes of temperature that occur in Minnesota.

What’s also very impressive to me is the statements Steve makes re profits. Quoting Steve;

“I look at profits with dollar signs, as only being a very crude measure of the success of your farm or your efforts, Because your profits are in the health of your family, the integrity of your family’s relationship to the community, those are the profits that we forget to measure, I mean maybe it’s a 60’s thing, but in the end we all need to look at our journey on this earth as being connected with our community and start to dissolve the separateness of us and the rest of the community and the separateness of us from the land, we’re not badening the land, we’re learning to dance with it and work with it”


July 9, 2008

Video: YouTube

Being a Hippie, I go out of my way not to tread on Ants… but if they come in my home, that’s another matter.

This video upset me a bit, because I guess the Ants ‘got it in the neck’, when the scientists pored concrete down their nest, to study it’s complexity, it’s air conditioning, it’s farming and waste management system. What they ended up with was an incredible 3D concrete casting of the Ant’s nest… after they removed the dirt from around it.

Now if only humans, like the ants, could work towards a common cause, rather than participating in the rat race, perhaps things would run smoother and we would be less likely to destroy our home. Bye the way, do you know what happens when you win the Rat race?


Suburban Permaculture

June 26, 2008

Video: YouTube

With the price of petrol on an ever increasing spiral upwards, food is being sucked along in it’s wake. With supermarkets and Industrial farming also on an ever increasing spiral upwards, nutrition and health is going in the opposite direction.

Lets face it political instability is on the increase like the weather and food shortages, so why waste time and money on lawns and pay for food that’s neither fresh nor healthy, yet is increasing in prices and being sprayed with who knows what… grow your own food, improve your health, and put the money you save into solar panels.

America’s Secret War 4 of 5

March 12, 2008

Video: YouTube

It’s the patriots and the protectors of freedom that we have most to worry from. It’s their slant on what’s OK that’s behind the blacking out in FOIs… not to protect ‘National Security’, but to protect themselves from being dragged over the coals for their wrong doings.

As Samuel Johnson said “patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”… but you could also swap ‘National Security’ for patriotism.

As is the case with the Patriot Act in the US, and similar laws in the UK, Australia and who knows where else, it’s contra to the inalienable rights of the Citizens and it is actually perpetrated against Citizens not by their elected governments, but by the people who have most to lose financially.

By this I mean, it is done by the Security organizations, for the tiny percentage of people who are the Military, Petrochemical, Medical and Farming Industrialists, and last but not least, it’s really the Bankers & Financiers who are the ones who are really in control, and who will do absolutely anything to remain in control.

America’s Secret War 1 of 5

March 4, 2008

Video: YouTube

It’s unfortunately too easy to cloud the issues and to dismiss conspiracies such as Jewish domination of the Banks, The Illuminati, UFOs, Crop Circles, JFK, Martin Luther King, Waco, The Oklahoma City bombing, 911, The Bali bombings, Iraq and the War on Terror, Vaccines, AIDS, ‘Mind Control’, Chemtrails and last but not least the War on Drugs. The first questions shouldn’t be whether or not they are conspiracies, but if they are, who gained from it/them… it’s the most basic and should be one of the first questions asked in any investigation.

Now I doubt if anyone of those ‘conspiracies’ is more convincing than the JFK assassination. The point is a group of individuals with an incredible amount of power got away with it, they got away with presenting as evidence of ‘The Lone Gunman’ in the Warren Report, things such as the ‘magic bullet’ and ignoring things like the momentum of JFK’s head snapping backwards to his left from the impact, when if Oswald had shot him from above, behind and from the right, JFK’s head would have carried to the left forward and down… in accordance with the irrefutable Laws of Physics, and it wouldn’t have been the back of his head blown off and his brains on to Jackie, it would have been his face and brains on to the back of the driver and his seat.

In Nigel Turner’s nine part series ‘The Men Who Killed Kennedy’, it is painfully obvious that ‘The Lone Gunman’ is a fasical propersition.

Before I continue here is a list courtesy of Wikipedia of both successful and unsuccessful assassination attempts, or at least suspicious deaths of US presidents:-

Andrew Jackson, Zachary Taylor, Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, Warren G. Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy, Richard M. Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush… a few of these latter attempts may have been to solicit a sympathy vote.

OK I think I’ve establish that being an American President is a risky business (a warning to Obama). Now you would think that this would have been known before JFK wouldn’t you? Yet think back to the JFK assassination… does anybody remember seeing Secret Service guys along side JFK’s open car? No… mmm. Well if you go through the aforementioned Nigel Turner’s nine part series ‘The Men Who Killed Kennedy’, you will see one of JFK’s Secret Service guys stop, turn around and spread his arms in an obvious questioning gesture, after he is I assume, told to drop back so he didn’t get in the way of a clear shot minutes later.

And what has all this to do with ‘brainwashing’ and mass mind control some might say? Well I’d say they are either stupid or they have something to gain from the system as it is… look at Nigel Turner’s series and Think for yourselves and ask the question who gains from such events?

Well I’ll offer a few who probably gain, firstly and fore mostly The Banks and the individuals who control them, since they one way or another control or own the Military Industrial complex, the Pharmaceutical and Medical Companies, The Petrochemical & Energy companies, The Law & Judicial system, The Industrial Farming and last but not least the all important Media, who soon will own the Net by owning the various Phone companies which would make the control complete… there is no such thing as a ‘New World Order’, it’s the Old World Order regaining control and the ‘Government’ is totally irrelevant, as is Democracy since they have already done away with most of the ‘free world’s’ constitutions, either by Globalization or through their War on Terror.

Wong is Wrong

February 24, 2008

Well I just couldn’t resist and whilst in the moment I’ll add, two Wrongs wont make a right either Ms Wong.

This post is regarding Australia’s minister for Climate Change and Water (Penny Wong) and her relative inaction regarding Professor Ross Garnaut’s interim greenhouse review.

The story so far. Australia is dominated by the Banks, the Resource industry and the Industrial Farming sector… they are the ones, who at present with more than a little help of the Rice & Cotton mob in the not so deep north, who justify their greed with the defense of ‘export growth’ & ‘jobs’, whilst the mob in the not so deep north go on butchering our most important Murray Darling waterway.

The Garnaut Climate Change Report is handed in and it tells us what most thinking people already know… like it’s not that hard to realize that to freeze the World’s pollution at sort of 1990’s levels, when there were already signs of climatic arrhythmia, is not unlike closing the barn door after the horse has bolted… to the power of a number just sightly south of infinity.


Why the tycoons fear hemp: From drugs to oil

February 17, 2008

G’day again,
Before I continue with this post I’d like to recommend a few products and no I’m not being paid and at the time of me composing this post there were no adds pertaining to my suggestion as far as I know (gee I sound like a politician – “I have no knowledge of that” or “I did not have sex with that woman” or “Evil doers” or “The tyrant has fallen, and Iraq is free.”). 😉

Anyway the products to which I refer are:-

1. ReadPlease, a free text to speech software, it’s quite good but you should not click on their faces… which of course guarantees that you will, which is exactly what I want you to do… see how easy it is to manipulate people? I might say at this point this is, and the subsequent piece of software are very handy software to own, that will help dyslectics, people with poor eyesight or perhaps blind and and it’s an excellent product to help your kids with their studies. Now is a good time to try out this software since it is a longish post.

2. Verbose, another bit of software, not free but a bargain at about $20 and it has several advantages over ReadPlease in that you can highlight text such as this, tap an allocated key and it will read out the text to you whilst you go on surfing or whatever… it’s a truly great piece of software.

3. The third item is a book by Jack Herer called “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” It’s a very informative book on the Hemp industry and the politics of Pot.

OK now on to the real meat in this post.

I have copied the following post written by Seth Michaels from Helium.


Soil The Secret Solution to Global Warming

February 8, 2008

Part 1

“Part one describes an agricultural crisis of pandemic proportions: the catastrophic loss of topsoil. Sustainably-farmed soil holds up to 30% more carbon than conventional agriculture. Converting most farmland to organic would reduce CO2.” – Quantumshift

Watch more videos like this at www.quantumshift.tv


Monsanto verses the Planet

February 8, 2008

Personal opinion

Firstly I’ll point out that I’m confrontational, I don’t believe that being a ‘nice’ guy works in politics or business, especially when the other side is bent on winning no matter what. If my ‘attitude’ makes you feel uneasy or upsets you so be it, there are plenty of non confrontational web sites out there for you to choose from… I’m interested in catering for those who have had enough of the corruption both in spirit and deed.

From memory (such as it is) Percy Schmeiser’s crop, which his family farm had spent a considerable number of years developing to suit his methods and the area he lived in, was polluted (cross pollinated) by Monsanto’s local crops. My ‘memory’ is of a relatively small organic farmer being screwed by Monsanto, a huge Industrial farming business basically managed by ‘Bankers’ and Lawyers (spit on the ground) with deep pockets… and as we all know, he who has the most money will almost always win in a court battle.

Monsanto must be stopped!

It’s Organic farmers like Percy Schmeiser, a winner of the Mahatma Ghandi award, verses Monsanto and it’s Industrial farming business… I don’t see Monsanto ever winning a Mahatma Ghandi award with it’s genetically engineered species which produce the sterile ‘seeds of destruction’, that force even the poorest farmers to go back to Monsanto every season, because the next seasons seeds will not sprout.

See also Information Liberation A MUST READ

Take note fellow Australians and put the spot light on the Australian State & Federal Governments about this appalling situation of allowing Monsanto’s GM in Australia… they must be stopped, hassle your State & Federal MPs, point out that their jobs, and for some, their pensions are on the chopping block.

Some of you may also remember Percy’s battle with Monsanto some years back.

Watch more videos like this at www.quantumshift.tv

Vertical Farming

January 12, 2008

Vertical Farming
Photo: The Vertical Farm Project


The Vertical Farming concept rests heavily on a set of existing technologies that have yet to be fully realized. The implementation and coordination of technical elements required within a Vertical Farm facility have not been undertaken previously because conjectural analysis has lead many to believe that the capital investiture could not possibly be recovered. The following report seeks to definitively and comprehensively respond to a single question: is Vertical Farming financially realistic? Our findings are as follows:

1. The urban hydroponics model of Vertical Farming is both presently realizable and profitable. The investment return is comparable to stock market averages.

2. Properly implemented renewable energy sources can significantly reduce utilities expenditures, justifying their initial capital cost.

3. Corporate and institutional investors are willing to finance Vertical Farming as a result of the operations significant secondary benefits.

4. Vertical Farming presents a unique investment opportunity as it aims to revolutionize our understanding of food production and urban development.”