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Backyard Aeroponics: Self Sustaining Farm for Wisconsin cold

February 9, 2017

“Benjamin Staffeldt grew up on a farm and works in a garden center so when he and his wife Sara moved into a rental home (a duplex), it was only natural he’d want to start farming his (shared) backyard. They began with containers and then bought a kit greenhouse to extend the growing season and were selling to local supermarkets and restaurants, but the heating bills to farm during Wisconsin winters (with temperatures as low as -70°F) was cutting sharply into their profits.

They knew they had to maximize greenhouse space so they decided to grow vertical and to grow differently. They experimented with hydroponics and finally settled on aeroponics. “So aeroponics is similar to hydroponics using water rather than soil, but it’s mist,” explains Benjamin. “It’s a mist that comes on inside the growing chamber, and it comes on every 3 minutes for 10 seconds, it’s a really high oxygen water that’s hitting that root. The method was actually developed and is being used by NASA because it uses so much less water and the speed of growth is much faster.”

To fully customize the growing experience, they added a thermal wrap to their aeroponics towers which helps refract light to help keep the temperature stable within the grow chambers. They’re now growing enough in their 10′ by 12′ greenhouse for farming to be Sara’s full-time job.

They’re hoping to commercialize their hybrid system- what they call Art Garden. It’s geared toward those looking to grow in a cold climate and in a small space (one unit fits into 4 square feet). This is all part of an increasingly customized growing world that Ben hopes might make farmers out of more of us.”

An Object at Rest

January 12, 2017

An Object at Rest from Seth Boyden on Vimeo.

An awesome video that really doesn’t need much in the way of explanation. –>> Read more

Disappearing World

November 1, 2008

Video: YouTube

This video gives us a small insight into some of the beautiful and the not so beautiful things in our world. I feel the same way as the creator of the video. On one hand I am sad when I see the destruction and total disregard for our Planet and on the other hand I am angry at the greed and callousness that causes the problems that we have in many parts of our wonderful World.

Big business leaders and politicians that contribute to the destruction of our habitats and environment need to stop their behaviour or be held accountable. Our planet can only take so much abuse. Those of us who care need to ensure that we act as protectors.

Blue hats cause climate change!

October 31, 2008

Video: YouTube

So there you have it, blue hats cause climate change, now what are we going to do about it?. Seriously, what is really scary is the number of people who still deny that climate change is real and who think that they can continue to keep their heads in the sand. Well I would like to challenge anyone and everyone to start conserving power, walk instead of drive where possible, spread the word to your friends and most of all let your local politicians know that you are not prepared to take inaction anymore. We must act and we must act now.

Why are we are destroying our planet ?

October 8, 2008

Video: YouTube

Our planet has a finite number of animals and plants. If we keep going the way we are, eventually there will be nothing left.

There is only so much oil, only so much coal, only so much uranium. And yet there is abundant sunlight (at least for another few billion years) and by that time we could have transferred us all to another solar system.

Why is it that Australia especially is not going all out to replace the fossil fuel power stations with Solar, Wind, Geothermal and Tidal/Wave power generation. MONEY, that’s why, big business are just too greedy.

Any politicians reading this please wake up and stop the senseless destruction of the only planet that we currently know we can exist on.

Any big business people reading this please take your oportunity to jump on the green bandwagon as that is where your future business will have to operate.

Any other people reading this post, please speak up and let your local member of parliament know how you feel and that you will not except anything other than total respect for our environment.

The Search for Ultimate Energy 1

July 27, 2008

Video: YouTube

There is some controversy over what tunes exactly the Titanic’s band was playing on deck, as they and the Titanic slipped beneath the icy waters of the Atlantic on that April night. But the unconfirmed rumors say “Song d’Automne” and the appropriate “Nearer, My God, to Thee” were heard by the survivors.

WTF is the Hippie talking about I hear you say? Well, at a time when it’s bleedingly obvious that things are going array, and after almost 12 years of total inaction by Bush in the US and Australia’s Liberal (Republican look a likes) government led by John Winston Howard and his merry group of environmental vandals; acting on behalf of the coal companies, you would hope for an improvement.

Sadly Howard’s replacement, Kevin Rudd’s Labor (Democrat look a likes) government’s first action is to put a means test on the subsidy given to people who put solar panels on their homes… yep you heard me right, hard to believe isn’t it, but get this, ironically they said it was because they thought the Solar industries were in danger of overheating.

But wait there’s more. Brendon Neilson, the new Liberal opposition leader, who prior to joining the Liberal party had an ear stud, and who prior to taking command, stated with gusto and feeling “I have never voted Liberal in my life”! is now doing his best to prevent Australia moving from being world leaders in pollution, to being leaders in the no action brigade and full steam a head on the economy. Meanwhile the band’s breaking out their instruments.

Thankfully Western Europe is making an effort, Germany with about half the sunlight of Australia is actually doing more with solar than Australia, Holland and Great Britain are building tidal turbines, even though they don’t have the 10 meter plus tides we have in the north of our country, and Iceland is going gangbusters with geothermal, whilst Australia is thinking about pilot geothermal plants… it’s embarrassing.

But I’m going to save my praise for Allen Jones; currently working on solving London’s power problems, who’s one of the few who’s got a grasp on the fact that centralized power sources; which only suit the power and fossil fuel industries, are largely inefficient and unnecessary, that with a bit of uncommon sense, you can provide all the power you need to drive a city in the city, by using a variety of what’s often referred to as alternative energy… good on you Allen.

Wade Davis – The worldwide web of belief and ritual

July 25, 2008


My interest in Anthropology came about after I was given a copy of H.G. Wells’s book ‘The Outline of History’ in my late teens. I must admit that I’d not been a fan of reading at the time, partly because most of the stuff I was given at school was, for me, largely uninteresting, but also because I am dyslectic.

Wade Davis presents an interesting lecture on everything from the upper Paleolithic Lascaux cave art in France, through to the indigenous peoples known as the Elder Brothers, a group of Sierra Nevada Indians, to the people of Machu Pichu and the Inuit of the Arctic. He talks about their beliefs, ways of life and their relationship to their environment… it’s a very interesting talk that lies somewhere between H.G. Wells and Terence McKenna.

By the way, the Wells book to which I referred, is also available as an audio book, and it’s a totally brilliant comprehensive outline of history, narrated with all the subtle nuances and humor of Wells by Bernard Mayes… it’s well worth investing in and will give you hours of pleasure.

Edward Burtynsky TED Prize wish Share the story of Earth’s

July 1, 2008

Video: Ted Talks via YouTube

Edward Burtynsky makes a wish: that his images help persuade millions to join a global conversation on sustainability. Burtynsky presents a slide show of his photographs, which show how industrial development is altering the Earth’s natural landscape. From mountains of tires to rivers of bright orange waste from a nickel mine, his images are simultaneously awe-inspiring and horrifying.

Robert Redford on Saving the Arctic Refuge

June 23, 2008

Video: YouTube

Robert Redford is another one of my heroes, a consummate actor, director, producer and supporter of up and coming actors, directors and producers of quality films. He’s also an ardent conservationist and critic of President Bush and vice president Cheney, the mental environmental vandals, who are now using the current Oil crises, to make a case for the drilling of National Parks… just so their sponsors can go on controlling the worlds energy.

Our problems now are caused by over 40 years of those ‘sponsors’ not just inaction; which in it’s self was a crime more than an act of incompetence, but for the other things which they will eventually be seen for what they really were, crimes against humanity. Amongst those crimes are, the shelving of pattens, which undoubtedly would have gone a long way to minimizing our current problems… and then there’s the current crimes committed against the Iraqi people.

Al Gore: New thinking on the climate crisis

June 22, 2008

Video: TED Talks

In this video Al Gore talks about a new approach to the way we think about climate change. Al talks about new evidence that suggests climate change is happening faster than previously predicted and how we need to act with much more conviction.