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An Object at Rest

January 12, 2017

An Object at Rest from Seth Boyden on Vimeo.

An awesome video that really doesn’t need much in the way of explanation. –>> Read more

1 MILLION pounds of Food on 3 acres

September 3, 2011

This farm is absolutely amazing. They have 10,000 fish and 500 yards of compost and produce 1 MILLION pounds of Food per year. This has to be the way of the future if we are going to feed the population of Earth as we grow.

The beauty about this type of system is that it could also be utilized on marginal land as well.

If you damage your ground water resources, YOU CANNOT FIX IT

August 19, 2011

Is Australia heading down the path of the USA, Are we going to have another “GASLANDS” here

Quotes from Malcolm Turnbull in the video above

“We are talking about our most precious resource is water”. “We are the driest continent on Earth”. If you damage your ground water resources, if you contaminate aquifers, whether its by chemicals. whether its by allowing contaminated water from a coal seam to get into a fresh water aquifer, YOU CANNOT FIX IT. YOU CAN’T REHABILITATE IT.

The Size of the Universe

December 20, 2009

Video: YouTube

This is just another in a line of “We are not that big in the whole scheme of things”. I would’nt like to be an early explorer trying to circumnavigate some of these huge planets or stars.

Six Degrees Hotter, Our Planet just isn’t going to be the same

November 20, 2009


Just what will we experience here on Earth if the temperature rises by Six Degrees. Watch the video and you may get some idea.

Global Warming is happening. Places are drying up. Just to give an example that I have experienced, When I was a young kid I lived in Canberra, which is the capital city of Australia. We would regularly travel past a place called Lake George when visiting relatives who lived about 6 hours north of Canberra. My memory is that the Lake always semed to be full everytime we would pass it. For a number of years in the period around 1975 to 1983 this lake was regularly full or close to it. For the last 20 years or so that I have regularly travelled past the lake, it always seems to be dry or almost dry. Now this is just one example, however many people that I speak to have mentioned similar stories about more regular dry spells in the last 20 years or so, especially in Southern New South Wales in Australia.

You may have similar experiences from when you were younger, or you may disagree with me, either way I would like to hear from you through our comments.

Website: YouTube.com

The Sun is a little quiet lately

April 5, 2009

The Sun is Quiet lately

Apparently our own Sun has been a little quiet of late. With fewer sun spots and magnetic fields which are a little weaker than usual.

During this quiet period the Sun is displaying less intense solar flares, Sun spots and storms.

According to NASA scientists this is the quietest period of solar activity since 1913 and it is good news for us here on Earth. The less solar activity means better GPS navigation, Satellites stay in orbit longer and even the effects of Climate change are minimised, although only marginally with a 0.3 degree cooling at the most.

For more details on this story please see the link below at Top news.

Website: Topnews.in

Disappearing World

November 1, 2008

Video: YouTube

This video gives us a small insight into some of the beautiful and the not so beautiful things in our world. I feel the same way as the creator of the video. On one hand I am sad when I see the destruction and total disregard for our Planet and on the other hand I am angry at the greed and callousness that causes the problems that we have in many parts of our wonderful World.

Big business leaders and politicians that contribute to the destruction of our habitats and environment need to stop their behaviour or be held accountable. Our planet can only take so much abuse. Those of us who care need to ensure that we act as protectors.

Why are we are destroying our planet ?

October 8, 2008

Video: YouTube

Our planet has a finite number of animals and plants. If we keep going the way we are, eventually there will be nothing left.

There is only so much oil, only so much coal, only so much uranium. And yet there is abundant sunlight (at least for another few billion years) and by that time we could have transferred us all to another solar system.

Why is it that Australia especially is not going all out to replace the fossil fuel power stations with Solar, Wind, Geothermal and Tidal/Wave power generation. MONEY, that’s why, big business are just too greedy.

Any politicians reading this please wake up and stop the senseless destruction of the only planet that we currently know we can exist on.

Any big business people reading this please take your oportunity to jump on the green bandwagon as that is where your future business will have to operate.

Any other people reading this post, please speak up and let your local member of parliament know how you feel and that you will not except anything other than total respect for our environment.

Hidden History of the Human Race Pt.10

July 24, 2008

Video: YouTube

OK I’m willing, in fact I’m sure that a lot of the history put forward by the establishment, is more fiction than fact. I’m willing to believe, in fact I do believe that it’s possible, that Earth may have been visited millions, possibly even billions of years in the past by aliens, after all, there are planets which formed perhaps billions of years before our little Palebludot and they could have had ‘people’ here checking out our Earth, who knows how long ago.

I’m also willing, in fact I’m reasonably sure, that the established time scale for human civilization, may be out as much as 100,000 years or more, but not millions and certainly not 50 million years.

Hidden History of the Human Race Pt.9

July 23, 2008

Video: YouTube

I’m perfectly OK with a scale of human existence being much longer than generally thought. But, I’m not incline to some spiritual; for want of a better term, ethereal type being devolving back in to our current form. Now I’m not knocking all together the concept of devolution… the current US President George W Bush has some striking likenesses to a chimp, though I’d not want to be so disparaging to the chimps.

As for catastrophic events on Earth, which may have brought to a screaming holt the development of earlier humans, they are many. The polarity issues (North to South and visa versa) occur on a regular though widely spread, apparently the last one occurred about 780,000 years ago, and were overdue for the next one… this will create havoc with GPSs, Aircrafts and boats, and who knows what effects it may have on our electrical systems.

Another possible set back for humans in the distant past could have been of a volcanic nature… should the caldera in Yellowstone let go, and it too is apparently overdue, it would or will devastate, not just the US, but perhaps the planet.

Then a third candidate is meteor or asteroidal impact, and if you want to feel a little paranoid about that nightmare, do a search in Google Earth for impact sites, it’s alarming how many there are and how they are spread over time.

So the possibility that earlier humans and their civilizations were devastated in the past is with us and you only have to realize that under certain circumstances, our civilization is very much dependent on electricity… think about that, think about what happens if the electricity is turned off for a few months along with sudden catastrophic climatic change.