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April 4, 2008

Photo: Stumble

This relates in some ways to my recent series on Dungeons & Dragons. During an adventure/game you might decide in a particular situation to try and bluff it out. Whether or not you are successful depends to a certain extent on a roll of the dice… however; there’s always an ‘however’, if your trying to bluff a huge bad ass Dragon, there’s a good chance your going to get crispyfryed or chomped. These hounds could probably be fooled or Bluffed with a masking spell and a bit of luck with the dice.

D&D Experience 22 Thank you Mr Gygax

March 28, 2008

Video: YouTube

The circle is (for) now complete, we end were we began. With sooo much negative fantasy put out by corporations, politicians, people with something to gain by their lies, fast talking Lawyers (spit on the floor) and marketers, it’s good to deal in fantasy just for the fun of it… as we did when we were kids, when we were much more idealistic and generally were having much more fun.

For those of you who’ve not played for a while, maybe it’s time to get back into it. If you have never played, but would like to try. Try contacting a local Dungeons & Dragons group by asking your local game and toy shop, or ask your book shop proprietor; they may be getting in Dungeons & Dragons books for their clients who play and are generally readers. You can also contact your nearest Universities and see if they have a group. Failing that you can make a post in Dungeons & Dragons Meet-up.

If you want to start your own group it is possible, but it’s much easier if you find an experienced player or better still, an experienced Dungeon Master, to get you started. Anyhow, thanks for your time and best of luck… and watch out for them Black Dragons, oh and the Green ones as well, and the Undead, Umber Hulks, Liches, Monstrous Spiders, Troll hunters, Wraiths, and don’t forget to hang onto your money pouch whilst that Rogue in your team is close by, or they will ‘lift it’ if you give them half a chance.

D&D Experience 21 Inspiratioin

March 26, 2008

Video: YouTube

Only one more episode left folks. I’m sorry to say that I will never be able to effectively write or explain why everyone should have a go at Dungeons & Dragons… but I have done my best. Several, in fact most of the ‘guys’ I play with play on-line games such as World of Warcraft, the graphics are great but it’s never been of real interest to me.

I guess if I was to play an online game it would be EVE since I believe it is fare or challenging. The problem is, once you start you pretty much have to play no stop, or else you lose what you have gained. Also there is no real face to face contact, your not in the room together… not really.

Dungeons & Dragons can be put on hold for as long as you want… which makes it excellent for team building in business, when the work’s done the reward could be order a few pizzas and drinks, drag out the dice and miniatures and get into it, be child like and be inspired to use your imagination.

D&D Experience 20 Building a business

March 25, 2008

Video: YouTube

I can’t help but like this guy, it’s great when you can work in your hobby or sport. The idea that he’ll have so much to play with when he retires cracks me up.

Personally I’ve never used such comprehensive sets, but that’s only because I have not had the opportunity.

Dungeons & Dragons is what you make it. Sure when I first found out about the game I thought. “Are you serious?” and “I got better things to do with my time.”… and to be honest most of the time I did, but there are few things I enjoy more when I’m with friends, than playing Dungeons & Dragons, and it fit’s in with all sorts of other activities as well.

If your involved with a group of friends in whatever field there is almost always time to kill, so why waste it by getting pissed or whatever. OK have a few drinks or whatever, but what’s wrong with catering for the child inside a little… or have you lost that ability, sad if you have. D&D is hard core fun, it involves tactics, being sometimes a little devious; without harming anybody, and it gives your imagination a good workout.

If your not going to do something because you think your too cool for it, boy, you are sooo wrong… your too big a fool if your that inhibited or self conscious, and you will be old before your time. Clock’s ticking.

D&D Experience 19 LARPs

March 24, 2008

Video: YouTube

I’ve not tried LARPs (Live Action Roll Playing), but I’ve talked to a few who have played it… personally it doesn’t appeal to me, but I can see how it might appeal to some.

In LARPs apparently it’s not uncommon to exchange the throwing of dice for a more convenient Paper, Rock and Scissors randomizing of the outcomes.

Personally the traditional Dungeons & Dragons has more appeal for me, it’s the comfort of being indoors, of having lots of books, using dice and having food and drinks at hand, it’s the convenience and the comforts of home that appeals to myself and I feel the majority of Dungeons & Dragons players… LARPs may be more of an occasional thing for some.

D&D Experience 18 Girls

March 23, 2008

Video: Youtube

Well speaking from my limited experience, the girls I have played Dungeons & Dragons with have been great, one in particular is fantastic at it, she bowled me over with her roll playing and I doubt if anybody would have considered her a geeky.

Dungeons & Dragons is very much an equal opportunity game and the ‘fair’ sex can have just as much fun playing a Rouge, Fighter or a Wizard… I’m at present a kick arse Monk, but I have a fondness for playing Sorcerers, nothing like a good old Lightning bold when your in a bind.

Chaotic Good

March 22, 2008

Chaotic Good
Photo: Hey it’s another one of those Stumble photos

In the vane of Dungeons & Dragons, the Guy Fawke’s character in ‘V’ for Vendetta would be considered Chaotic Good.

Governments should fear the people… that should be true, unfortunately they just Bullshit to us and take advantage.

Hey I’d love one of those outfits… anyone know where I can get one?

I once read on the wall of a restaurant in Sydney that had a blackboard and chalk for it’s patrons – “Guy Fawkes is the only person ever to enter Parliament with honest intentions.” … I guess that might land me on some people’s lists as an ‘evil doer’.

D&D Experience 17 Evil

March 22, 2008

Video: YouTube

Personally I don’t play evil characters, the worst character I would play would be Chaotic Neutral. I also don’t play female characters largely, because I would be uncomfortable personally with a female roll… hey that’s just me, both males and females occasionally switch with great results.

Here’s a funny story, though I guess you had to be there. Once one of our players who’s since parted company with us, started to change characters about every second game, he was in it for himself and that was that. I’ll point out here that this is highly disruptive since the Dungeon Master (DM) has to have some consistency, in order that he can write the adventure effectively.

Anyway, one of the other players, when our self centered individual changed to a female Bard, christened our new female Bard Fluffy, after our (DM) got even with him/her by putting the Bard in a compromising situation, just prior to us rescuing her. Well it was pay-back from then on, he became Fluffy no matter what, and eventually it got too much for him and he left the game… it’s what I’d call a win win.

Dungeons & Dragons is very much a team game, it requires a moderate amount of in intelligence, which obviously Fluffy had rolled low on. The whole point of Dungeons & Dragons is to play fair and play intelligently for everyones benefit… not just your own, and that’s how life should be played, wouldn’t you agree?

D&D Experience 16 Kristina’s Drawings

March 21, 2008

Video: YouTube

Having little or no drawing talent, I do love the drawings in the Dungeons & Dragons books… and the writings aren’t bad either. It’s quite amazing the details they go into, medical like sketches of the Dragon’s eyes and such, and as I am sure I’ve stated before this is really good stuff for getting the kids interested in reading.

It seems to me that for the most part, Dungeons & Dragons players are more interesting and generally more interested in all sorts of stuff. Now of course this is not always the case, for sure with my limited experience I’ve met some abysmally intellectually challenged individuals… not many just a couple, which seems to me to be on par with the rest of society.

But those who get into reading, for whatever reasons, have then the opportunity to expand their horizons and a game like Dungeons & Dragons, which develops imagination, is going to spark intellect more often than not; one of my mates is quite possibly having a good laugh at this little dig… hey give me a call and make my day!

Anyway, Dungeons & Dragons is a great game not just for kids but big kids too, a fact that I’ve mentioned to some military, relative ‘big wigs’ I know… yes that is funny, this draft dodging hippie used to actually manage a couple of events for the Military, and I’ve suggested on occasion that Dungeons & Dragons is perfect for the ‘hurry up and wait’ crowd, and that it could develop leadership and tactical skills.

D&D Experience 15 Dallas Egbert

March 20, 2008

Video: YouTube

Fundamentalist… you just can’t take the mental out of Fundamentalist. In the US they have a variety who play with Rattle snakes. Hey if they want to play with snakes send em over here, we got plenty of snakes they can play with. Our Taipans and the similar looking Common Browns look not unlike the snakes I’ve seen in the biblical representations of The Serpent, come and play with them, do us all a favor plllease.

Anybody who’s followed my post will know that there ‘is a slight flaw in my character’… ‘some people say’ I have an attitude problem. I retort, what just the one? But without a doubt I despise hypocrites, people who lie to take advantage of others, people who will not; not can’t but will not, think, manipulators, people who’s break lights come on before their indicators, but most of all I despise people who will not think, trying to stop me from thinking for myself.

So in short the problem’s not my Attitude, it’s their attitude to my Attitude. I’m happy to say that I don’t lay in bed at night worrying about it so I’ll move on.

The Dallas Egbert incident is what happens when a “media savvy Private Investigator”, who probably was not much of an investigator, since he couldn’t work out that a 16 year old kid had run away… but was clever; not intellagent, enough to appeal to a media that’s more interested in sensational garbage, than mundane truth, sad but true.

The truth is if the Fundamentalist looked at their own religious text in the same way they looked at Dungeons & Dragons, they’d have a lot more to be scared about… but of course, that’s it, that’s their problem, it’s all doom and gloom, it’s all ‘Satan is out to get you’, that’s bad, that’s evil, don’t do this, don’t do that, a stop it or you’ll go bind mentality.

Hey you got a brain use it, if the thought of getting together with a bunch of ‘guys’ (includes girls), remaining reasonably sober, throwing a bunch of weird looking dice to decide the out come of the decisions you make, while you are playing the fictional character that you’ve created, doesn’t appeal to you OK. If having to use your imagination and intelligence to find the Treasure, rescue the prince or princess or whatever, doesn’t appeal to you OK. If slipping back in to kiddy mode for a while and actually enjoying the company and having a good laugh, doesn’t appeal to you OK, do your own thing, no problem.