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Hacking Democracy 9 of 9

July 15, 2008

Video: YouTube

So much for American democracy. A nation that prided it’s self on being ‘The Democracy’… doesn’t make voting an obligation, ironically, because of a constitution that’s now null ‘n void.

The irony is, they are paying big bucks for the voting machines which it seems has put an end to any hope of a true democracy. Is it any wonder that it brings tears to those who thought there was corruption of the voting system… when finally their worst fears were realized.

Regenerative Drive System (RDS)

June 20, 2008

This morning whilst listening to our public national radio station, I heard a report of our current Labor government’s removal of some government grants.

Initially rather than go on with my usual diatribe about governmental and banking ignorance and or corruption, I’ll quote directly from our brilliant; despite the previous Howard’s government’s attempts to screw it, ABC Radio National.

Permo-Drive: Commercial Ready grants scrapped

“Now more on how the federal government has scrapped the Commercial Ready program, which provided funding, through dollar for dollar grants, to innovative and fast-growth businesses. Over the years, the scheme had provided more than $700 million in grants and its withdrawal has left 220 Australian businesses dangling, with applications worth from 250,000 dollars up to 5 million dollars pending.

Well, one of those businesses relying on a Commercial Ready grant was Permo-Drive, a company based in Ballina, New South Wales. They’ve developed a remarkable hybrid drive system for trucks and they have 20 demonstrators ready to roll along with huge interest from trucking companies here as well as overseas, including from the US Army. Now the company has written to its 1,900 shareholders to say that without the grant money, the company is no longer viable and will go into liquidation early next month.” ABC Radio National (AM)

Can you believe it? I mean Australia is blessed with a disproportionately large number of brilliant inventors, with an equally large number of famous inventions, yet we are ruled by I’m sure by a disproportionately large number of total morons with IQs lower than my pet rock it seems.

Before I go any further here is a cut ‘n paste section from Permo-Drive’s website technology page complete with images.


Bush Has ‘Understood Nothing, Learned Nothing’

May 9, 2008

Photo: Spiegel Online International

It’s all very well to talk about how to fight global warming, pollution and injustice. However, most of what we see and do in relation to these problems, is only attending to the symptoms… catering for the symptoms gets you no where, it’s better to attend the root of the cause, if your past prevention.

The prevention, if your curious, is no more political donations and more referendums, as they have in the truly democratic Switzerland. The thing needed is the inclusion of a system, of not only protecting and encouraging Whistleblowers, but rewarding them according to the importance of the information they provide, and the rewards should come from the fines the individuals or corporations are forced to pay, once they are found guilty.

For instance, say a Halliburton employee comes forward with proof of say… Cheney’s corruption whilst in government, a percentage of the fine, say 10%, should be given to the Whistleblower (tax free of course). Now, it is important that the fines be proportionate to the crime.

For example, GM was found guilty years ago in the US of the conspiracy of basically doing away with the Tram system, so it could use their yellow buses and the fuel they use, a win win for them and those involved but a lose lose for everyone else. For this crime; which occurred in several states, they were fined $5,000… petty cash even in the 50’s.

On the other hand, Britain’s supermarkets and dairy groups were fined £116m (almost $230,000,000) by the Office of Fair Trading, after admitting fixing the prices of milk, butter and cheese… mind you they apparently cost consumers £270m ($530,000,000) in higher prices, so they got off lite, they should have paid say double what they gained in my opinion. This would mean that the Whistle blower by my system would have gotten say; based on the actual finds, nearly $23,000,000, even after paying for their Lawyers (spit on the ground) it was obviously a good deal for everyone except the corrupt corporations.

Now, we are all getting riped off, in the supermarkets, at the gas pump, the Banks, anytime we pay for a service or buy a product that just makes it past it warranty etc. etc. So can anybody think of a better way to fix the mess we are in now?

Occasionally I find a post which deserves to be just copied… the post below is such a post.

Bush’s plan for global warming? Wait until 2025. Only then, he said in a Wednesday speech, should the US cap greenhouse gas emissions. Germany is not impressed.

When it comes to global warming, much of the world has been resigned for years to waiting out the end of the George W. Bush presidency. Under Bush, the White House has altered climate change reports, spiked global calls for action and maintained that it would simply be too harmful to the US economy to address the growing dangers of a warming climate.

With just months to go before Bush makes way for his successor, the US president on Wednesday (more…) once again confirmed that waiting for number 44 is the way to go. Bush called for the US to halt the growth of greenhouse gas emissions — but only in 2025. As the San Jose Mercury News wrote on Thursday: “Allowing emissions to rise for the next 17 years is not a plan; it’s an abdication.”

Europe, not surprisingly, tends to agree. German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel (more…) called Bush’s presentation a “Neanderthal speech,” and said it represented “losership, not leadership. European Commissioner of the Environment Stavros Dimas was also critical. “President Bush recognized the need for mandatory federal legislation to tackle climate change,” he said. “But what he proposed will not contribute to the effective tackling of climate change.”

Others were more receptive of Bush’s foray into environmental policy and saw it as a move away from his legacy, which includes steadfast refusal to honor the Kyoto Protocol and leadership of a decidedly conservative Environmental Protection Agency.

“It’s good to have something on the table,” said Yvo de Boer, head of the UN agency that oversees international climate treaties, including the Kyoto Protocol.

German commentators on Friday weren’t in the mood to be quite so generous.

In an editorial headlined “Understood Nothing, Learned Nothing,” the center-left Süddeutsche Zeitung writes:

“For the first time, Bush has concretely said what the world’s most dominant industrialized nation will do in the future to address global warming. His solution can be condensed into two words: absolutely nothing.”

“That’s a slap in the face to every citizen, local government and industry trade group — including a growing number in America — working to preserve the Earth’s atmosphere. And it’s a mockery of those nations that have set climate protection goals, as well as a free pass for developing countries that have refused to sign a binding international treaty on climate protection.”

Website: Spiegel Online International

Where Is The Money?

April 25, 2008

Video: YouTube

I’ve ‘plagiarized’ the full text below from CBS News site to add the the creditability, however, on a personal not I’ll say the US Military being unable to account for 25 percent of what it spends! Well I find this video totally unbelievable… 25%, it can’t be true can it?

(CBS) On Sept. 10, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld declared war. Not on foreign terrorists, “the adversary’s closer to home. It’s the Pentagon bureaucracy,” he said.

He said money wasted by the military poses a serious threat.

“In fact, it could be said it’s a matter of life and death,” he said.

Rumsfeld promised change but the next day – Sept. 11– the world changed and in the rush to fund the war on terrorism, the war on waste seems to have been forgotten.

Just last week President Bush announced, “my 2003 budget calls for more than $48 billion in new defense spending.”

More money for the Pentagon, CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales reports, while its own auditors admit the military cannot account for 25 percent of what it spends.

“According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions,” Rumsfeld admitted.

$2.3 trillion — that’s $8,000 for every man, woman and child in America. To understand how the Pentagon can lose track of trillions, consider the case of one military accountant who tried to find out what happened to a mere $300 million.

“We know it’s gone. But we don’t know what they spent it on,” said Jim Minnery, Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

Minnery, a former Marine turned whistle-blower, is risking his job by speaking out for the first time about the millions he noticed were missing from one defense agency’s balance sheets. Minnery tried to follow the money trail, even crisscrossing the country looking for records.

“The director looked at me and said ‘Why do you care about this stuff?’ It took me aback, you know? My supervisor asking me why I care about doing a good job,” said Minnery.

He was reassigned and says officials then covered up the problem by just writing it off.

“They have to cover it up,” he said. “That’s where the corruption comes in. They have to cover up the fact that they can’t do the job.”

The Pentagon’s Inspector General “partially substantiated” several of Minnery’s allegations but could not prove officials tried “to manipulate the financial statements.”

Twenty years ago, Department of Defense Analyst Franklin C. Spinney made headlines exposing what he calls the “accounting games.” He’s still there, and although he does not speak for the Pentagon, he believes the problem has gotten worse.

“Those numbers are pie in the sky. The books are cooked routinely year after year,” he said.

Another critic of Pentagon waste, Retired Vice Admiral Jack Shanahan, commanded the Navy’s 2nd Fleet the first time Donald Rumsfeld served as Defense Secretary, in 1976.

In his opinion, “With good financial oversight we could find $48 billion in loose change in that building, without having to hit the taxpayers.”

Website: CBS News

The Rick Simpson Story (Part 7 of 7)

March 30, 2008

Video: YouTube

I have never understood why it’s illegal. I agreed that there are many businesses who benefit from it’s illegality, but I feel there must be more to it.

Could another part of the reason be that Marijuana has, as a side effect, a ‘bullshit’ detector? I remember once reading how a Catholic Bishop was extremely upset; back 2 or 300 years ago, when he was laugh at by a group of Pot smoking sailors; after he’d tried to preach to them.

There is I feel much more to the desperation to keep Marijuana illegal… I’m just not sure what it is. As far as I can see, there has rarely, if ever, been such a determined, nor such a prolonged and widespread conspiracy against anything else. Which to me means they are scared of it, not just for financial reasons, but because it poses some sort of threat to their system.

Here’s a little story:-

Some years ago; around ’76ish, The Australian Marijuana Party had it’s offices broken into and burgled. The ‘thieves’ stole a typewriter, a petty cash tin with some $30 in it and… and this is the significant and suspicious thing, a petition apparently with something like 3 million signatures, complete with addresses; it was the 70’s after all and one of the signatures was mine.

Now 3 million + signatures on A4 paper is quite a hefty package, and not the sort of thing your garden variety thief would make the effort to steel. However, some who might could be ASIO (our CIA) or possibly the NSW Special Branch (our equivalents of the US FBI), which 20 odd years later, was disbanded for corruption and allegedly, had their files on citizens, politicians and Judges destroyed – yeah right.

Website: Phoenix Tears

More on the aforementioned Fundamentalists

March 21, 2008

In the post I did just yesterday (‘D&D Experience 15 Dallas Egbert’) I made lite of the Fundamentalists and those who support them. In actuality I despise them with a passion, I resent the manipulation, the biasness and the corruption.

But when it comes from corporations using the citizens owned frequencies or airwaves, which they use under license from our governments, I wonder why we allow them to get away with it, it is in our power to revoke these licenses you know.

Then I Stumbled on the bit of YouTube footage below. In essence they are attacking J. K. Rowling, a single mom, who became extremely successful financially from encouraging kids to read… you’d think that would be a good thing wouldn’t you. But nooo, she’s implanting negativity, witchcraft, magic and the like… what and the Bible doesn’t do this? Obviously it does, it’s just not as successful, maybe that’s the problem eh?

You know, I don’t know if many kids would be able to get by all the begetting in the Old Testament, to get into all that interesting stuff; for kids anyway, about the murder and mayhem carried out by Moses and Co.

It’s unlikely that kids would get to the relevant stuff about turning the other cheek, or that sermon on the mount, you know the stuff about ‘the meek inheriting the Earth’, or the one about it being “Hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven”. But the important thing is, reading Harry Potter’s evil.

In the guise of News… and remember FOX not so long ago won a case by stating basically that there was no Law that stated their ‘news’ had to be truthful.

Only a Lawyer (spit on the floor) would twist the English language… and the understood meaning of words like that.

Out of curiosity I typed out ‘News’ into my Lotus Wordpro and hit the Thesaurus button and it came up with two option which were quite similar:-

1. Something significant that happens.

2. New information, especially about recent events and happenings

Fair enough, the common thread is I guess ‘happens’.

So I hit the Thesaurus button for ‘happens’ and it came up:-

To take place.

Now that to me indicates some form of fact or Truth… or if you prefer, something ‘Fair & Balanced’. mmm

Fox News Attacks Harry Potter Author’s Wardrobe Malfunction?

Video: YouTube

I believe FOX should lose their licenses… and I’d love Bill O’Reilly and a few of his mates to get in the ring with this Hippie.

Website: YouTube’s – ‘Other FOX Bigatory & Bias’

Gunning for Gunns…

March 6, 2008

Outrage over Tasmanian Government pipe plan

If somebody can offer me an alternative reason to corruption and or stupidity for the Lennon State Government, and remember this is a Labor state government going ahead with the Gunn’s pulp mill in northern Tasmania… courtesy of the former government’s Federal ‘Environment Minister’ Malcolm Turnbull, I look forward to hearing from you.

But now the Lennon State Government are apparently looking at putting well over $60 million into it to; according to the highly respected Kerry O’Brian of the 7:30 Report, “The Government is arguing that massive pipelines shipping water to the mill and effluent away from it could also be used to benefit local communities and businesses, and therefore warrant public funding.”

But you see the local communities and businesses don’t seem to want the Gunn’s pulp mill in their pristine tourist area, an area with an envious lifestyle.

If you view the video footage on the 7:30 Report site you will notice that the protesters could in no way be accused of being ‘radicals’ or members of a ‘rent-a-crowed’. Yet Scott McLean, Tasmanian Secretary, CFMEU said. “Well I thought terrorism had been outlawed in this country and these people are no more than environmental and economical terrorists in my view.” Terrorists? environmental Terrorists!… are you really that bigger wanker Scott?

Get real Scott, the only acts of terrorism and violence which I have seen from Tasmania in relation to the ‘Timber Industry’, has been from your members towards the protesters against cutting down Our trees… so they can be convert it to paper of all things; something that Hemp does much better. And they want to sell the paper to the Japanese, who incidentally are murdering Whales under the guise of Science!

I’m pissed off now… here’s a curious little coincidence. The Japanese gunned down 22 nurses on a beach in Sarawak and before anybody accuses me of racism, forget it, it’s a fact. Another fact is I have nothing against the Japanese, but I do have a problem with those in charge of whatever race or religion who claims to be honorable, when in fact they are obviously not. I do not blame the Japanese per say, but wisely, they are never going to cut down all their trees… which is more than I can say for Scott McLean or Gunnes.

All I ever see in the way of argument for cutting down the trees is jobs and exports… big deal, short term gain for a long term pain. It seems they are worried about employment, hey I can understand that, but when exactly do they intend to stop cutting down trees?

Here’s a solution, it seems to me that Scott McLean’s CFMEU members have the skills sets to, with a little training, become builders of Windmills to produce power for Tasmania and Australia, so why not train them up for new and very much needed environmentally positive employment instead.

Globalisation and the Media

March 1, 2008

Video: YouTube

For those who don’t know I’m an Aussie, an Aussie who had a sticker on his car back in ’74 that said “Murdoch is bad news.”… I’d like to say I’m both happy and sad, happy that he’s no longer an Aussie and sad that he was (sorry America). I’m also both happy and sad about another, happy that John Winston Howard is gone and sad that’s it’s not to jail for what I consider to be crimes against the planet Earth, the people of Iraq and the majority of people in Australia.

Some years ago I was also one of the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Australians; John Winston Howard was definitely not one of us, who marched in support of saying Sorry to the Australian Aboriginals… I was there even though I was not born here and even though, because of quite serious injuries, I could not walk and I had to endure a 4 hour round trip on public transport to get there.

The ‘Sorry Day’ march was on 26 May 1998, but largely because of extensive, injuries including brain damage, I don’t remember much of that march, other than a truly fantastic vibe coming from all types of people… a vibe that I and I’m sure many others remember. Now because of what I refer to as a ‘brain thingie’, I also do not remember the Media’s response. However, I do remember their response to the many anti-nuke marches I’ve attended over the years, ironically on my birthday (6th August – Hiroshima’s anniversary). What I saw on these marches in the Media was a total corruption of the truth, with regards to the number of Marchers, they were always vastly understated, and the Media rarely showed mum dad and the kids that marched, they just showed the relatively few freaks ‘n ferrals… ‘hardly fair and balanced’ ‘some people say’. 🙂

Website: Independent Media Center

Monsanto verses the Planet

February 8, 2008

Personal opinion

Firstly I’ll point out that I’m confrontational, I don’t believe that being a ‘nice’ guy works in politics or business, especially when the other side is bent on winning no matter what. If my ‘attitude’ makes you feel uneasy or upsets you so be it, there are plenty of non confrontational web sites out there for you to choose from… I’m interested in catering for those who have had enough of the corruption both in spirit and deed.

From memory (such as it is) Percy Schmeiser’s crop, which his family farm had spent a considerable number of years developing to suit his methods and the area he lived in, was polluted (cross pollinated) by Monsanto’s local crops. My ‘memory’ is of a relatively small organic farmer being screwed by Monsanto, a huge Industrial farming business basically managed by ‘Bankers’ and Lawyers (spit on the ground) with deep pockets… and as we all know, he who has the most money will almost always win in a court battle.

Monsanto must be stopped!

It’s Organic farmers like Percy Schmeiser, a winner of the Mahatma Ghandi award, verses Monsanto and it’s Industrial farming business… I don’t see Monsanto ever winning a Mahatma Ghandi award with it’s genetically engineered species which produce the sterile ‘seeds of destruction’, that force even the poorest farmers to go back to Monsanto every season, because the next seasons seeds will not sprout.

See also Information Liberation A MUST READ

Take note fellow Australians and put the spot light on the Australian State & Federal Governments about this appalling situation of allowing Monsanto’s GM in Australia… they must be stopped, hassle your State & Federal MPs, point out that their jobs, and for some, their pensions are on the chopping block.

Some of you may also remember Percy’s battle with Monsanto some years back.

Watch more videos like this at www.quantumshift.tv

Then & now: The Law.. and how it ‘works’

December 4, 2007

For those who haven’t read Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels (he wrote in about 1623) here’s a little snippet.

Now if your wondering what the Jonathan Swift’s view of Lawyers (spit on the floor) has to do with the environment, the answer is everything… they protects corporations and allows them to get away with pollution, privatization, GM and Globalization, you name it, if there’s money in screwing the Planet and it’s people, Lawyers (spit on the floor) will line up for their share and politicians; who are often Lawyers (spit on the floor again), will promote sympathetic Judges into positions of power, to ensure they get funded in their next campaign… or land a cushy job working for one of those various corporations once they leave politics.

By the way the Master Gulliver refers to is an intelligent talking horse known as a Yahoo.

And so to Jonathan Swift’s masterwork:-

I said, “there was a society of men among us, bred up from their youth in the art of proving, by words multiplied for the purpose, that white is black, and black is white, according as they are paid. To this society all the rest of the people are slaves. For example, if my neighbour has a mind to my cow, he has a lawyer to prove that he ought to have my cow from me. I must then hire another to defend my right, it being against all rules of law that any man should be allowed to speak for himself. Now, in this case, I, who am the right owner, lie under two great disadvantages: first, my lawyer, being practised almost from his cradle in defending falsehood, is quite out of his element when he would be an advocate for justice, which is an unnatural office he always attempts with great awkwardness, if not with ill–will. The second disadvantage is, that my lawyer must proceed with great caution, or else he will be reprimanded by the judges, and abhorred by his brethren, as one that would lessen the practice of the law. And therefore I have but two methods to preserve my cow. The first is, to gain over my adversary’s lawyer with a double fee, who will then betray his client by insinuating that he hath justice on his side. The second way is for my lawyer to make my cause appear as unjust as he can, by allowing the cow to belong to my adversary: and this, if it be skilfully done, will certainly bespeak the favour of the bench. Now your honour is to know, that these judges are persons appointed to decide all controversies of property, as well as for the trial of criminals, and picked out from the most dexterous lawyers, who are grown old or lazy; and having been biassed all their lives against truth and equity, lie under such a fatal necessity of favouring fraud, perjury, and oppression, that I have known some of them refuse a large bribe from the side where justice lay, rather than injure the faculty, by doing any thing unbecoming their nature or their office.

“It is a maxim among these lawyers that whatever has been done before, may legally be done again: and therefore they take special care to record all the decisions formerly made against common justice, and the general reason of mankind. These, under the name of precedents, they produce as authorities to justify the most iniquitous opinions; and the judges never fail of directing accordingly.

“In pleading, they studiously avoid entering into the merits of the cause; but are loud, violent, and tedious, in dwelling upon all circumstances which are not to the purpose. For instance, in the case already mentioned; they never desire to know what claim or title my adversary has to my cow; but whether the said cow were red or black; her horns long or short; whether the field I graze her in be round or square; whether she was milked at home or abroad; what diseases she is subject to, and the like; after which they consult precedents, adjourn the cause from time to time, and in ten, twenty, or thirty years, come to an issue.

“It is likewise to be observed, that this society has a peculiar cant and jargon of their own, that no other mortal can understand, and wherein all their laws are written, which they take special care to multiply; whereby they have wholly confounded the very essence of truth and falsehood, of right and wrong; so that it will take thirty years to decide, whether the field left me by my ancestors for six generations belongs to me, or to a stranger three hundred miles off.

“In the trial of persons accused for crimes against the state, the method is much more short and commendable: the judge first sends to sound the disposition of those in power, after which he can easily hang or save a criminal, strictly preserving all due forms of law.”

Here my master interposing, said, “it was a pity, that creatures endowed with such prodigious abilities of mind, as these lawyers, by the description I gave of them, must certainly be, were not rather encouraged to be instructors of others in wisdom and knowledge.” In answer to which I assured his honour, “that in all points out of their own trade, they were usually the most ignorant and stupid generation among us, the most despicable in common conversation, avowed enemies to all knowledge and learning, and equally disposed to pervert the general reason of mankind in every other subject of discourse as in that of their own profession.”