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If you damage your ground water resources, YOU CANNOT FIX IT

August 19, 2011

Is Australia heading down the path of the USA, Are we going to have another “GASLANDS” here

Quotes from Malcolm Turnbull in the video above

“We are talking about our most precious resource is water”. “We are the driest continent on Earth”. If you damage your ground water resources, if you contaminate aquifers, whether its by chemicals. whether its by allowing contaminated water from a coal seam to get into a fresh water aquifer, YOU CANNOT FIX IT. YOU CAN’T REHABILITATE IT.

The Amazing Lyrebird mimicking a chainsaw, camera and music

December 25, 2008

Video: David Attenborough via YouTube.com

The Australian Lyrebird would have to be one of the most amazing animals on Earth. It can mimic virtually anything it hears. So don’t be fooled if you are in the bush and hear a pack of wild dogs coming toward you, it might just be a lyrebird, OR it may be a pack of dogs, who knows you had better get out of there anyway, just in case.

Deadly Australians – Box jellyfish

August 4, 2008

Australian Deadly Box jellifish
Photo: GBR Explorer

Also known as the sea wasp or marine stinger.

Regarded as one of the most dangerous of marine animals. The Box Jellyfish floats around almost invisible in the waters of Northern Australia; along side the ‘Crocs’, between October to April.

The venom present in the tentacles; which in some cases are almost 3 meters long, is extremely toxic and my result in cardio-respiratory dysfunction with in a just a few minutes.

Website: GBR Explorer

Deadly Australians – Blue Ring Octopus

July 30, 2008

Australian Blue Ring Octopus
Photo: Photo: Earlham College Biology Department

The poison of the Blue Ring Octopus, is said to be 10,000 times more potent than cyanide… and there is no known antidote. The bite can lead to paralysis, respiratory arrest and finally death if artificial respiration and heart massage is not carried out on the victim and maintained till the toxin washes out of their system.

This little; not much bigger than a golf ball, somewhat attractive, innocent looking creature can be found widely from Australia to Japan, it’s found in rock pools and as deep as 20m. The fact that it’s attractive and found in rock pools, means that kids should be taught about it, since it’s just the sort of thing that they would be attracted to if not warned.

Website: Wikipedia

Clean coal’s dirty secret

July 6, 2008

Video: YouTube

Man if there ever was an oxymoron, ‘clean coal’ is it… what a load of bullshit.

This is what ‘clean coal’ is about, it’s about greed and phoney capitalism, it’s about a bunch of people who’s capitalism can’t get passed either digging it out of the ground, chopping it down or bribing politicians into selling public assets, because when it comes down to it, like I said they are nothing but phoney capitalists, they couldn’t build or design something new and worthwhile, they have to resort to skulduggery to take more than they’ll ever need, they are for the most part addicted to greed and don’t have the balls to make an honest living.

Today I heard our (Australian Labor) Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (aka Kevin Dud) intimate that ‘Clean Coal’ was the future and that selling of our state electrical power utility was the way to go… words fail me, well maybe not. Lets look at their reasons.

Apparently a government can build a public utility, but apparently it can’t run it efficiently? Basically they are admitting that they are incompetent, and they are trying to tell us that private enterprise would do it better, they could raise the funds and do a better job of it… who would you sooner loan money to, a government or a privet company? what a bunch of morons.

This is what will happen if the power utility is sold. First thing that will happen is there will be layoffs, maintenance will be cut back, the price of electricity will go up and the supply will become unreliable… the same sort of thing that happened in California will happen here. The other thing that will probably happen is the coal companies will probably buy the power utilities and it will be the end of alternative energies and meeting the Kyoto limits.

If they had any balls they would put it to a referendum, but they won’t because they know it would be shot down… so much for ‘democracy’ eh?

Regenerative Drive System (RDS)

June 20, 2008

This morning whilst listening to our public national radio station, I heard a report of our current Labor government’s removal of some government grants.

Initially rather than go on with my usual diatribe about governmental and banking ignorance and or corruption, I’ll quote directly from our brilliant; despite the previous Howard’s government’s attempts to screw it, ABC Radio National.

Permo-Drive: Commercial Ready grants scrapped

“Now more on how the federal government has scrapped the Commercial Ready program, which provided funding, through dollar for dollar grants, to innovative and fast-growth businesses. Over the years, the scheme had provided more than $700 million in grants and its withdrawal has left 220 Australian businesses dangling, with applications worth from 250,000 dollars up to 5 million dollars pending.

Well, one of those businesses relying on a Commercial Ready grant was Permo-Drive, a company based in Ballina, New South Wales. They’ve developed a remarkable hybrid drive system for trucks and they have 20 demonstrators ready to roll along with huge interest from trucking companies here as well as overseas, including from the US Army. Now the company has written to its 1,900 shareholders to say that without the grant money, the company is no longer viable and will go into liquidation early next month.” ABC Radio National (AM)

Can you believe it? I mean Australia is blessed with a disproportionately large number of brilliant inventors, with an equally large number of famous inventions, yet we are ruled by I’m sure by a disproportionately large number of total morons with IQs lower than my pet rock it seems.

Before I go any further here is a cut ‘n paste section from Permo-Drive’s website technology page complete with images.


High Cost of Medicine – Manipulated Clinical Research (5 of 7)

May 30, 2008

Video: Youtube

The two things I believe should be kept out of politics, other than politicians, are Religion and Political donations… I totally resent prayers being delivered in our Australian Parliament and I do not want people who believe that the planet is only about 6,000 years old, having any say what so ever, in what we do as Australians.

On the issue of Political donations, citizens can not possibly compete with the corruptive influence of political donations. Corporations, particularly multi national corporations views; which are solely profit motivated, can hardly be seen to be in the interest of the majority.

Now regarding the Drug companies. They have in my opinion totally corrupted the testing and reporting of their products… almost nothing of what they say can be believed, and they have manipulated the system to the point now, where the people, who are supposed to protect us, are controlled by the Drug companies and this video plainly shows us this.

4. High Cost of Medicine – “Gifts and Trips” (4 of 7)

May 29, 2008

Video: YouTube

I think it was J.J.Cale who wrote. “You’d be surprised the friends you can buy with small change.” A few pens, a stapler, a lunch or two, perhaps the occasional conference… in some tropical resort, hey, for the drug companies it’s all tax deductible.

I have a favorite little doctor story. I use to do the occasional bit of footage for a number of TV stations. Over the years I got to know a few camerapersons and reporters, and I found that they used to be pretty canny, somewhat cynical and attuned to the glory hunters.

Well some years ago a local GP, who seemed always to manage to get his picture in the papers or get on TV, ended up in East Timor. For those who don’t know about East Timor, it’s a little island just north of Australia and just south of Indonesia.

This little country, back in the bad old days of world war 2, when the Japanese… they’re the ones who gunned down 22 Aussie Nurses by shooting them in the back, and now are murdering Whales under the guise of ‘honorable scientific research’.

Anyway, the Timories naturally enough, sided with the Aussies; who it must be said seemed to be more honorable and appreciative themselves in those days. Anyhow, the Timories at great risk to themselves, acted against the Japanese and suffered terrible punishments, metered out to them for helping the Aussies.

So when Timor was invaded back on Christmas day ’75 (or thereabouts) by a corrupt Indonesia, who started butchering them, in much the same way as the Japanese had. Australia and the US just sat back and let it happen, in fact it got worse, the Australian then Labor government, signed a deal with Indonesia to split the ill gotten bootee; in this case extensive underwater oil fields.

After 20 plus years, the East Timories finally broke away from the butchering corrupt Indonesian government… only to be screwed yet again by the Australians, who were busy using Lawyer (spit on the ground) ‘logic’ to ignore International boundary laws, to take from this poor decimated former ally, some of it’s underwater oil fields.

OK I know I’ve wondered off course… again, but have I? You see, that favorite little doctor story of mine comes in here. He turns up in East Timor, about 18 months after the dust has settled, to bring joy to the poor undernourished and diseased little kids.

Whilst he’s there, why not do a little TV spot?… but little does he know, that the Jurnolist/Cameraperson’s suspicious, he smells a rat, so he then goes and interviews a Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières doctor, a real humanitarian, who promptly tells the Jurno. “We don’t need clowns, we needed supplies”.

Now the Jurno, having seen all the suffering and shortages, and having I guess a bit of black humor and with it, it must be said, a touch of sugar coated venom, goes back to our little doctor Aussie Patch Adams look a like and runs the Médecins Sans Frontières doctor’s reaction back to our very own Aussie Patch Adams look a like… who stammers out weakly, “Don’t you know that laughter is the best medicine?”

Now you know I’m laughing at this point, but there are a few lessons to be learnt. Firstly, unintentionally the Aussie Patch Adams look a like is in a sense right, though as I said unintentionally… laughter is the best medicine and fewer people die from laughter than from prescribed drugs, far far fewer. Secondly, “doctors should look out for the sick not the well” (that’s actually a Capitan Matchbox Whoopee Band lyric from ‘Wangaratta Wahine’), Laughter is the best medicine, but a few bandages etc. never goes astray does it? (am I being too obtuse here?). Thirdly, doctors are human I guess… some though, are paid far more than they are worth, and still aren’t happy!

Sadly you will probably never knowith the joys of Capitan Matchbox Whoopee Band and there endith todays little rave. 🙂

Robin Chase Getting cars off the road and data into the skies

May 26, 2008

Video: TedTalks

A great presentation of a brilliant and logical solution to our most pressing problems. Wireless mesh-networking technology and a sort of carpooling system, will reduce many of our problems dramatically and quickly… this idea is more likely to improve the standards of living, social integration, reduce pollution hence global warming and perhaps save the planet, than any other thing I’ve seen so far.

There are sooo many opportunities to this method of transportation, and probably far more unseen benefits. The down side, companies wont make as much profit… and therefore governments probably wont react, that’s the worry, the fact that more people will benefit but less companies will. So it’s up to the people, and the price of petrol will help people make the decision that will benefit them.

Our current Australian Labor government, who undoubtedly receives political donations from the coal companies, would sooner give $500,000,000 to coal companies to develop the laughable ‘clean coal’ technology, than to encourage this type of wireless mesh-networking carpooling system… the ‘clean coal’ option they are talking about will take years and years… and still may not work, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The Maine Solar House

May 21, 2008

Video: Google Video

In Germany they are now methodically going through all the homes and the government is paying to make them more efficient. This in the long run will save Germany billions of dollars, the only ones to lose will be the Oil, Gas and power companies… how cool; or rather warm, is that!

The new Rudd Labor government in Australia on the other hand, has means tested the government’s solar panel rebate, and they set the limit at a household income of $100,000… a limit that they already recognize as families in difficulty with their mortgages, food and petrol prices! What a bunch of total morons… a country renowned for it’s sunshine, and a new Labor government, obviously beholding to the Oil and Gas, but more particularly Coal companies, finishes of what that other world recognized environmental vandal, John Winston Howard started… wiping out the sill fledgling, Solar power and other alternative power generation industries in Australia… apparently China and the US appreciate Aussie knowhow more than Australian governments.

Words fail me.