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The Amazing Lyrebird mimicking a chainsaw, camera and music

December 25, 2008

Video: David Attenborough via YouTube.com

The Australian Lyrebird would have to be one of the most amazing animals on Earth. It can mimic virtually anything it hears. So don’t be fooled if you are in the bush and hear a pack of wild dogs coming toward you, it might just be a lyrebird, OR it may be a pack of dogs, who knows you had better get out of there anyway, just in case.

Why are we are destroying our planet ?

October 8, 2008

Video: YouTube

Our planet has a finite number of animals and plants. If we keep going the way we are, eventually there will be nothing left.

There is only so much oil, only so much coal, only so much uranium. And yet there is abundant sunlight (at least for another few billion years) and by that time we could have transferred us all to another solar system.

Why is it that Australia especially is not going all out to replace the fossil fuel power stations with Solar, Wind, Geothermal and Tidal/Wave power generation. MONEY, that’s why, big business are just too greedy.

Any politicians reading this please wake up and stop the senseless destruction of the only planet that we currently know we can exist on.

Any big business people reading this please take your oportunity to jump on the green bandwagon as that is where your future business will have to operate.

Any other people reading this post, please speak up and let your local member of parliament know how you feel and that you will not except anything other than total respect for our environment.

Deadly Australians – Box jellyfish

August 4, 2008

Australian Deadly Box jellifish
Photo: GBR Explorer

Also known as the sea wasp or marine stinger.

Regarded as one of the most dangerous of marine animals. The Box Jellyfish floats around almost invisible in the waters of Northern Australia; along side the ‘Crocs’, between October to April.

The venom present in the tentacles; which in some cases are almost 3 meters long, is extremely toxic and my result in cardio-respiratory dysfunction with in a just a few minutes.

Website: GBR Explorer

Chemtrails: Morgellons and Global Depopulation 5/5

July 29, 2008

Video: YouTube

The thought that occurred to me whilst watching this clip was. Is it effecting animals? If it is, then neurosis is unlikely to be the cause. If it’s not effecting then, then either it’s all bullshit or there is a reason why it’s not effecting animals… I’d be checking out the animals.

As for our doctors, most are little more than drug pushers with unwarranted superiority complexes… many doctors drink too much, they smoke, they take recreational drugs and are addicted to prescription drugs, they get into troubles with gambling debts, cheat on their partners, and they kill more than 20,000 patients a year in Australia through their incompetence (and a similar percentage of patients apparently in the US and probably elsewhere), doctors also commit suicide and murder, in short they are human, not gods.

Free the Tokyo Two

July 6, 2008

Video: YouTube

Unfortunately the video seems to have been removed, maybe due to some pressure being exerted on YouTube? who knows. Basically the video tells the story of two Japanese people (Junichi and Toru) speaking out about the Japanese whale meat scam, and then they were thrown in Gaol. Many people have written to the Japanese Prime Minister to have them released, but as far as we know they are still behind bars.

On the 16 February 1942 the Japanese gunned down 22 nurses on a beach in Sarawak and before anybody accuses me of racism, forget it, it’s a fact. Another fact is I have nothing against the Japanese, but I do have a problem with those in charge of whatever race or religion, who claim to be honorable, when in fact they are obviously not.

I do not blame the Japanese per say, in fact it is very reassuring that some of the Japanese have enough honor to stand up to those in their government, who it appears have zero honor… proven by their obvious lies about their on going murdering of Whales being ‘scientific research’.

These are highly intelligent and very social animals, and to have that smug so and so, Joji Morishita, from the Japanese delegation at the recent Chillian International Whaling Commission, liken the murdering whales to the slaughter of cattle… an animal of little intelligence and social awareness, well it goes beyond the pale and there is not anything honorable about someone who persists with their claim of scientific research, an honorable person or country would not hide behind lies Joji Morishita.

Save the Earth

May 10, 2008

Video: YouTube

Save our skies, save our oceans, save our lands, save our animals, save our plants, save our people, save our beauty, SAVE OUR EARTH.

This is a nice video, well worth the 1 minute 16 seconds to watch it.

It is all fairly simple when you break it down. All destructive damaging industries and practices need to be converted to clean, green industries and practices.

Governments and big business need to be implementing change in a big way, and not next year or the year after. The decisions need to be made now. We need to stop the rot.

Cannabis casualties, hybrid cars, and cubic litres

March 19, 2008

This article appeared in the Guardian on Saturday February 02 2008 on p13 of the UK news section. It was last updated at 01:32 on February 02 2008.

“There are no difficult ideas in this column. Like, for example, when I tell you about the Daily Telegraph front page headline which says “Abuse of cannabis puts 500 a week in hospital”, and it turns out they’re actually quoting a figure from a report on the number of people having contact with any drug treatment service of any variety. The colossal majority of these, of course, are outpatient appointments for drugs counseling, not hospital admissions. So there are not 500 people a week suddenly being put into hospital by cannabis. But this is not a news story: like their recurring dodgy abortion figures, it is the venal moralizing of a passing puritan, dressed up in posh numbers.”

Industrial Hemp
Photo: Wikipedia

I recently heard that a small family business that produced Emu Oil, which has been found highly beneficial for sufferers of Arthritis, muscular pain and various skin disorders to name a few uses, and has been used by the Australian Aboriginals for thousands of years apparently without problems. Anyway, this family business is being put out of business by the faceless bureaucrats, that with their other hand, OKed antidepressants which, amongst their side effects, include, and get this… depression. You got to laugh haven’t you, unless your either in pain or have Arthritis, or get depressed by your antidepressants.

You see the Emu Oil business to which I referred to was told they could not advertise or sell their product as a cure, without spending countless thousands of dollars getting it approved. Now as much as I agree that there should be controls on medicines, it seems to me that these controls are manifested more on alternatives, rather than the multinational Pharmaceutical company products, many of which come from the petrochemical industries and often have chemicals with long complex chemical names, which look similar to the sort of names you’d find on your can of cockroach or fly spray.

It was just the other day that I saw that Pfizer was sending members of the Australian government, personalized calenders… Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s one had; as I assume had the others, individualized ‘Kevin 07’ (his election thing) for each month. Now it may be a small thing but I resent this, I resent and I’m suspicious of all corporate lobbying and I believe it should all be band.

I especially don’t like that Pfizer, the world’s biggest Pharmaceutical company should do this, especially with the money involved and especially when so many people die from drug company drugs… far far more than die from for instance Marijuana, no wait a minute nobody’s ever died from Marijuana have they. The hypocrisy is staggering.

I remind the reader that not only do people die in their hundreds of thousands from Pharmaceutical company Drugs, but many animals die from their experiments, in fact now that I think about it, wasn’t it a Pharmaceutical company’s Polo vaccination research center in the Congo, that was using monkeys back in the 1950s, that may have inadvertently created AIDS during their experimentations in the first place, good one. Wait a minute, I’m pretty sure it was, in fact I seem to remember it may have been Pfizer themselves… correct me if I’m wrong.

But Pot and Hemp are bad and should be kept illegal. mmm this must be some sort of Zen logic I’m not aware of, and just in case you think I’m some sort of Drug crazed Hippie animal rights nutter I’d say maybe maybe not. Despite the fact that the Emu & the Kangaroo are on our National Coat of Arms; because of a common belief that neither animal can move backwards easily; I bet you did not know that. I’m quite happy to cull Kangaroos when it’s needed and I don’t have a problem with Emu Oil, but on the other hand, I do have a big problem with Whale murder since they are both highly intelligent and social.

D&D Experience 7b Worldbuilding

March 13, 2008

The operative word here is Imagination.

I once, long time ago, read that TV, and I guess Video games, supplied all the imagery for you… you do not have to Imagine, it’s all laid out for you.

Now if your lazy or just plain stupid and don’t want to think or make an effort, well then stick to your MacDonald’s, your mindless, endless, repetitive death and destruction mayhem games and keep watching those stupid TV shows.

You know I tried to give an example of what I thought was the stupidest TV shows and I just couldn’t… there are sooo many I couldn’t decide.

The point is Imagination is important, it’s one of the things that sets us apart from the rest of the animals and if you do not use your imagination you will lose it, and probably a big part of your IQ… strange how popular Dungeons & Dragons is amongst the less intellectually challenged.

Now I’m not putting tickets on myself, after all I am literally brain damaged and it was a long time before I finally got into Dungeons & Dragons.

I believe I’m just stating the obvious, Imagination is very important. Too many things today seem to be designed to prevent people from thinking, prevent people from using their Imagination, which ironically, if one thinks about it, would suit Big business and their Marketers.

It would suit especially the various religions… and I’m not leaving those Scientology types out of this by a long shot, nor the ‘New World Order’ types and their politicians of either the left or the right, in fact killing off Imagination suits anybody who’s got something to gain from people not Thinking.

So if you want to smarten up, if you want to reconnect with people face to face and have a good time, why don’t you give Dungeons & Dragons a go.

Video: YouTube

Monkey versus puppy

February 10, 2008

Video: YouTube

Isn’t it good to see animals having fun with other animals. One species and another just getting along, shame some of us humans seem to have a thing about wiping out some species.

Fastest animals

February 1, 2008

Video: Metacafe

Here is a slide show with the fastest animals on land, in the sea and in the air. My favourite of all the animals would have to be the Peregrine Falcan. These along with all animals need to be treated with respect and not slaughtered, we humans have a moral obligation to protect the animals of the world.