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Deadly Australians – Blue Ring Octopus

July 30, 2008

Australian Blue Ring Octopus
Photo: Photo: Earlham College Biology Department

The poison of the Blue Ring Octopus, is said to be 10,000 times more potent than cyanide… and there is no known antidote. The bite can lead to paralysis, respiratory arrest and finally death if artificial respiration and heart massage is not carried out on the victim and maintained till the toxin washes out of their system.

This little; not much bigger than a golf ball, somewhat attractive, innocent looking creature can be found widely from Australia to Japan, it’s found in rock pools and as deep as 20m. The fact that it’s attractive and found in rock pools, means that kids should be taught about it, since it’s just the sort of thing that they would be attracted to if not warned.

Website: Wikipedia

A building battle in East Jerusalem

July 30, 2008

Video: YouTube

It’s the minority running things in Israel and the US that spoil it for the rest of us.

I’ll say again, someone saying that their God says they are in the right and his chosen people, is no basis for justice, and an ability to miss direct or tell barefaced lies, is not going to fool anyone… but it may suffice for one eyed Judges, or a United Nations, where a majority is rendered impotent by one nation’s consciousless vote.

Chemtrails: Morgellons and Global Depopulation 5/5

July 29, 2008

Video: YouTube

The thought that occurred to me whilst watching this clip was. Is it effecting animals? If it is, then neurosis is unlikely to be the cause. If it’s not effecting then, then either it’s all bullshit or there is a reason why it’s not effecting animals… I’d be checking out the animals.

As for our doctors, most are little more than drug pushers with unwarranted superiority complexes… many doctors drink too much, they smoke, they take recreational drugs and are addicted to prescription drugs, they get into troubles with gambling debts, cheat on their partners, and they kill more than 20,000 patients a year in Australia through their incompetence (and a similar percentage of patients apparently in the US and probably elsewhere), doctors also commit suicide and murder, in short they are human, not gods.

The Search for Ultimate Energy: 3

July 28, 2008

Video: YouTube

There is an area on the south west coast of Tasmania Australia, where for a good part of the year you get enough wind as they say, to “blow a dog off the chain.” Now you would think that such an area not only could supply a huge amount of not just wind power, but wave power as well.

Well you like myself would be disappointed, they’d sooner build a dam and kill another river… you see, most of the energy concerns are being given to big corporations, who contribute to the political parties, items such as windmills and wave power machines are more suited to medium companies who can’t compete in the area of political donations.

Chemtrails: Morgellons and Global Depopulation 4/5

July 28, 2008

Video: YouTube

The irony is if it is deliberate and calculated, it’s being done by powerful people, so expecting doctors, who are for the most part trained by pharmaceutical companies that occupy the top of the Fortune 500; basically selling drugs for them, to help you… best of luck. And if your planning to get the alternative health people to help you, well they have that covered to.

The Search for Ultimate Energy 2

July 27, 2008

Video: YouTube

I commend the Americans on their efforts to use Tidal energy. In northern Australia, as you will see below, we have Tides that are almost 40’… you got to be careful in these areas where you tie your boat up to, or you could find it underwater or hanging from it’s mooring lines.

Anyway, you can see the high water mark on the rock walls in the video below… can you imagine the power you could generate with the energy in that water? Sure you mightn’t be able lay down power lines back to the cities, but you may be able to say use that power on site, to produce hydrogen or drive a factory that produce solar cells and turbine generators, you know it helps if the manufacturing costs are offset by free or even cheap power.

The reason why they don’t, is because as I often say, “When your snout’s in the trough, the rim’s your horizon.”

Horizontal Waterfalls Fly Over & Jetboat Kimberley

Video: YouTube

Chemtrails: Morgellons and Global Depopulation 3/5

July 27, 2008

Video: YouTube

I like the little old lady, she’s onto em. As for expecting the US ABC to report the facts, yeah right, right after FOX does.

Whatever they are up to is probably not good for the majority, and the fact that they are not giving an explanation tends to support that idea… maybe the Collage science students should investigate further, or are they all too busy playing with their iPods?

The Search for Ultimate Energy 1

July 27, 2008

Video: YouTube

There is some controversy over what tunes exactly the Titanic’s band was playing on deck, as they and the Titanic slipped beneath the icy waters of the Atlantic on that April night. But the unconfirmed rumors say “Song d’Automne” and the appropriate “Nearer, My God, to Thee” were heard by the survivors.

WTF is the Hippie talking about I hear you say? Well, at a time when it’s bleedingly obvious that things are going array, and after almost 12 years of total inaction by Bush in the US and Australia’s Liberal (Republican look a likes) government led by John Winston Howard and his merry group of environmental vandals; acting on behalf of the coal companies, you would hope for an improvement.

Sadly Howard’s replacement, Kevin Rudd’s Labor (Democrat look a likes) government’s first action is to put a means test on the subsidy given to people who put solar panels on their homes… yep you heard me right, hard to believe isn’t it, but get this, ironically they said it was because they thought the Solar industries were in danger of overheating.

But wait there’s more. Brendon Neilson, the new Liberal opposition leader, who prior to joining the Liberal party had an ear stud, and who prior to taking command, stated with gusto and feeling “I have never voted Liberal in my life”! is now doing his best to prevent Australia moving from being world leaders in pollution, to being leaders in the no action brigade and full steam a head on the economy. Meanwhile the band’s breaking out their instruments.

Thankfully Western Europe is making an effort, Germany with about half the sunlight of Australia is actually doing more with solar than Australia, Holland and Great Britain are building tidal turbines, even though they don’t have the 10 meter plus tides we have in the north of our country, and Iceland is going gangbusters with geothermal, whilst Australia is thinking about pilot geothermal plants… it’s embarrassing.

But I’m going to save my praise for Allen Jones; currently working on solving London’s power problems, who’s one of the few who’s got a grasp on the fact that centralized power sources; which only suit the power and fossil fuel industries, are largely inefficient and unnecessary, that with a bit of uncommon sense, you can provide all the power you need to drive a city in the city, by using a variety of what’s often referred to as alternative energy… good on you Allen.

Chemtrails Morgellons and Global Depopulation 2/5

July 26, 2008

Video: YouTube

My question regarding these issues of whether they are Contrails or Chemtrails, is where are the Scientists on this matter? Personally I believe they are not Contrails, and I believe it’s the same old ‘New World Order’ crowd up to no good again, and since they own both the government and the ‘opposition’ in most countries, as well as the Judiciary, it’s up to the world’s scientists to give us the indisputable facts.

Wade Davis – The worldwide web of belief and ritual

July 25, 2008


My interest in Anthropology came about after I was given a copy of H.G. Wells’s book ‘The Outline of History’ in my late teens. I must admit that I’d not been a fan of reading at the time, partly because most of the stuff I was given at school was, for me, largely uninteresting, but also because I am dyslectic.

Wade Davis presents an interesting lecture on everything from the upper Paleolithic Lascaux cave art in France, through to the indigenous peoples known as the Elder Brothers, a group of Sierra Nevada Indians, to the people of Machu Pichu and the Inuit of the Arctic. He talks about their beliefs, ways of life and their relationship to their environment… it’s a very interesting talk that lies somewhere between H.G. Wells and Terence McKenna.

By the way, the Wells book to which I referred, is also available as an audio book, and it’s a totally brilliant comprehensive outline of history, narrated with all the subtle nuances and humor of Wells by Bernard Mayes… it’s well worth investing in and will give you hours of pleasure.