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Nuclear US

June 27, 2008

Video: YouTube

Rumsfield… need I say more? 2.3 Trillion dollars unaccountable in the Defense budget in one year?

Follow the money paper trail to it’s end point stash via a complicated corporate crossdressing, nuge nuge wink wink and you will probably find the Rothschild bank’s… just a guess!

The Trap – F&#k You Buddy (part 4 of 6)

June 27, 2008

Video: YouTube

Doesn’t it seem a little crazy that the medical elites, namely psychiatrist, which R.D. Laing said were used by a collapsing system to put away it critics, has it’s self one of the highest rates of suicide? I once heard of a New Your psychiatrist committing suicide, because he could not get a decent service job done on his Mercedes. Yet in this video clip, some psychiatrists put people in a nut house, just because they said they heard the word ‘thud’?

For a laugh I used to tell the occasional inquisitive Skydiving student, who might ask why I was using earplugs, on moving towards a Turbine aircraft. “Because I don’t want anybody listening in on my voices.” said with a manic expression and accompanying twitching… hey a guy has to keep himself amused doesn’t he?

You know, once upon a time if you were caught talking to yourself, people would shun you, think of you as mad… you might even be committed. Now however, you check to see if they have a blutooth or an earphone… however, if they are talking to their sleeve and pretending not to be watching you or following you, then maybe homeland security or someone like that’s after you.

That little segway was just to make an obtuse point, that there is a lot of paranoia around, and as with the Catch 22 cliché, ‘Just because your paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you’. In fact they are, and the ‘they’, to which I refer, are our old Nemesis ‘The New World Order’, formally the ‘Old World Order’, and paranoia is amongst their weapons of choice… the Terrorists are out to get you.

In reality if you look at the statistics, you have more to worry about with your doctors and the medicines they prescribe. In Australia, with our 20 odd million people, about 20,000 a year who die at their doctors hands, in America the percentage is about the same. Now, I haven’t even bothered to talk about the numbers who die from tobacco and alcohol… bye the way do you know how many people die from Pot in the world? Not one, not ever! well maybe I exaggerate, a few have probably choked to death from the munchies. 🙂

Suburban Permaculture

June 26, 2008

Video: YouTube

With the price of petrol on an ever increasing spiral upwards, food is being sucked along in it’s wake. With supermarkets and Industrial farming also on an ever increasing spiral upwards, nutrition and health is going in the opposite direction.

Lets face it political instability is on the increase like the weather and food shortages, so why waste time and money on lawns and pay for food that’s neither fresh nor healthy, yet is increasing in prices and being sprayed with who knows what… grow your own food, improve your health, and put the money you save into solar panels.

The Trap – F&#k You Buddy (part 3 of 6)

June 26, 2008

Video: YouTube

I remember years ago seeing something about a study, that used Rats to simulate the effects of population pressures and diet on people… the premise was that our behaviors are in a lot of ways similar.

In these tests they used an enclosed system and they steadily increased the population of rats. Now, to take out some of the variables they ensured that there was plenty of good food and water. The results were that as the population levels increased, the neuroses increased, there was rape, murder and even cannibalism, as the populations went up… and this should of surprised them because?

It’s only corporations, politicians and religious nutters who’d argue that limiting populations is a bad thing.

Next in the rat house, they tried two other experiments. One where they gave the rats a healthy diet and water and alcohol to choose from… these rats chose water. Then they gave the rats an unhealthy diet; you know donuts and big Macs type crap, with the same option for water or alcohol, this time the rats chose alcohol.

Now, it occurs to me that the way we are being forced (Trapped if you like) to live; which suits the corporations alone, is bound to create problems. Even the family unit it’s self is, in a since, not ideal, in fact far from it.

Perhaps the problem is that our social evolution has been messed up and out of sync with our forced living style… that the discarded village tribalism, where there is a mixture of kids, parents and grandparents living together, and a system where one’s food comes largely from your own area (with some trade) and everybody’s got a say and nobody is left behind, not unlike what some Hippies were advocating (forget the media crap) or if you prefer… like Switzerland, only hopefully with a little more spark.

Thomas Barnett The Pentagon’s new map for war and peace

June 25, 2008

Video: Ted Talks via YouTube

“In this bracingly honest and funny talk, international security strategist Thomas P.M. Barnett outlines a post-Cold War solution for the foundering US military: Break it in two. He suggests the military re-form into two groups: a Leviathan force, a small group of young and fierce soldiers capable of swift and immediate victories; and an internationally supported network of System Administrators, an older, wiser, more diverse organization that actually has the diplomacy and power it takes to build and maintain peace.” – Ted Talks

Problems described as catastrophic successes… I love it and now own it!

As for the rest of this video I have no problems, in fact it’s very funny and informative, except I do have problems with the IMF, whom I do not trust… because they are bankers.

The Trap – F&#k You Buddy (part 2 of 6)

June 25, 2008

Video: YouTube

John Nash’s premise, that success could only be gotten by suspicion and self interest, received creditability I believe, because of the ‘divide and conquer’ proposition adopted, ironically by the Rand Corporation.

The corporations benefit from this, again ironically by cooperatively ganging up on the majority of citizens… with the help of their politicians, who are for the most part corrupt, incompetent and stupid, and who tell us in the west, ceaselessly how good and important ‘democracy’ really is, and why we must reduce taxes for the corporations; who’s profits grow whilst we lose ever more services, and whilst they go on paying the corporations trillions of dollars to protect our now obviously nonexistent ‘democracies’.

The Trap – F&#k You Buddy (part 1 of 6)

June 24, 2008

Video: YouTube

When known liars attempt to tell you something… you can generally work out what the real message is by thinking about Orwell’s:-


The strangest thing just happened to me whilst pasting the above three ‘truisms’… FOX Media popped in to my head, truly.

Theo Jansen The art of creating creatures

June 24, 2008

Video: Ted Talks

Sometimes strange contraptions can teach us unexpected things. If I wait a little longer, maybe it will come to me… however, like most thoughtful art, I like to look at it, even if I don’t understand it. But there’s no mistaking the ingenuity of these pieces of Art, so Theo’s accomplished one important thing for Art, which is, it has caused me to think about it.

Energy Crisis! What Energy Crisis?

June 23, 2008

Energy Crisis! What Energy Crisis?
Photo: Energy Crisis! What Energy Crisis?

Sometimes a simple image can say sooo much.

Website: Energy Crisis! What Energy Crisis?

Robert Redford on Saving the Arctic Refuge

June 23, 2008

Video: YouTube

Robert Redford is another one of my heroes, a consummate actor, director, producer and supporter of up and coming actors, directors and producers of quality films. He’s also an ardent conservationist and critic of President Bush and vice president Cheney, the mental environmental vandals, who are now using the current Oil crises, to make a case for the drilling of National Parks… just so their sponsors can go on controlling the worlds energy.

Our problems now are caused by over 40 years of those ‘sponsors’ not just inaction; which in it’s self was a crime more than an act of incompetence, but for the other things which they will eventually be seen for what they really were, crimes against humanity. Amongst those crimes are, the shelving of pattens, which undoubtedly would have gone a long way to minimizing our current problems… and then there’s the current crimes committed against the Iraqi people.