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Lost tribe discovered in the Amazon

May 31, 2008

Lost tribe discovered in the Amazon
Photo: Gleison Miranda, Funai/AP Photo

The Brazilian Government has released photos of Amazon Indians who have never had contact with todays outside world. The reason behind the airing of the photos is to give the World an appreciation of the threats that these people face due to logging and encroachment on their way of life.

Anthropologists have known of these people for 20 years, however have now decided to call attention to the threat these people face of extinction.

“We put the photos out because if things continue the way they are going, these people are going to disappear,” said Jose Carlos Meirelles, who coordinates government efforts to protect four “uncontacted” tribes for Brazil’s National Indian Foundation.”

The images were shot back in late April and Early May. The photos show about 12 Indians who were mostly naked and painted red and black and wielding bows and arrows in a show of defense of their six grass-thatched huts.

This particular group is believed to be related to the Tano and Aruak tribes. “Brazil’s National Indian Foundation believes there may be as many as 68 “uncontacted” groups around Brazil, although only 24 have been officially confirmed.”

POST CONTINUES many more photos of the Lost tribe Read more

Gore Vidal on the future

May 30, 2008

Video: The Real News

Some future, bankruptcy, depression, riots, Martial Law, now fuel and food shortages… and it seems like just yesterday they were telling us that everything was going sooo swimmingly. Next we’ll have all those religious nuts doing the self for filling prophecy Armagetting thing on us. As the narrator in Monkey Magic once said. “God must love fools because he made so many of them.”

And in case your’e thinking that Buddha was another religious nut… after 49 days of meditation, one of the first things Buddha said was. “There is no God.”, Einstein said much the same thing.

High Cost of Medicine – Manipulated Clinical Research (5 of 7)

May 30, 2008

Video: Youtube

The two things I believe should be kept out of politics, other than politicians, are Religion and Political donations… I totally resent prayers being delivered in our Australian Parliament and I do not want people who believe that the planet is only about 6,000 years old, having any say what so ever, in what we do as Australians.

On the issue of Political donations, citizens can not possibly compete with the corruptive influence of political donations. Corporations, particularly multi national corporations views; which are solely profit motivated, can hardly be seen to be in the interest of the majority.

Now regarding the Drug companies. They have in my opinion totally corrupted the testing and reporting of their products… almost nothing of what they say can be believed, and they have manipulated the system to the point now, where the people, who are supposed to protect us, are controlled by the Drug companies and this video plainly shows us this.

The other side of the coin

May 29, 2008

Video: YouTube

What really saddens me is the fact that hunger and starvation like what is shown in this video is unnecessary. The governments that allow their own people to starve need to be held accountable in international courts. The Nazi’s were brought to justice for their involvement in killings and genocide, yet many countries around the world today have governments and officials who are rolling in wealth at the expense of their own citizens. They embezzle countless millions or billions of dollars and allow their own people to die of starvation.

Karma is a bitch though, and she is coming to visit those who have pissed her off.

4. High Cost of Medicine – “Gifts and Trips” (4 of 7)

May 29, 2008

Video: YouTube

I think it was J.J.Cale who wrote. “You’d be surprised the friends you can buy with small change.” A few pens, a stapler, a lunch or two, perhaps the occasional conference… in some tropical resort, hey, for the drug companies it’s all tax deductible.

I have a favorite little doctor story. I use to do the occasional bit of footage for a number of TV stations. Over the years I got to know a few camerapersons and reporters, and I found that they used to be pretty canny, somewhat cynical and attuned to the glory hunters.

Well some years ago a local GP, who seemed always to manage to get his picture in the papers or get on TV, ended up in East Timor. For those who don’t know about East Timor, it’s a little island just north of Australia and just south of Indonesia.

This little country, back in the bad old days of world war 2, when the Japanese… they’re the ones who gunned down 22 Aussie Nurses by shooting them in the back, and now are murdering Whales under the guise of ‘honorable scientific research’.

Anyway, the Timories naturally enough, sided with the Aussies; who it must be said seemed to be more honorable and appreciative themselves in those days. Anyhow, the Timories at great risk to themselves, acted against the Japanese and suffered terrible punishments, metered out to them for helping the Aussies.

So when Timor was invaded back on Christmas day ’75 (or thereabouts) by a corrupt Indonesia, who started butchering them, in much the same way as the Japanese had. Australia and the US just sat back and let it happen, in fact it got worse, the Australian then Labor government, signed a deal with Indonesia to split the ill gotten bootee; in this case extensive underwater oil fields.

After 20 plus years, the East Timories finally broke away from the butchering corrupt Indonesian government… only to be screwed yet again by the Australians, who were busy using Lawyer (spit on the ground) ‘logic’ to ignore International boundary laws, to take from this poor decimated former ally, some of it’s underwater oil fields.

OK I know I’ve wondered off course… again, but have I? You see, that favorite little doctor story of mine comes in here. He turns up in East Timor, about 18 months after the dust has settled, to bring joy to the poor undernourished and diseased little kids.

Whilst he’s there, why not do a little TV spot?… but little does he know, that the Jurnolist/Cameraperson’s suspicious, he smells a rat, so he then goes and interviews a Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières doctor, a real humanitarian, who promptly tells the Jurno. “We don’t need clowns, we needed supplies”.

Now the Jurno, having seen all the suffering and shortages, and having I guess a bit of black humor and with it, it must be said, a touch of sugar coated venom, goes back to our little doctor Aussie Patch Adams look a like and runs the Médecins Sans Frontières doctor’s reaction back to our very own Aussie Patch Adams look a like… who stammers out weakly, “Don’t you know that laughter is the best medicine?”

Now you know I’m laughing at this point, but there are a few lessons to be learnt. Firstly, unintentionally the Aussie Patch Adams look a like is in a sense right, though as I said unintentionally… laughter is the best medicine and fewer people die from laughter than from prescribed drugs, far far fewer. Secondly, “doctors should look out for the sick not the well” (that’s actually a Capitan Matchbox Whoopee Band lyric from ‘Wangaratta Wahine’), Laughter is the best medicine, but a few bandages etc. never goes astray does it? (am I being too obtuse here?). Thirdly, doctors are human I guess… some though, are paid far more than they are worth, and still aren’t happy!

Sadly you will probably never knowith the joys of Capitan Matchbox Whoopee Band and there endith todays little rave. 🙂

Save the 2008 election – Indict Karl Rove

May 29, 2008

Video: Google Video

My bet is they will find a way to rig or cancel the US 2008 election… they have got away with stealing the previous two elections, somehow I doubt they will let African or Hispanic ‘Americans’, vote out a Zionist Banker backed ‘Anglo’ American.

Gore Vidal on US media and society

May 28, 2008

Gore Vidal was virtually an American blue blood, a person with connections who one might have expected to be a Democratic presidential candidate, except I think he is/was far too smart and far too straight forward for them… and being gay with the mid-western god botherers wasn’t going to help.

Website: The Real News

High Cost of Medicine – Same Drug, Different Pill (3 of 7)

May 28, 2008

Video: YouTube.

Here’s a hint… look for the cause not the cure.

Here’s a fact… some of these antidepressants cause depression and may lead to suicide.

Here’s a don’t do… don’t worry about what other people are thinking about you.

Here’s a do or two… do your best to be a good person; be honest about that because you can not fool your subconscious. Turn off the TV and only watch non commercial TV, video commercial TV shows if you must and then edit out the adds. Read a good book and listen to music you like.

Here’s whats going on, greedy corporations with no morality are effectively bribing many doctors to prescribe their products, and they are using Psychologist and skilled Marketing people to manipulate you.

Here’s a few possible cures, eat a balanced diet, get plenty of rest, get plenty of exercise, drink plenty of water, learn to meditate and practice it… I’d also advise everybody to do a Vipassana Meditation course; it will cost you nothing but your time.

Grow a Treehouse with Terreform

May 27, 2008

Video: Inhabitat

I remember reading a Scifi years ago, that wrote about the concept of these sorts of structures being lived in. Personally I thought it was plausible and one day it might be possible… nothing has changed my mind. I see no reasons why whole dwellings or even partial dwelling should not incorporate these sorts of ideas, in fact bionic pergolas already exist.

High Cost of Medicine – “Me Too Drugs” (2 of 7)

May 27, 2008

Video: Youtube

Health’s not about Health, Health should be about prevention not cure. But the money’s obviously not in prevention, prevention would save clients and governments money, basically because it involves, eating the right amount and type of food, drinking plenty of water, keeping stress levels down, getting the right amount of rest and exercise… obviously there’s not much scope for corporations here.

But if a group of corporations manage to control the food cycle completely, and are able to get on board the University and medical boards, control the media and governments, then they can create a group of elites, who are symbioticly indoctrinated, to conditioning a population into a dependence, on the cures to the problems that the corporations created, using the corporations own marketing organization… they are a calculatingly evil pack of bastards, and people should stop and think about it, and don’t fall for their bullshit.