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Endangered Animals: Tigers

November 30, 2007

Endangered Animals species Tiger
Photo: Creative Commons

There are a handful of individuals of the 3 basic differing environments that I believe are the supreme adaptive predators. The Tiger is my choice on land, the Peregrine Falcon in the Air (my favorite haunt) and the Dolphins and Killer Whales are my picks for the sea. However it’s the ‘Elephant in the room’ that poses the greatest threat not just the aforementioned stunning creatures, but ironically that ‘Elephant’ it self.

Three of the Nine Tiger sub-species have been hunted to extinction in the last century

This makes me both sad and angry, how can man destroy these wonderful animals. To all those poachers and hunters who still continue to kill, I hope that you end up being eaten by the animals you pursue.

Jacob and Ben’s View

It’s the Kids who feel strongest about the endangered animals so Craig & I have given Craig’s step sons Ben and Jacob an opportunity to include their research on habitat, status and population for the next few Endangered animals posts.

Tiger Stats

Habitat: Forests from India, to south-eastern China and from the Russian Far East to Sumatra, Indonesia.

Status: Endangered to Critically Endangered

Population: 5,000-7,000 individuals

Endangered Animals: Giant Panda

November 30, 2007

Worlds Endangered Animals
Picture: KidsPlanet.Org

We are starting a new category of posts on Endangered Animals.

Any information you have would be greatly appreciated and we will happily give you credit for your work and link to your websites.

The Giant Panda is the International Symbol for Wildlife Conservation and as such a good starting point for our new category. They’re just so cute, you feel like giving them a cuddle.

Giant Panda
Photo: Bensonassoc.com

Giant Panda Facts

Habitat: Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests.

Location: Southwest China (Sichuan , Shaanxi, and Gansu Provinces) to the east of the Tibetan plateau.

Status: Endangered.

Population: 1600 Individuals in the wild.

Parker & Hart’s Wizard of Id – A society with no class

November 29, 2007

Wizard of Id Cartoons

Wizard of Id Cartoons

Wizard of Id Cartoons

They never fail to make me laugh, make your day check out their website below.

Website: Today’s Wizard of Id Comic

Where is the Middle Class?

November 29, 2007

Machiavilli 'The Prince'
Who is he?
I’ll make it easy for you, he’s The Prince of darkness
and he’s considered the master of controlling realms.

Something that has always struck me when looking at the politics of America, Britain & Australia is how similar the lies are, how similar are the supposed solutions and then finally how similar are the results. To use a reasonably famous; or is it infamous, line… I wonder who are the real ‘Evil Doers’, certainly they are behind the political donations going both to the Right & ‘Left’, but the ones actually making the donations are relatively low level acolytes, the real powers are hidden through trusts, jiggery pokery, hey presto deals set up by teams of Lawyers (spit on the floor) specializing in Loopholes largely set up by other Lawyers (spit on the floor again) voted in with the help of political donations.

I am a big fan of the Australian ABC… and SBS. The other night I listened to an interview on Radio National with Paul Krugman, a Princeton Professor of Economics, here is some of the transcript along with links to both the transcript and the MP3.

“Why haven’t we had a backlash? Or put it this way, how has it been that during this period of rapidly rising inequality, we’ve seen the top tax rates fall. But back when that socialist Dwight Eisenhower was President, the top marginal tax rate was 91%, and it was 70% through much of the ’60s and ’70s, and it’s now 35%. Our capital gains tax rate has been cut from 28% to 15% and so on down the line. The taxes that apply most heavily to the people who have been the big beneficiaries of growing inequality have been cut. Social programs have been eroded where it was possible, although social security and Medicare are still there.”

“Governor Alquist, Americans for Tax Action, we like him in a way. Somebody pointed out that Governor Alquist is sort of like a James Bond villain, who explains at length his evil plans, and so we like to quote him. The quote everyone uses, the one about getting the government down to the size where you can drown it in your bathtub. But the one I always liked is when asked what he wants, he said he wants to get America back to the way it was before Teddy Roosevelt and the socialists came in. So, undo the 21st – OK.”

“So if we can get up with health care reform, that in itself is a big plus for the American public and it also has political implications. So one of the funny things I found is I’m actually in total agreement on one thing with William Kristol, of The Weekly Standard. During the failure of the Clinton health care initiative in the early ’90s, Kristol wrote a famous memo to Republicans, saying ‘Our goal is not to improve this plan, it is to kill it.'”

“I should say one more thing. There is a view on inequality that you hear all the time, which is what’s all about the increased demand for skills for education in the modern world economy, and there’s no doubt something to that, but if you actually look at the numbers, the huge growth in disparities has not been between the college educated and the non-college educated. Yes, people with college degrees have done better than people without, but most of the increase is among people with a lot of education. So that most dramatic statistic, high school teachers, tend to have post-graduate degrees, and so do hedge fund managers. And as we all know, last year the highest paid hedge fund manager in the United States made an amount equal to the salaries of all 80,000 New York City school teachers for the next three years. So it’s not education that is driving this. It’s not that simple.”

So it’s a case of a relatively few sociopathic ‘elite’ trying to distance themselves still more from the majority of humans and having zero respect for the planet… they don’t even respect themselves, they are truly pathetic.

Website: ABC Radio National

Hemp could help save the World…

November 29, 2007

except for an irrational campaign which is dependant upon fraudulent claims about the degree of harm Pot does and about it leading to harder drugs.

Video: YouTube

Here’s an alternative view firstly about Pot leading to other ‘drugs’. For most of us from about the age of 3 or 4 we have been to BBQs, we’ve watched the socializing and revelry which accompanied the older folk’s drinking. So from the start we have learnt to associate the consumption of alcohol (a drug) with having a ‘good time’, in fact, most of us may have been given a little sip of dad’s beer.

Now that last point is curious, because for most of us this was our first encounter or experience with the drug alcohol, that’s if you don’t count tobacco being smoked in the form of cigarettes by adults everywhere, yet we never here about alcohol or cigarettes leading to hard drugs, could that be because of political donations, and whatever happened to those tobacco company executives who stood up in a US senate inquiry and swore under oath that they had no knowledge of tobacco being harmful, did their political donations keep them out of jail as well?

The second point is the question of harm. Well the list of Pot’s alleged harmful effects is enormous… in the interest of saving the electric trees that would go into allowing me to post this article I won’t bother to list them. The story that accompanies those falsehoods goes something like this. A sweet young innocent girl was turned into a drug addict after one puff of a marijuana cigarette, forced into selling her body for another puff from a marijuana cigarette.

It’s a ridiculous assertion that seems to trump the undeniable statistics of tobacco, alcohol, prescription & over the counter drugs and there is always some doctor willing to jump on the band wagon, well I have two words to counter that, medical incompetence; which according to the ’83 Australian Government Hospital Health Care Report, puts the death rate at over 10,000 a year; it’s now apparently almost doubled, yet not one confirmed death directly attributed to Pot, and we are talking about a plant that has be used for something like the last 8,000 years!

The truth of the matter is the ‘War on Drugs’ has done nothing but punish the financially disadvantaged and driven up the price of drugs… which in turn corrupts more police, lawyers and politicians. The war on Pot is even more pointless, in Hemp we have a plant that produces the best paper; so we don’t have to cut down trees for paper, Hemp is also a superior substitute for cotton that does not need the plethora of insecticides, herbicides and fertilizers that cotton needs.

The fact is Hemp grows really fast, which means that with the increase in bush fires, Hemp unlike plantation forests is cost effective, it’s a huge expense when a 20 or 30 year plantation burns down. Hemp also produces a highly nutritious seed which is packed with amino acids, but because it appeals to millions of people throughout the world who tend to be a minority in that they prefer to make up their own minds; this is of course the real crime, in an act of spiteful vested interest ‘they’ toss the baby out with the bath water… what a bunch of morons.

C’mon you guys, your Killing me!

November 29, 2007

Tassie Devil
Photo: Wikipedia

Devil in trouble

The Tasmanian Devil is in deep trouble. Since 1995 they have had to contend with the terrible facial cancer which is bringing them to the brink of extinction. Some scientists say they may only have 10-20 years left unless something drastic is done to protect them.

The Disease

The facial carcinoma, Devil Facial Tumor Disease (DFTD) disrupts the devils ability to feed and they die from malnutrition usually within 6 months. What a terrible way for these wonderful creatures to die.

Scientist have stated a drop in the devil’s numbers has led to a loss of genetic diversity. This in turn has meant that the devil’s immune system does not fight the cancers.

Please see quote below from Dr Katherine Belov of the Sydney University’s School of Veterinary Science.

“Devils do not mount an immune response against DFTD, This is due to a loss of genetic diversity in the most important immune gene region of the genome: the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC).”

“In the case of devils, genetic diversity at the MHC is so low, and the MHC type of tumour and host are so alike, that the host does not see the tumour as ‘non-self’.”

So a loss of habitat due to logging has reduced the devil’s gene pool which has meant the devil’s are unable to effectively fight this disease.

The Greed of big logging companies

Another disaster caused by the greed of big companies, they must be stopped. Gunns and co, along with their friends in high places, must be sent a clear message that we as citizens of this country will not stand for the continued destruction of our environment and the animals that live there.

We can save them

The devil’s in the Northwest of Tasmania are basically not yet affected by DFTD, however the continued clear-fell logging by companies such as Gunn’s will further threaten this wonderful creature and cause them to go the way of their extinct cousins the Tasmanian Tiger.

This is our opportunity, stop the clear fell logging in Tasmania and especially in the Northwest area and right away we start to give this wonderful creature a fighting chance.

We can’t bring the Tassie Tiger back, but given the right attitude we can save the Tassie Devil, SO;

Tassie Devil
Picture: Looney Tunes via Wikipedia

Websites: Tassie Devil on Wikipedia and Save The Tassie Devil

A tribute to Bernie Banton

November 27, 2007

Firstly we at PaleBLuDot would like to offer our deepest condolences to Bernie’s Family and Friends on his passing early this morning. I didn’t know Bernie personally, however I got to see what a fighter he was and how he stood up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves, and for that Bernie we salute you.

Bernie Banton was the courageous and tough man who took on building products giant James Hardie. During his battle with James Hardie he was instrumental in helping to establish a $4 Billion fund to compensate asbestos victims.

I would also like to show a video from YouTube called Snowmen, I like to call this video ‘Bernie’s Fight’. The video briefly discusses the story behind Bernie Banton’s fight with James Hardie.

Snowmen (Bernie’s Fight)

Video: YouTube

Kevin Rudd to Ratify Kyoto, USA left out in the cold (i mean warm)

November 26, 2007

Kevin Rudd now Australian PM
Photo: China Daily

Australia’s has a new Prime Minister in Kevin Rudd, and he has stated that “Ratifying The Kyoto Protocol is to be one of his first priorities”.

Thank God your here Kevin, we at PaleBluDot don’t know how much more we could have taken of Mr Howard and his mates. We believe they had a total lack of respect for the environment.

Maybe a new President in the USA will also find it in themselves to ratify Kyoto as well.? We can live in hope.

Website: ABC TV Australia

2 Mile Challenge: Maybe you dont need to take the car all the time!

November 25, 2007

Video: YouTube

Website: YouTube via TreeHugger

Say ‘NO’ to the Gunns Pulp Mill in Tasmania, Please Sign our Petition

November 24, 2007

Our previous four to five posts outline a current environmental nightmare of a situation happening right here in Australia.

We believe this situation needs to be addressed and stopped. Namely the proposed building of a huge Pulp Mill in the pristine Tamar River region of Northern Tasmania.

Please read the previous posts and make up your own mind as to the potential disaster that could be created by Gunns and Co.

Also we have included an excellent link from the Wilderness Society of Australia (www.wilderness.org.au) below which discusses why the Pulp Mill would be a disaster.

Click->Why the proposed Tamar Valley pulp mill would be a disaster

If you don’t want to see the Tamar River and surrounding environment in Tasmania endangered by the Gunns Pulp Mill, then please show your opposition by signing our petition.

If you decide to sign the petition, you will receive a confirmation email.

This email will have a link which you will need to click on to confirm your signature for the petition.

Click here –> Gunns Pulp Mill Petition

When we have a substantial number of signatures the petition will be submitted to the Federal Government.